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Whaleoil parking ticket issued to First Union

Last year we reintroduced a?Whaleoil tradition/prank?that was created way back in 2013 called the Whaleoil parking ticket. A Whaleoil parking warden contacted Cam yesterday and shared the following photo with him.

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Calling your boss a rat probably won’t work in your pay negotiations

Unions are scumbags, and bully boys. They’ve taken to blockading shops, and picketing and now calling bosses rats.

You have to wonder why they want to work in a place where they consider their boss is a rat.

First Union members have picketed Porirua?Pak ‘n Save, calling for pay parity with other supermarket workers.

A line of about 25 picketers stood on Parumoana St outside the store on Saturday beside a giant inflatable rodent, holding a message for owner Ivan Jones to not “be a rat”.

Organiser?Richie Morris said union staff took the action after about three weeks of collective negotiation with management.

He said the average wage for staff at Porirua was $16.20, negotiated in 2014 by the union, and the offer from management would see it rise to $16.52 at the end of the proposed two year contract.

Morris said after the two years, staff would still be paid less than current rates for?other union?Pak ‘n Save staff at the likes of Kilbirnie’s store.?He said members at Kilbirnie?Pak?’n Save?were on about $17 an?hour. ?? Read more »

Free bus trips around East Auckland today


East Auckland bus passengers will have a ticket to ride for free tomorrow, as bus drivers ramp up their ongoing strikes.

Union members at Howick and Eastern Buses — the provider for most of east Auckland — will refuse to accept cash or AT HOP cards as payment for fares, in protest of the lack of overtime and weekend rates offered by their employer.

First Union organiser Rudd Hughes says drivers are fed up with the company’s repeated attempts to remove overtime and weekend rates. Read more »

Bus strike has zero effect on disrupting Auckland

These were snapped by my co-pilot yesterday,


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Another pre-Christmas strike… let’s play “Guess the Dodgy Union”

Workers for Freshmax, a fresh produce provider for Countdown supermarkets, have commenced a partial strike over discrepancies regarding poor pay and working conditions.

Twenty employees will refuse to work more than eight hours, alleging in a statement the company forces them to work until “the work is done”.

First Union organiser Jared Abbot says some employees have complained of having to work 16-hour days just to get work finished.

According to Mr Abbot, the lack of consistency over hours creates health and safety issues, especially when tired employees take control of heavy machinery.

Freshmax chief executive Peter Ellis says the company refutes the allegations made today and states the action taken by merely 10 percent of its workforce can only be described as a “stunt”.

“We were today advised by First Union that it was calling a strike at our distribution centre in Mt Wellington. This affects around 20 workers, less than 10 percent of our total workforce. The remainder of our staff are continuing to work. Read more »

Here we go again: Dodgy union threatens strike around holiday period. How 1970s of them

Don’t you just love public transport.

When the system breaks it affects everyone, and it can also be held to ransom by dodgy unions.

Unions intend balloting Auckland bus drivers about taking strike action unless their employer allows a city-wide stopwork meeting three days before Christmas.

They intend distributing postal ballot papers tomorrow, failing a guarantee from NZ Bus that the company will support an all-up paid stopwork meeting on Tuesday, December 22, without recriminations against their members.

The Auckland Tramways Union and First Union, representing about 1000 drivers and service staff employed across the Super City by the company, earlier gave it notice of a two-hour meeting to discuss negotiations for a new collective employment agreement.

Although the meeting at Mt Eden War Memorial Hall is scheduled for the off-peak hours of 11am to 1pm, drivers will also need time get back to their depots for evening commuter bus runs. ? Read more »

Dodgy Union brings violence and bullying to picket lines at Bunnings stores


Bill Bradford stopping shoppers from entering Bunnings

I covered First Union in Dodgy Unions, and now they are running amok against Bunnings bringing?violence and bullying to the picket line as they trespass inside stores.

Little wonder that it is Sue Bradford and her ratbag husband Bill Bradford in the forefront of it all.

Scuffles have broken out and police have stepped in as more than 50 people protest in Auckland against Bunnings roster changes.

The Bunnings New Lynn, Botany, Mt Wellington and Manukau staff, who say they received great public support, began striking at 10am on Saturday.

First Union retail and finance secretary Myxine Gay said after the strike finished at 11am, staff stayed in position, chained to the entrance.

Police, who were already at the strike “keeping an eye” on the event, stepped in to move the protest on but protesters refused to move. ?? Read more »

Gower: “Labour is swallowing an enormous, filthy, stinking, rotten, maggot-infested dead rat called the Trans-Pacific Partnership”

Patrick Gower published this opinion piece yesterday afternoon, but it was deleted and replaced with a revised version. ?I think the original was a bit more direct.

Labour’s 32 MPs looked deflated and rattled in Parliament’s question time today. It was like 32 individual TPP rats were served up as a ghastly afternoon feed.

Labour looked as if it had nowhere to go when attacking the TPP the Government had agreed to.

In fact, the TPP seems pretty much okay and it looks like Labour should be supporting it.

Problem is, Labour said it would not support the TPP unless its five non-negotiable bottom lines were met.

And, by leader Andrew Little’s own admission, at least one bottom line has not been met ? that “New Zealand maintains the right to restrict sales of farm land and housing to non-resident foreigner buyers”.

The TPP will impinge on the right of New Zealand to restrict housing sales to foreigners, so Labour has painted itself into a corner.

Either Labour’s non-negotiable bottom lines were a load of codswallop, or it will not support the TPP.

At the moment, Little is trying to play both sides, refusing to say whether Labour supports the agreement or not. Basically Little is playing word games as he plays for time, knowing that National is going to rub his nose in the TPP dead rat feed.

My pick is that Labour will continue to play out this silly game for a while before finally giving its support to TPP. Labour wants to try and trick its base supporters that it is still against the TPP, but let the public think it is for it. Read more »

The left are in total disarray over TPP


Earlier today we saw Andrew Little flip flop in less than 24 hours from being against the TPP to not being against it. ? We then segued into Chris Trotter’s work who on the basis of Andrew Little’s strong opposition to the TPP less than 24 hours earlier had declared 2017 a win for a Labour-led government.

Yesterday, Andrew Little said the TPP could not be supported by Labour because it only met one of the five bottom line requirements. ? That bottom line requirement that the TPP does meet, according to Labour?

Treaty Obligations.


Not according to the First Union. ? Read more »

Why do unions oppose drug testing? Don’t they care for safety?

The unions usually bang on about workplace safety. And they have a point mostly.

No one wants people to go to work and be put at risk of serious injury or worse.

Yet we constantly see unions opposing drug testing. Why?

A union has criticised plans to drug test workers for kava as discriminatory – but the company involved has categorically denied the claim.

In a statement yesterday, the First Union said Goodman Fielder’s employees at the Quality Bakers site in Dunedin would be subject to testing for kava.

However, both the company and the Drug Detection Agency, which Goodman Fielder has contracted to carry out drug testing, have denied workers would be tested for kava.

The union is standing by its claim, and says such testing would be discriminatory,

“Classing kava as a drug will have a racist impact. It effectively means targeting Pasifika people,” First Union organiser Jerome Mika said.

The roots of the kava plant are used to produce a drink which has a sedative effect. It is used throughout the Pacific and is known as ‘ava in Samoa and ‘awa in Hawaii.

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