How do gang members get guns? They apply for a firearms licence and the Police approve them…really

So the Police – again – are responsible for firearms getting into the hands of scumbag criminals.

Spectacular failure of monumental proportions.

A gang member was able to legally buy 18 high-powered firearms before police cottoned on – and now the cache has vanished.

The man, understood to be a patched member of the Headhunters Motorcycle Club, bought the guns, including high-powered semi-automatic rifles, with a value of about $30,000, between 2012 and 2015, the Herald has learned.

It is understood that in January, police went to the Northland man to revoke his licence and guns, only to find he had already sold them.

Police would not comment on the case except to say it was “very rare for a patched gang member to be issued a firearms licence”.

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Irrational argument ignores reality of gun crime

It has started: the lobbying against guns by those who oppose them and want them banned or at least made harder to obtain. There is an enquiry on and the politics is well underway.

Of course the media party – who are too lazy to write their own stores – have started pimping anti-gun stories on behalf of the anti-gun loons. ?

Firstly, I acknowledge it must be horrific to lose a family member to a violent death. There is no question these sorts of actions taken by scumbags ruin lives.

But they also radicalise the survivors into polarised opinions; not always well informed and, whilst well meaning, they fail to grasp reality.

One thing for certain is that criminals who will commit to violence will do so with or without a gun. If it’s not a gun it’s going to be a knife. ? Read more »

Considerations for the gun inquiry

?All the gun control loons will be working hard over the next few months to attempt to convince the Government to ban more guns.

The door has been opened for an enquiry and the anti-gun brigade will do everything? they can to argue the crude idea that banning guns solves problems. Which, of course, they don’t. There is no evidence anywhere in the world that banning guns has worked. Even in Australia it’s been a total disaster.

Politicians in Wellington will?be keen to be seen to have done something. Public opinion matters and doing nothing is not an option.

So, ahead of an enquiry, there are a few things everyone needs to consider:

1. The latest purported gun issue in NZ isn’t about the type of guns or gun-licensed law-abiding firearms owners. The issue is scumbag criminals who are neither licensed nor following any laws and who are managing to obtain guns. How? So an enquiry must focus on that: how are they getting guns;

2. Police have no ability to administer further gun controls if they are implemented through law reform. They can barely administer the laws we have now so more onerous law revisions will be hard to act upon;

3. It will be impossible to register all guns in NZ. With over a million guns, the likelihood of all of these being voluntarily registered is beyond absurd; ? Read more »


Yet again the Media party get a free pass for breaking the law

It looks like David Tipple is going to have to take a private prosecution since the Police have declined to charge Heather du Plessis-Allan.

Police have decided not to charge Heather du Plessis-Allan after an investigation into her purchase of a gun on an episode of TV3’s Story.

Police have issued formal warnings against three MediaWorks staff for their involvement in the purchase of the firearm.

An investigation arose when staff from the show Story forged a document to obtain a firearm.

The team said they did it to highlight a loop-hole in the law.

Police say they’re satisfied the firearm was not purchased for any sinister purpose and that’s why the investigation’s only resulted in the issuing of warnings.

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Another ‘loophole’ claim busted

Politicians and media like to talk about ‘loopholes’ in laws.

Recently Heather du Plessis-Allan decided to prove a ‘loophole’ existed in New Zealand law to purchase a firearm. She then went ahead and broke at least 5 laws in procuring a firearm, including impersonating a police officer. But it was explained away as a loophole, despite the fact that not a single real incidence of this occurring before could be found in the records.

In the US, media and politicians have been promoting that people can easily buy automatic firearms at gun shows. Everyone from Obama down has made this claim and the idiot media have repeated it.

But it isn’t a loophole at all.

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And Greg O’Connor wants all police to be armed?

Correct carry technique

Correct carry technique

Greg O’Connor wants all Police armed. He has set about creating a media storm about the risks cops face and though some of them are real his last stunt before Christmas, using Heather du Plessis-Allan as the patsy, hasn’t played out all that well.

This latest news suggests that his call might be a bit premature.

An investigation has been launched after a police officer shot himself in the foot while searching for a wanted person.

The incident happened in mid-December and RNZ News understands it took place during the search for the killer of Lance John Murphy.

RNZ News has been told that during the search for Mr Murphy’s killer, an officer fell over and shot himself in the foot.

Police have confirmed the incident, and said the officer was not a member of the Armed Offenders Squad, but was carrying a rifle.

They said an investigation was immediately launched and the firearm was sent to the police armoury for examination.

Police Association vice-President Luke Shadbolt said it was not yet known whether it was a mechanical failure or a training issue, but if it was the latter, it was a serious concern. ? Read more »

The world’s best gun salesman cracks another record


Barack Obama is the world’s best gun salesman and he has had another cracker month breaking yet another record.

American Rifleman reports:

Black Friday now holds the record for the highest volume of inquires processed in a single day by the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), and continues the phenomenal gun-sales pace of 2015. ?? Read more »

Gunshop owner wants restrictions on private sales so he can benefit

Apparently private gun sales are a problem…so says a gun shop owner.

Gun shop owners in Dunedin say the private sale of firearms in Dunedin is ”thriving” and tougher restrictions need to be introduced to try to combat the problem.

There are ”approximately” 35,000 gun licence-holders in the Southern District, according to Dunedin police.

Centrefire McCarthy’s Streamand Field Store managing director Selwyn Shanks said since the registration of individual guns was revoked in 1984, many people had chosen to trade guns privately as they could make more money – and the internet was adding fuel to the fire.

”If you bring your dad’s old gun in to me to sell and I offer you $250 for it, but someone down the pub without a licence offers you $300, you’re going to go with the better offer,” he said.

”Otago is a rural area so there is a lot of informal trading and sale between farmers. We have no idea how many guns are out there, or if the people who have them know how to use them.”

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Heather du Plessis-Allan under police investigation

Back when Nicky Hager ran his Dirty Politics hit job I was attacked for dusting up regulators, texting John Key, getting OIAs turned around quick smart, emailing my mates and having chats that were a bit colourful. None of that was illegal at all, two police investigations, two government inquiries all proved that nothing was illegal.

Even though none of it was illegal the Media Party went all in and hounded me and my friends. An illegal act of hacking and stealing my data was excused by Nicky Hager,?Herald journalists, and other media as “public interest”. They lauded the criminal as a hero when he was in reality a criminal. They also worked with and know who the hacker is and still protect him to this day. They are as complicit as the hacker is in the crimes they committed.

Yesterday it was revealed that two other journalists have participated in a crime, obtaining a firearm illegally. They too have justified this as “public interest” like it gives them a free pass to commit crimes.

They are wrong. In Sweden three journalists, including their boss were charged for just such a crime.

Heather du Plessis-Allan and Duncan Garner went big on?the?story and with the able assistance of Greg O’Connor?had a good story. Right after they started ramping up the promos on radio and started spilling the beans things started to go awry.

I don’t think they have realised how much trouble they have gotten themselves involved in. This involved firearms. It is serious. And we know it is serious because they’ve breathlessly told us so. My earlier post points out how dimly the Police should take their actions. ?? Read more »

#dirtymedia Mediaworks programme Story breaks multiple laws to illegally obtain an firearm

Heather du Plessis-Allan breaks at least 5 laws, claims public interest to try and get off

Heather du Plessis-Allan breaks at least 5 laws, claims public interest to try and get off

HIGH-PROFILE television presenter Heather du Plessis-Allan is facing the possibility of criminal charges after admitting using fake documentation to illegally purchase a firearm online.

Du Plessis-Allan from TV3 current affairs programme Story confirmed in a radio interview this afternoon that police were investigating the circumstances of how she had managed to purchase online a .22LR bolt-action rifle from Gun City.

The idea of using fake credentials was suggested to Story by Police Association president Greg O?Connor, who like du Plessis-Allan is likely to be facing some tough questions from police who are understood to be unimpressed with the media stunt aimed at highlighting the ease in which members of the public can purchase a firearm online.

In following O?Connor?s suggestion, du Plessis-Allan appears to have committed several offences under the Arms Act, the Crimes Act and the Policing Act 2008 ? most notably by signing off her online application to buy the weapon using a fake police officers name.

Under section 48 of the Policing Act a person ?commits an offence who, without reasonable excuse, and in circumstances likely to lead a person to believe that the person is a Police employee? assumes the name, designation, or description of a Police employee.? ? Read more »