First Amendment rights

Free speech at the University of Maryland is valued at $6500


As my Dad says, ” there are more ways of choking a cat than stuffing its arse with butter.” The same applies to removing Free Speech. Blatant censorship of Free Speech is only one weapon in the Progressive/Leftist/Liberal/Academic arsenal. Why silence people openly when you can silence them in a clandestine manner? You don’t have to say that their speaker is not welcome, you just have to demand thousands of dollars more than normal in security fees knowing that your conservative/libertarian student body cannot afford to pay it.

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A significant victory for Free Speech in America


I have been following this case for more than a year. I have written articles about Dearborn in America and how Christians peacefully exercising their right to free speech have been violently attacked by Muslims. Worst of all the Wayne County sheriffs? consistently arrested and removed the Christians instead of arresting the violent and angry mob of Muslims who were offended by signs held by the Christian protestors. Now in a significant victory for free speech in America, county officials have been found guilty of violating the constitutional rights of Christians by siding with a violent Muslim mob thanks to the support of the American Freedom Law Center.

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