Monorail cancelled, Lyle Lanley despondent, moving on to Shelbyville

Nick Smith has announced that he has declined the application to build the Monorail in Fiordland.

The application by Riverstone Holdings Limited to build and operate a $240 million monorail in Fiordland has been declined by Conservation Minister Dr Nick Smith.

?This proposal does not stand up either economically or environmentally. The independent tourism and financial analysis concluded it was not viable. There would be a significant impact on the area?s flora, fauna and natural heritage. The route is not sufficiently defined to properly assess the impacts,? Dr Smith says.? Read more »

Is Nick Smith our very own Lyle Lanley?

Looks like Nick Smith is looking at a genuine, bonafide, electrified, six car monorail for Fiordland.

Conservation minister Nick Smith today inspected the proposed route for the $200 million Fiordland monorail and released official advice recommending approval.? Read more »

For once in my life I agree with Nick Smith

It is not often that I agree with Nick Smith, but today is one of those days.

Controversial plans for a tunnel between Queenstown and Milford Sound have been rejected by Conservation Minister Nick Smith.

Dr Smith said he was declining the application because the environmental impacts were “significant” and beyond what was appropriate in two of New Zealand’s most spectacular national parks.

Milford Dart Limited had applied for permission to build a $170 million, 11.3km, five-metre diameter, single-lane bus tunnel that would have slashed the nine-hour journey time between the tourist hotspots.? Read more »

Lyle Lanley advisor to Farrar and Telecom?

Simon Moutter and David Farrar are big fans of monorailsIt looks like Lyle Lanley has got in the ear of the new Telecom CEO, Simon Moutter;

Simon Moutter’s first media statement since taking over the helm at Telecom this week has nothing to do with the telco.

In a news release from Fiordland Link Experience Moutter is quoted at length putting his weight behind tourism initiatives, including Fiordland’s proposed monorail.

Company spokesman John Beattie said the former Auckland International Airport chief executive believed it was vital for New Zealand to keep developing world-class tourism projects.

In today’s statement, Moutter calls for public support for new initiatives to sustain not only the sector, but jobs as well.

And also in Farrar’s ears as well.

I think the monorail project is a great win-win. It will be a significant tourist attraction, but also will reduce the need for such long car journeys, benefiting the environment.

A sleek monorail is also sympathetic to the conservation values. The magnificent Kuranda area rainforest is enhanced by the Skyrail which allows people to get into its heart without driving up the hill.

Yeah whatever…why don’t they buy Sydney’s monorail, it was such a success they are dismantling it.

Do they never learn?

? NZ Herald

Is someone going to have to go down to Invercargill and play the monorail song to the fools wanting to run one through Fiordland:

Fiordland National Park is at risk of being turned into a theme park if a proposed monorail through the Snowdon Forest goes ahead, a hearing in Invercargill was told yesterday.

Riverstone Holding Ltd wants to build the $150 million, 43km monorail from the Kiwi Burn entrance near Mavora Lakes to Te Anau Downs.

The Department of Conservation has indicated it will approve the concession, subject to public submissions.

All 19 submitters at the hearing, chaired by Graeme Ayres, opposed it.

Reasons for the opposition were destruction of ecological values, natural remoteness and solitude and the adverse effects on recreational use of the area.

Hunter Glen Dean said the monorail would destroy pristine natural areas which were easily accessible but still felt completely remote.

“This is a wilderness area that’s accessible to, in particular, locals, and this monorail concept is not something we want. I despise turning our conservation land into a theme park like Disneyland.”