UFB passes 10% uptake

The fibre rollout is progressing and uptake is growing, passing 10%.

Now if only Chorus would turn on the dark fibre in my street!

Broadband connections have increased nearly 40% over the past quarter according to the latest quarterly figures of the Government?s ultrafast broadband and rural broadband initiative.

The figures, released yesterday by Communications Minister Amy Adams, show around 536,000 end-users are now able to connect to UFB, though only 55,000 are connected. However, 15,500 of those connected to UFB in the three months to September, a 39% increase on last quarter.

The figures indicate a 10% uptake nationally, compared with a national uptake rate of 7% the previous quarter, with the project now 6% ahead of build schedule.

According to the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, as of September, the UFB deployment progress was 100% complete for Northland. Waikato and Taranaki were sitting at 71% and 62% completed respectively, while Auckland was 26% complete, with Wellington at 29% and Canterbury at 36%. ?? Read more »

Or-Con still being slippery over passing on windfall profits to consumers

Or-con are slippery as hell

Or-con are slippery as hell

Or-Con is bombarding us with the unpleasant view of Krim Dot-Con talking about uncapped data plans. They claim anything is “not cool”.

They are also part of corporate whore Matthew Hooton’s band of corporate wreckers.

The Coalition of Corporate Wreckers claim that businesses and householders will now save $150.00 per annum…But will they.

The whole attack on Chorus was about wholesale prices. Now those are set to drop will they do as promised and lower retail prices as a result or will this bad of corporate robbers simply pocket the windfall profits?

I’m picking they will trouser the lot.

Chris Keall at NBR reports:

Ms Adams, says, in effect, Get real suckers, ISPs will simply pocket the savings. She said in Parliament yesterday:

I can tell you who it is not benefiting. It is not the consumers; it is the retailers. So if we insist on a lower price for the wholesalers, as Labour wants to happen?follow the money. Follow the money. I will tell you who benefits: the large corporates like Vodafone, which benefits from the extra money. That is what Labour is supporting.

That is what it wants to see happen. I will tell you what will happen now. The consumers will not see anything at all, I predict. If they do, it will be a tiny fraction of any drop

Ms Adams theory is quite easily tested.? Read more »


How Matthew Hooton duped Kiwi households out of hundreds of millions of dollars

The penny has finally dropped for the media ? they have been duped by corporate whore and business wrecker Matthew Hooton.

But this is actually deadly serious.

Hooton?s lies have shaved more than $500 million off the value of Chorus, left thousands of shareholders crapping themselves, given New Zealand a poor reputation internationally as a place to invest, and ripped off Kiwi households.

Hooton and his band of weirdos and nut jobs have conned media into believing that households were going to have a ?copper tax? imposed on them. Th entire premise of the campaign was based on a lie.

They did this by claiming that if the government legislated over the Commerce Commission?s crazy $10 a month reduction in the copper price, Chorus would be getting about $400 million that should instead be going to Kiwi households instead.

As part of their campaign, Hooton?s mob promised that every Kiwi household would pay $150 less a year for their broadband.

But now that the government has decided to let the commission?s price stand, the actual truth has emerged. From day one Hooton?s campaign has been about lining the pockets of Vodafone and the other corporate bludgers who were part of the campaign.

That?s right. Their campaign that was based on going into bat for Kiwi households, will actually see Vodafone, as the largest player in this Game of Moans, reap hundreds of millions of dollars in extra revenue.

Kiwi households have been ripped off. Their broadband bill won?t drop by $150 a year ? in fact it won?t drop at all.

By refusing to confirm that they will pass on the Commerce Commission?s price cut, Vodafone and the other retailer service providers are basically admitting that they will keep all the money for themselves.

That?s the Vodafone that recently announced it had billions of dollars in profit

Regular readers will know there?s one thing I hate more than hypocrites, and that?s liars. Yes, Vodafone, I?m looking at you.

In September, when Hooton launched his campaign against the Government (revealed on this blog days before it was officially announced),?Vodafone went to extreme lengths to say it had nothing to do with the campaign.

Tom Chignell, one of Vodafone?s senior executives, even took to this blog to make their position clear:

?Just to be clear Vodafone is not involved in such a campaign.?

But I always knew it was bullshit.

?While Vodafone has pulled out of the campaign, at least in a public sense, I?m told they are still pulling the campaign levers behind the scenes.?

And now finally, the media have actually started asking Vodafone some questions.

Adam Bennett at the NZ Herald got Vodafone to admit that they were actually the main player behind the campaign.

Vodafone on the Coalition for Fair Internet Pricing:

September 13:?”We decided a few days ago that (the coalition) probably wasn’t the best thing for Vodafone at this stage.”
Yesterday:?Did you give financial support to the coalition?: “Yes we did … I think we’ve been reasonably open about that.”

This is outrageous. Vodafone has lied about its involvement in the campaign. Vodafone has led a campaign to make sure Chorus loses hundreds of millions of dollars and that money goes into the pockets of Vodafone and other corporate bludger retail service providers.

There are some serious questions that need to be asked of Vodafone and everyone involved in the Coalition for Fair Internet Pricing.

Consumer NZ, InternetNZ, the Telecommunication Users Association of New Zealand (TUANZ), CallPlus, Slingshot, the Federation of Maori Authorities, Greypower, Hautaki Trust, KiwiBlog, KLR Holdings, National Urban Maori Authorities, New Zealand Union of Students? Associations, Orcon, Rural Women, Te Huarahi Tika Trust and the Unite Union.

Perhaps our favourite travel blogger David Farrar, who is also deeply embedded in this dishonest the campaign, can give us some answers.

The entire country has been misled so that?s the least we deserve, David.

Perhaps Paul Brislen, if he could just pause from chatting with Labour MPs and other left-wingers on Twitter for just a moment, might like to explain the political lobbying his supposedly neutral organisation is doing.

I have more to reveal. Watch this space.

Dotcom proposal a great big DotCon

Chris Keall is the first tech journo to call Kim Dotcom on his bullshit…obvious no invite for Chris to a pool party at the fat German’s place:

Kim Dotcom got an impressive amount of media over the weekend for his ?plan? to revive Pacific Fibre ? with the twist that Kiwis will get free or discounted broadband (subsidised by charges to business and government, and money from the not-yet-launched?Mega).

Sorry, but the bus just doesn?t go out that far.

Even at the height of Megaupload, Mr Dotcom didn?t have $US400 million to spare for a Sydney-Auckland-LA cable.

His proposal to fund the project by suing Hollywood studios is the stuff of fantasy.

And as for the parallel suggestion of crowdfunding ? that?s a neat idea for a $ 1 million project. Not so much for one that costs half a billion.

Dotcom mentioned Pacific Fibre co-founder Sam Morgan as a possible partner, but Mr Morgan told Stuff the pair had not discussed the project.

Bruce Simpson is the second:

From where I stand, this is not looking good for Kimmy and smacks of desperation. One can’t help but get the impression that he’s effectively trying to buy the support of NZers in his battle against the looming issue of extradition to the USA.

The silly thing is that he doesn’t need to make promises like this, most Kiwis are probably right behind him. This inducement to support Kimmy smacks of the campaign contributions paid to John (“where am I? I forgot everything”) Banks and the way he bought his residency by investing in NZ at the suggestion of the NZ government.

Of course, in case it may have slipped your mind, Kim won’t be able to kick a few hundred million into the Pacific Fibre project unless he’s freed from threat of extradition to the USA and his currently frozen assets/funds are thawed.

And what an inducement he’s offering to make sure that happens.

Unfortunately, I suspect that many Kiwis will see this move for what it probably is — a blatant attempt to buy his way out of a difficult situation.

Given the way that our politicians have dipped their hands into his pockets at every opportunity, in return for granting favours, I can understand why KD probably thinks this will work — but I’m afraid he’s likely to come out sorely disappointed.