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Is Clark using SIS to spy on National?

This is interesting:

Michael Lord Ashcroft arrives in NZ on a private visit. TV3 have the exclusive on it. The Labour lap-blog The Standard doesn’t blog it immediately, but give it eighteen hours before they do. When they do blog it, the blog posts are written by all_your_base, who as we know, is Chris Elder who works in the Prime Minister’s office as her online communications adviser.

Here we have all_your_base (Chris Elder) producing photos supposedly “sent in by a reader”. The photo looks like it was obtained from a security camera, who would have such access to security camera footage? So here we have somebody in Ministerial Services–in the Prime Minister’s office–in receipt of an image of Michael Lord Ashcroft’s plane in Wellington on Saturday. How would anyone other than legal authoroties have access to immigration details and security camera footage.

The next day, on the Sunday, the plane is in Auckland, and is filmed by TV3. On the Monday, John Key is ambushed with a series of questions about Michael Lord Ashcroft’s visit.

This takes place the same weekend that the Prime Minister accuses her own government’s Serious Fraud Office of leaking information about its inquiry into the New Zealand First Party, to the National Party.

Will Duncan Garner confirm that his “scoop” of Michael Lord Ashcroft’s visit to New Zealand was not cunning, honest investigative journalism on his part, but the result of a leak from the Prime Minister’s office, which the PM has used to make allegations about illegal funding of the national party, on no evidence, for no other reason than to divert attention from her complicity in New Zealand First’s illegal activities?

It is also the same Duncan Garner that received the National party secret recordings. So Duncan Garner is receiving secretly obtained recordings and information that only legal authorities could have access to from sources unknown. Duncan’s own words on the tpe say how well briefed he was. Interesting choice of words there.

Is Helen Clark using the state apparatus to monitor the activities of person of interest to the Labour Party, including the National Party leader? And is her office passing that information to media in her desperate attempt to smear and slur everyone and everything to distract from the astounding allegations of corruption that are befalling her government?

Spencer Trust financial records revealed

Spencer Trust financial records revealed3 News has been given an extract of the Spencer Trust’s financial records which show a $25,000 donation made by Sir Robert Jones did go to New Zealand first. [3 News Politics]

So a trustee of the Spencer Trust has shown some bank statements and they think this all gets Winston Raymond peters, 63, List MP of no fixed abode off the hook?


It dumps him even further in the crap because those donations in 2005 were never declared to the Electoral Commission in NZ First’s annual returns. Not ever have NZ First declared any donation from the Spencer Trust.

That means that they broke the law, but oh so conveniently they can’t be prosecuted because the time for that has expired.

Meanwhile WRP, 63, LMPONFA has shown to be a Class A hypocrite, whilst he and his party were in receipt of funds from large corporate backers he was passing a law to prevent such donations all the time squaeling in the parliament that his arty never recieved such terrible, tainted moneys. LIAR!

Clark a control freak

Aust media notes say Clark’s foreign policy ‘Vietnam era’NIUE – Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is understood to be concerned after briefing notes given to media on his visit to New Zealand could be interpreted as painting Helen Clark as a control freak. The briefing said she trusted… [NZ Herald Politics]

Hah, beautiful, the breifing notes portray Clark as a control freak, hippie, commie, living in the past. Sounds like the Aussie government has got some very accurate briefers there.

Solzhenitsyn, Dies at 89


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Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, died late on Sunday at the age of 89 in Moscow.

Through his writings, he the horrors of Stalinist Gulag‘s to world attention, for those efforts, Solzhenitsyn was both awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1970 and exiled from the Soviet Union in 1974. He returned to Russia in 1994.

His most famous work was the The Gulag Archipelago, a three-volume work on the Soviet prison camp system. It was based upon Solzhenitsyn’s own experience as well as the testimony of 227 former prisoners and Solzhenitsyn’s own research into the history of the penal system. The appearance of the book in the West put the word gulag into the Western political vocabulary and guaranteed swift retribution from the Soviet authorities. Solzhenitsyn had already been declared a non-person in Soviet Russia before he wrote the Gulag Archipeligo and after writing it he was exiled until the fall of communism.

Interestingly all of Solzhenitsyn’s sons became U.S. citizens.

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$5000 for someone to arrest Winston Raymond Peters


Blogger offers $5000 for citizen’s arrest of Peters

Popular and competent blogger Whaleoil has followed the lead of the Auckland University Students Association in offering a $5000 reward for the arrest of a well known criminal who has recently entered New Zealand: Winston Peters.

“Winston Peters needs to be held to account over his misleading and contradictory statements,” says the hardworking and conscientious blogger.

Peters has recently been accused of mishandling party donations, hiding donations from wealth racing businessmen and lying about donations from Owen Glenn and now Sir Robert Jones.

“I’m a firm advocate of accountability in Government: now I’m putting my money where my mouth is by offering $5000 to anyone who can rope this dope and get him to answer some long overdue questions.

“And just before Peter Low gets on the phone, the competition is not open to triad gangs,” adds Slater.

Citizen’s arrests of high ranking government officials have been attempted recently:

-John Bolton, the former US ambassador to the United Nations, escaped an attempted citizen’s arrest by author and activist George Monbiot at the British Hay Arts Festival in late May 2008.

-Peace activist Peter McGregor attempted a citizen’s arrest of Australia’s then Attorney-General Philip Ruddock as a war criminal at the University of New South Wales in July 2007

-Campaigner Peter Tatchell has twice attempted to make a citizen’s arrest on Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe.

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OG to face criminal charges?

Whaleoil notes that besieged billionaire Owen Glenn may never return to New Zealand. He told the New Zealand Herald on Friday that “I just don’t find New Zealand a very friendly place and it’s unlikely I will go back”.

Whaleoil is just speculating, but he wonders if Mr Glenn’s decision not to step foot in New Zealand again may not be the result of legal advice?

After all, there is at least a chance that the New Zealand Police might want to investigate any links between any Glenn’s alleged “donation” to Winston Peters and the Monaco job he’s so interested in, and that, on the face of it, seems to put him on the wrong side of section 102(2) of the Crimes Act 1961 which seems pretty clear to Whaleoil: “Every one is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 7 years who corruptly gives or offers or agrees to give any bribe to any person with intent to influence any Minister of the Crown or member of the Executive Council in respect of any act or omission by him in his capacity as a Minister or member of the Executive Council.”

Even more serious is the suggestion it may have been Mr Glenn who offered Tariana Turia $250,000 if she would support Helen Clark for Prime Minister instead of Don Brash. What part of section 103(2) of the Crimes Act – “every one is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 7 years who corruptly gives or offers or agrees to give any bribe to any person with intent to influence any member of Parliament in respect of any act or omission by him in his capacity as a member of Parliament” – doesn’t that breach?

And in case you don’t think a party donation, cushy Monaco posting or making Clark Prime Minister meets the definition of “bribe”, take a look at section 99 of the Crimes Act: “Bribe means any money, valuable consideration, office, or employment, or any benefit, whether direct or indirect”

Who is going to lay the complaint with the police? You may have to beat Whaleoil in the stampede to Auckland Central Police Station.

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What say you Winston?

Peters remains quiet on donation emailsNew Zealand First leader Winston Peters is keeping tight-lipped after leaked emails cast doubt on his denials that billionaire Owen Glenn made a large donation to the party.
But at least one New Zealand First MP has expressed concern…
[NZ Politics]

I bet he is keeping tight-lipped he is trying to work out what lies to spin next. He has painted himself into a corner and he used his own brush and his own paint.

I said back in February that OG was pissed with these chumps because they reneged on a deal. Firstly he embarrassed Clark. He embarrassed Clark so much that she had to get Mallard to intercede to keep him away from her.

Now he is embarrassing Winston and quite delicious it is too. It is apparent to anyone who cares to think about it that Clark and Winston promised OG a deal and then they reneged. The price of the deal is now becoming too electorally high and will bring both of them down.

OG is playing for keeps and I bet right now that Winston is furiously trying to get hold of him. It won’t work and Peters will be getting into a right lather. Just when he was hoping to come back from Fiji with a “peace in our time” statement and try to make himself look like a hero he cops this lot.

Winston needs to come clean and if he won’t then Mini Winnie and the other NZ First MP’s need to take action and dump his sorry ass.

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Matt McCarten jumps the shark

Matt McCarten : Key’s convenient amnesia over support for expensive invasionRemember when George Bush’s administration promised the world that the invasion of Iraq would be over in a few weeks? We were assured that the Iraqis would throw flowers at their liberators, the war would make a tidy profit and petrol… [NZ Politics]

Matt McCarten has finally jumped the shark. After every strike against John key has failed he goes back to the Bush is evil, iraq was immoral and Key would have put us there attack lines which frankly don’t stand up to any realistic outlook on the current Iraq situation.

Witness this little tirade;

[quote]Key, of course, can’t remember his support for the warmongers. But none of us should have any illusion that if he had been Prime Minister at the time New Zealand troops would have been over there, killing and maiming civilians on behalf of oil companies so they could continue to make their criminally gross profits.[/quote]

He of course neglects the facts that despite all the assurances of the left that the war is unwinnable and that the Iraqi’s have no hope;

1. Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki sent the Iraqi army into Basra. It achieved in a few weeks what the British had failed to do in four years: take the city, drive out the Mahdi Army and seize the ports from Iranian-backed militias.

2. When Mahdi fighters rose up in support of their Basra brethren, the Iraqi army at Maliki’s direction confronted them and prevailed in every town — Najaf, Karbala, Hilla, Kut, Nasiriyah and Diwaniyah — from Basra to Baghdad.

3. Without any American ground forces, the Iraqi army entered and occupied Sadr City, the Mahdi Army stronghold.

4. Maliki flew to Mosul, directing a joint Iraqi-U.S. offensive against the last redoubt of al-Qaeda, which had already been driven out of Anbar, Baghdad and Diyala provinces.

5. The Iraqi parliament enacted a de-Baathification law, a major Democratic benchmark for political reconciliation.

6. Parliament also passed the other reconciliation benchmarks — a pension law, an amnesty law, and a provincial elections and powers law. Oil revenues are being distributed to the provinces through the annual budget.

7. With Maliki having demonstrated that he would fight not just Sunni insurgents (e.g., in Mosul) but Shiite militias (e.g., the Mahdi Army), the Sunni parliamentary bloc began negotiations to join the Shiite-led government. (The final sticking point is a squabble over a sixth Cabinet position.)

So far from the war being unwinnable Iraq is on the cusp of becoming a truly free and democratic nation prospering in a way that Cullen can only dream of.

But of course McCarten can’t possibly let facts get in the way of a good demonisation.

Helen Clark disgusts me

My Mate Skippy

Apology to Vietnam veterans for unfair post-war treatmentThe Government will publicly apologise to Vietnam War veterans and their families, recognising the servicemen were not treated fairly when they returned from war.
The apology, which will be made in Parliament on Wednesday, was…
[NZ Politics]

Last night on TV, Tim Shadbolt “proudly” walking with the protesters and police at Bastion Point.

This wanker was also the same “proud” protester that spat in the face of my mate as he stood on parade.

My mate though said that he fought in Vietnam so that wankers like Tim Shadbolt can spit in the faces of soldiers. Nevertheless in any culture spitting is the ultimate in insults.

I expect Helen will grovel eloquently as Kevin Rudd has in his apologies to the aborigines. On Holmes this morning she has been “banging on” about the Labour Government brought the troops back from Vietnam.

So they’re the good guys is the inference.

This sickened me for a number of reasons. The first being that this disingenuous bitch was front and centre chucking paint and spitting at these brave men as part of the communist funded Progressive Youth Movement along with Phil Goff, who ironically is now our Defence Minister. The second and most important reason that helen Clark sickens me is that she is now using the apology for political gain. Yes that’s right she the paint thrower and spitter on soldiers is making political gain from the apology for how badly treated they were treated.

Not only that, she lied. That’s right she lied about who brought the troops home. They left Vietnam in 1971, Whiskey Three Company went in November 1970, the SAS Troop and 161 Battery followed in February and May 1971 respectively, and Victor Six Company and the tri-service medical team left with the 1st Australian Task Force in December 1971, ending New Zealand’s combat involvement in the Vietnam War. Norman Kirks government wasn’t elected until 1972 and the only troops left in Vietnam at that stage were training teams and the New Zealand headquarters in Saigon. For her to say that the Labour government brought the troops home is disingenuous at the very least, more accurately it was an outrght lie, and she knows it.

Did they get so badly treated because “they lost the war”? No because when they returned the war was all but over, the North had been beaten and the peace treaty was signed. The North invaded again and broke the peace treaty once the majority of US and allied troops withdrew and the South Vietnamese army succumbed without the steel of those allied troops.

Why was this country so proud to uphold a despotic regime? Best ask Phil and Helen and Tim and Keith.

It’s all very sad for the Vietnam Vets and I’m saddened for them.

Vietnam vets to get apology

Vietnam MemorialVietnam Vets are to finally get an apology on Wednesday.

The apology will be given at parliament. There is a certain amount of irony attached to this apology as it will be Clark who will give it and sitting on the front bench near her will be Phil Goff, both members of the Communist funded, Progressive Youth Movement in 1971.

[quote]Prime Minister Helen Clark says the apology will recognise the
veterans were not treated fairly on their return to New Zealand after
the war in Vietnam.[/quote]

They were front and centre on 14 May 1971 when 161 Bty, RNZA marched down Queen Street after returning from Vietnam. They physically disrupted that parade, by throwing paint over the members of 161 Bty RNZA, throwing themselves in front of moving vehicles, screaming ‘baby killers’ and setting fire to baby prams and wheeling them in to the parade. They were lucky that our troops have more disciplne than long haired communist louts like Clark and Goff at the time.

The irony is mostly because it as people like Clark and Goff who treated these brave soldiers so appallingly in the first place that warrants an apology now.

It better be good Clark, it better be good.