Let me guess…there’s a taniwha there, right?

As night follows day, Maori have rights over the Kermadecs they want to enforce…watch the brownmail ramp up.

Plans to set up one of the largest ocean sanctuaries in the world breach Treaty of Waitangi obligations and extremely late-notice consultation was cynical, the Maori Fisheries Trust says.

The strong criticism comes after Labour said the Government’s “care free” approach to establishing the Kermadec Ocean Sanctuary could lead to legal challenges from iwi.

Environment Minister Dr Nick Smith dismissed that, saying consultation had been adequate and the idea well-received.

However, today the Maori Fisheries Trust, Te Ohu Kaimoana (TOK), has issued a statement slamming the Government’s “cynical” consultation on the project.

“To inform Te Ohu Kaimoana (as the agent of the Treaty partners) a mere 10 hours before the Prime Minister’s announcement at the United Nations and call it consultation is cynical,” the joint statement from TOK chairman Matiu Rei and chief executive Peter Douglas said. ? Read more »

Global warming snap freezes fish in Norway

The record low temperatures the northern hemisphere is enjoying right now are of course caused by global warming.

Right now though that global warming is snap freezing fish in Norway.

Norwegian public radio (Google-translated)?reports on the instant death of thousands of fish in a bay in the island of Lovund, Norway. An air temperature of -7.8 C (17.96 F) combined with a strong east wind froze the sea water instantly, trapping and killing the fish. You can see it in this fishapocalyptic image: ? Read more »

What next? Farmers not allowed to eat meat?


Just when you think the world couldn’t get anymore absurd you get PETA coming out with a wonky jihad against a fish shop.

An animal rights group is calling on New Zealand’s National Aquarium to stop the “barbaric” act of serving fish at its cafe.

PETA is urging the Napier aquarium, and others around Australasia, to take fish dishes off the menu.

Spokesman Jason Barker says serving fish at an aquarium is like serving “poodle burgers” at a dog show.

The Napier aquarium’s manager received a letter from PETA calling the act immoral when the aquarium is meant to educate people about the importance of fish species.

PETA spokeswoman Claire Fryer says studies have proven fish are more intelligent than people give them credit for, and don’t deserve such cruelty.? Read more »


Slapping Warmists with tiny wet fish

The New Scientist reports that sardine stocks are depleted..not because of global warming, but because the oceans have cooled.

Western Canada’s sardine fleet returned with no fish this month. The loss of the fishery, normally worth CAN$32 million (US$30.7 million), took many by surprise. Yet researchers warned last year that it could happen.

There are still sardines off the US Pacific coast. But the vanishing of the Canadian fish is part of a process that could mean they all disappear for decades, says Juan Zwolinski of the University of California at Santa Cruz.

Pacific sardine populations?fluctuate with water temperature. Colder water means fewer fish. Temperatures last fell in the 1940s, but heavy fishing continued, devastating the stock and ending fishing until sardines returned when waters warmed in the 1980s.

“We think this is set to happen again,” says Zwolinski, who tracked the population over the past century. He found that sardines have reproduced less since waters cooled in the 1990s. Almost all eggs now come from fish born a decade ago, which are nearly gone.

What’s more, acoustic results show that the fish have become smaller over the past decade, partly because of chillier water. This is a problem: the fattest sardines migrate farthest north, so the shrinking fish could help explain Canada’s shortage. Smaller fish also reproduce less. ? Read more »

Comment of the Day

On Snapper by regular commenter Bloke in Takapuna:

As a mad-keen fisho of over 40+ years, I?m ?ok? with most of this. Certainly the commercial netters and long-liners need greater scrutiny and observation due to their huge take on the fisheries.

But the reduced bag limit and increase in size ? on balance ? is a good thing for NZ overall. On my boats in the past and when fishing with friends, our own personal ?limit? has always been 30cm+ and not once have we ever been tempted to keep the total bag limit of snapper ? even when fishing for a few families. Fresh is best. Frozen ? not so much.? Read more »

Mental Health Break

Bluefin tuna are being?caught faster than they can reproduce, which is terrible news for bluefin tuna and people who like to eat them (but seriously for the tuna). ?These fish are awesome, and I didn’t know farming tuna was possible, but it is, with a few caveats. ?Bluefin in captivity don’t procreate unless they’re shot with a?hormone-tipped spear gun?(really). ? Also, the fish the bluefin are fed still have to come from somewhere, so?calling farm raised fish sustainable?is something of a misnomer. ?More sustainable though. ?– via Kottke

The Farmer and The Bluefin from The Perennial Plate on Vimeo.

Shane Jones tells Greenies to shove it

Shane Jones has attacked the Greenies (Greenpeace and the Greens) for creating and supporting the so-called spoof of a Sealord advert that I highlighted yesterday.??It is more of the same from the Greenies – ?they don’t a damn about people and their livelihoods.

Jones said:

“When the Green Party and the Green Priests [Greenpeace] take on a role of using that ad to humiliate, trash and parody not only the brand of the company but its workers, it’s a step too far.”

Shane also attacks the Greenies for their attitude to Maori. ?The Greenies are proving they’ll use Maori for their own agendas.

?”They love to cuddle up to us [Maori] when it’s stopping mining in Te Kaha, but they want to shit all over us when it’s a fishing company.

Shane’s not alone in being sick and tired of the Greens putting plants and animals ahead of New Zealand families. ?I too am done. If they really gave a damn about poverty they wouldn’t be attacking New Zealand workers. As Shane says:

“Their concerns are about some obscure ecosystem … while New Zealanders are losing their jobs all over the place.”


Snapper fishing – Great Barrier Island

My mates went fishing two weeks ago up at Great Barrier Island. This fish was taken at Marcus’ Spot-X “The Supermarket”.

This is the video of Steven landing a 17 pound snapper.