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Unions: It wasn’t David’s fault, we back Cunliffe

The cognitive dissonance of the left continues with two union leaders on Radio New Zealand professing undying love for David Cunliffe.

They both think that poor old David Cunliffe was hard done by.

These guys are so out of touch it isn’t funny.

There seems to be this continuing narrative that Labour should have gone further to the left.

Have they not noticed that 75% of people didn’t vote for labour and David Cunliffe. Read more »

Robert Reid of Onehunga? Was there really no one else the Herald could have used?

The Herald has a shocker today, a soft piece about David Cunliffe and Caropotamus walking the streets of Onehunga.

Here is the Headline and photo.

Robert Reid of Onehunga


Who is this Robert Reid of Onehunga? ? Read more »

Forget Kristallnacht in Paris, check out the flag burning in Auckland

Mana operatives are deeply involved in pro-Palestinian and anti-Semitic activities around the country.

Last weekend at the protest in Auckland their flags were dominant, alone with Unite union and First union in an around the protests against Israelis protecting their citizens from terror attacks.

Mana is clearly involved in out and out anti-semitism – just disgusting filth when you see images like this.

Mana supporter burning Israeli flag

Mana supporter burning Israeli flag

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Who will get all the union donations?


The left parties now have a major issue and in particular Labour as the union donations for the elections are up for grabs.

Observation by the Owl

The SFWU have said they are supporting Labour, EPMU have through coded messages on their website attacking John Key join the Labour camp.

Laila Harre is thick as thieves with the CTU and is well respected by the First Union.? Read more »

First Union General Secretary misleads the NZ public on TV

On Q+A today on TV One Robert Reid said that the First Union does not advise its members who to vote for, though he did admit to reading WOBH.

Look at these quotes from their latest newsletter on their website (Union Express Page 14)

John Key has announced the Election date, which will be?Saturday 20 September; in six months? time.

FIRST Union will be working hard to get its members who are not enrolled to enrol, and will encourage them to vote.

FIRST believes that the political parties that support workers and people on the margins of society would be the most practical political parties to vote for.?However, the CTU and FIRST Union campaign is not going to be based around encouraging citizens who to vote for, but around changing the government. ? Read more »

BREAKING: Internet censorship of 9 year old drunk [UPDATED]


Of course, trying to censor the Internet doesn’t work. ?The video is up all over the place in various incarnations. Read more »

Is this for real! Wasted 9 y.o. kid who smokes weed, drunk at Skatepark [UPDATED]

If this video is real it is astonishing. ?[THE VIDEO HAS BEEN REMOVED – ALTERNATIVE SOURCES CAN BE FOUND HERE]

What is more astonishing though is First Union organiser and Labour party candidate Jerome Mika saying that someone needs the bash.? Read more »


First Union take disclosure to new heights

by The Owl

As everyone knows The Owl fights hard for union members to make sure that union executives follow the law of the land and provide them with good information and file accounts on time.

The new union registry on the Societies website is making my life easier.

We have had the uncovering of undeclared millions in accounts by some unions but the FIRST Union have taken disclosure to a new level.

Observation by the Owl

The FIRST Union have filed their latest accounts.? Read more »


Ragtag union protest against Jami-Lee Ross [PHOTOS]

The First Union organised a protest against Jami-lee Ross and his bill amending the Employment Relations Act by removing section 97.

The First Union is the union representing the 10 workers at Rockgas that are currently in week 5 of their strike. Amazingly the union managed to get approximately 30 people there to disrupt shoppers. The Rockgas is precisely the sort of strike that Jami-lee’s bill would seek to address. These truck drivers have waited until the depths of winter…when people are more reliant on gas supplies, especially lower-socioeconomic groups, in order to strike. The union has gone to the Employment Relations Authority to protest the use of replacement labour in order to supply customers that their workers won’t.

They failed to disrupt Jami-lee Ross however, as he was in parliament…you would have thought they would have checked to see if he was around before protesting to an empty office.? Read more »

Update on Union Financial Returns – Observation by the Owl

Well MUNZ seem to be still on summer holiday as they have only filed their revised accounts up to 2009. I could appreciate a small delay on not filing the 2010 and 2011 updated accounts but he only problem is that they have missed the deadline on filing their 2012 accounts.

The Incorporated Societies Registrar has received the full financial accounts from EPMU but have yet to upload on the website.? Read more »