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BSC’s Lillian Small caught telling porkies

Via the Fish-Gang tipline

The cartel like BSC really must have their head in the sand. That, or El Presidente Patrick Lee Lo has not let newbie CEO Lillian Small have access to the interweb.

Despite the fact that the Registrar of Incorporate Societies had to investigate the BSC; despite the shocking expose of the BSC by Rodney Hide; despite the discovery of scumbag SFWU tentacles into the very heart of the BSC; despite the BSC even failing its own Society rules and the constant contradictions from junket seeking President, its new CEO Lillian Small has now been caught out telling porkies.


Members of the Fish Gang have sent through Lillian Small’s first attempt to get more members to cough over $20,000 in membership fees via a new mail-out. Slight problem with the mail-out, it’s full of porkies.

Members of the Fish Gang have been rolling around the floor laughing in hysterics at comments like “self–regulating body that operates to a strict code of conduct”.   Read more »

El Presidente further undermines new CEO

Via the tip-line

The new CEO of the BSC, Lillian Small, has once again been smacked in the arse by her boss El Presidente Patrick Lee-Lo.

This time Paddy has gone ahead and undermined any “new member” initiatives Lillian Small may have hoped to run, by declaring his support for the Living Wage campaign in the cleaning industry mag InClean. The SFWU and CTU must have been in the ear of Paddy over the Christmas holidays, re-educating him on his union roots.

It’s not online, but a member of the Fish Gang has scanned it and sent it in via the tip-line.

In a typical scumbag union tactic, Paddy blames the customer/client for not paying a Living Wage to their cleaners.

While the unions will be ecstatic with Paddy, what’s the bet BSC members getting tucked for $20k a year will be less than enthused at El Presidente’s comments.   Read more »

El Presidente dumps Lillian Small into the deep end

Oh Lillian, why didn’t you conduct due diligence before signing up to the cartel-like Building Service Contractors gig?

Not only are you going to have to explain to existing and potential members you approach why the Police are concerned about the BSC, you’ll also have to front before Select Committees where MPs will naturally be inquisitive about the BSC’s and its members’ activities.

Even today, a key member company of the BSC – United Cleaning Services, is in the paper for all the wrong reasons. They even bang on in their website that they’re a major supporter of the BSC’s alleged industry training programme.

Lillian can you explain how a company that supposedly is a major supporter of your training programme, (headed by a member of the Fish Gang – Bob King), can now be a credible supporter of the BSC when its own workers let the team and cleaning industry down?   Read more »

Another year of misery for the BSC

Via the Fish Gang Tipline

Thanks to the tip-line, it looks like our friend El Presidente Patrick Lee Lo has quietly been given a good slapping by arch nemeses Crest Clean.

With submissions closed on Simon Bridges Employment Relations Amendment Bill, and the light-weight Transport & Industrial Relations Committee reporting back to Parliament on the Bill a day before it rose for Christmas, most would have missed this.

But thanks to a keen member of the Fish Gang, Paddy’s BSC attempts to stifle criticism has backfired.

Crest Clean took exception to the BSC’s playing dirty politics and effort to have their comments “expunged in total from their verbal submission” invoking Standing Orders 233 and 235.

They fired back with both barrels in a supplementary submission of their own, labelling the BSC’s efforts as not only bordering on defamatory, but the BSC was factually incorrect and misleading.    Read more »

2013 Worst Trade Association prize goes to…

At this time of year, people start to reflect on the year that’s coming to a close.

It’s also a time of year to start thinking about who gained some WO attention, and those who needed some disinfectant via sunlight on their activities.

So here’s to the start of the 2013 Whale Oil Awards.

But to kick off the 2013 Whale Oil Awards, I thought I’d start with the 2013 Worst Trade Association Prize. Regular readers won’t find it surprising that the recipient is …

image001  Read more »

A familiar sound for the BSC and El Presidente

It’s like a scene out of a western, all is silent except for the faint cry of a eagle high above the harsh landscape.

El Presidente Patrick Lee-Lo is standing out in the wilderness, all alone, wondering which way to turn, wondering how did it go so wrong.

Yesterday the Transport & Industrial Relation’s Select Committee issued their report into Simon Bridges’ Employment Relations Amendment Bill. With all the fuss Labour made about cleaners getting underpaid by their corporate bosses at Spotless Facility Services and working such long hours, you would expect their so-called industry body the Building Services Contractors, or BSC for short, to be all over this like a rash.  Read more »

1 Day to go for El Presidente


Via the Fish Gang tip-line

Key members of the Building Services Contractors are meeting Wednesday to decide the fate of El Presidente Patrick Lee-Lo.

Sparks will be flying as the BSC’s governing body try to figure out whether it’s better to cut their losses and tuck into their share of the millions in the BSC’s bank account, or let Paddy continue to abuse the franchise sector which their members are now a part of and, in the process, bring down the BSC.

Either way, it’s not looking good for Paddy, especially as a major player is starting to emerge and is being tipped to sort out the BSC debacle once and for all. According to industry sources this is OCS’s MD James Fletcher.  Read more »