Are they going to enforce bag checks too?

The wowsers want to wreck Pasifika Festival by banning and enforcing a soft drink ban:

The country’s biggest celebration of Pacific culture will be held at Western Springs this weekend.

Fighting Sugar in Soft Drinks (FIZZ) founder Gerhard Sundborn, who called for the ban, said 25 percent of a child’s sugar intake was from sugary drinks. ? Read more »

A tax on its own won’t cure obesity

So writes Niki Bezzant who drank the Coolaid at the FIZZ lobby group event

A tax on its own won’t cure obesity.

That doesn’t mean, though, that it is not worth doing. I’m more convinced than ever that a tax has to be part of the solution.

Expert after expert came at the topic from different angles.

Economist Geoff Simmons neatly dismantled the arguments put forward by opponents of a tax, including the one that it is regressive – it hurts the poorest people in society – by pointing out that obesity and diabetes are highly regressive, too, disproportionately affecting the most deprived.

He also made the excellent point that raising money via a tax is just the start. We need to spend that money wisely and it can be spent for good.

In the petition we are calling for the money raised from a tax to be spent on healthy eating education, a key part of the obesity puzzle.

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Candy, soda and fast food are not driving the rising obesity trend in the US


Well here?s a headline obesity troughers wouldn?t want you to see, but it?s the latest research findings from Cornell University.

Remember here in NZ, well known obesity troughers like Professor Boyd Swinburn, Stefanie Vandevijvere, $11 million dollar woman Cliona Ni Mhurchu and those anti fizzy drink activists FIZZ all believe sugar taxes are the answer to Kiwi kids getting fatter. ? Read more »

NO sugar tax – Key

Mr Key says there is some evidence sugar taxes work, but “the government’s not doing that at the moment”.

“The problem with sugar tax is: So you put a sugar tax on fizzy drinks fair enough, OK. But what about everything else sugar is in?” he told TV3’s Paul Henry show.

But he said obesity has replaced smoking as the long-term issue for New Zealand.

“We do need to resolve these issues, but it’s a combination of education and exercise.”

Mr Key hinted the plan would work with schools to target exercise and dietary programmes.

The Ministry of Health has been working on the plan to combat obesity for almost a year.

The government’s chief science adviser Sir Peter Gluckman said last month evidence food taxes work was weak but they send signals.

Education, layout of supermarkets and companies reducing sugar and salt levels in food also make a difference, he said.

And that’s happening, and has been happening, for decades. ?Low sugar and sugar-free versions of Coke are sitting right next to the sugary one. ?It’s your decision to buy the one you think is right for you – they are all the same price. ? Read more »

The insanity of sugar and fat taxes

Katherine Rich pushes back against the health nazis who want to put a tax on sugar and fat.

Sugar taxes will extract more money from citizens’ wallets for governments but do nothing to curb obesity.

While sugar is seen by some as the current food demon, it’s important to dial back the hysteria for a fact-based discussion.

Sugars are an important part of people’s diets, providing energy for the body and brain. Over the past decade, sucrose consumption in New Zealand has declined, and reports suggest most people consume at moderate levels.

All this while obesity has been rising. The remaining part of the energy-in, energy-out equation is physical activity, but anti-sugar activists prefer to blame food companies.

The food companies just sit there like stunned mullets as their customers and products are demonised. They thought that it would never happen to them if only they just kept quiet while tobacco companies were bashed.

They were wrong.

The inconvenient truth for those wanting to scapegoat full-sugar carbonated drinks – fizzy – is that there has been a dramatic drop in sales in the past 15 years as consumers turn to the growing array of zero calorie and diet fizz options now available.

With Kiwis eating less sugar and drinking less sugary fizz at a time of rising obesity levels, it’s nonsense to pretend fizz taxes are going to magic away the obesity problem.

So long as the health nazis promote the food pyramid that is heavy on carbohydrates and low on proteins then we will continue to get fatter, especially if we don;t exercise to burn those calorie loadings. Taxing sugars and fats won’t work. ?? Read more »

Taxpayer funded Sugar tax lobbyists refuse transparency

The Taxpayers Union has run into a brick wall from taxpayer funded sugar tax lobbyists who are refusing to be transparent over their funding arrangements.

The Taxpayers? Union is slamming a group of public health campaigners running a ?consultation process? on sugar taxes and limitations on sugary drinks for claiming official endorsement while at the same time refusing to adhere to the Official Information Act on privacy grounds.

The?New Zealand Beverage Guidance Panel, a subsidiary of the ‘Fizz’ group operated out of the University of Auckland, is?holding a media event at midday?to?launch a?policy brief titled:?Options to reduce sugar sweetened beverage consumption in New Zealand. In February the Taxpayers? Union exposed the Fizz group for falsely claiming official endorsement from the Health Research Council of New Zealand.

Executive Director of the Taxpayers? Union, Jordan Williams, says ?On the one hand these people try to trumpet official credentials, but?the moment we ask basic questions about the?process they are running, the group hides behind personal privacy and claim they’re not?official.?? Read more »

Sugar Tax lobbyists hitting up MPs Thursday


Election year always gets activist groups all fired up about beating their drum in the hope MPs searching for something to say pick up on their cause.

Blaming sugary drinks for the cause of obesity in NZ is the hot topic at the moment.

With?Coca-Cola doing their best to ensure they own the obesity problem with failed interviews like this one with Duncan Garner,? other companies Frucor, Red Bull, The Better Drinks Company are all looking increasing uneasy with where the debate is heading.

Energy drink companies like Frucor?s (makers of V), Red Bull and Monster are already under pressure with?bans on the sale of energy drinks to under 18 year olds in some EU countries.? Read more »

Nanny State seeks to kill sugar thrills

Helen Clark got hurled out of Parliament for allowing her government to interfere too much in ordinary Kiwi lives. Things like trying to tell people what light-bulbs and shower-heads they were allowed to buy.

Kiwis just want to get on with their lives without being dictated to by nanny state zealots, desperate to push their agenda onto the populace.

So when the academic activists at Otago and Auckland Universities start calling for a 20% tax on cold tea and coffee, most people feel like telling them to take a long walk off a short pier.

But that?s exactly what the?taxpayer funded troughers at FIZZ?are calling for.

They?re now saying that cold tea and coffees are evil and part of the cause of obesity in New Zealand.

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Taxpayers? Union pops Fizz?s bubble

What is it with the academics and fibbing about endorsement?

A few weeks ago, the Taxpayers? Union outed the?ship of fools, now it seems that the taxpayer funded?scientists?lobbyists calling themselves Fizz have been bottled by the Taxpayers? Union. ?They blog:

The Taxpayer?s Union has discovered that the ‘Fizz’ group of academics campaigning for a ?sugar tax? on soft drinks appears to have been falsely claiming the endorsement of the Health Research Council of New Zealand (HRC).


We wrote to the HRC asking what the nature of its support is for Fizz. We wondered why this group of academics, clearly pushing for political ends (i.e. a sugar tax) were receiving taxpayer support from the HRC.

We found that “Fizz” were fibbing – HRC are not supporting their sugar tax campaign.

The letter from the HRC’s Chief Executive, Dr Robin Olds, is below. It states that Fizz is not receiving any support form the HRC and suggests that Fizz has been misleading its supporters, the public, and the media.

Subsequently, we’ve also learned that Dr Olds has asked that the HRC?logo be removed from Fizz?s promotional material. In an email to the?Taxpayers? Union?Mr Olds said,

?In a phone call to the conference organiser we pointed out that using our logo was inappropriate, given that [Fizz] did not seek our permission, and that some appeared to interpret the logo as the HRC endorsing the conference.” ? Read more »

Flakenstein donkey deep in class action against Coke and Frucor execs, Ctd

While Tony Falkenstein is trying to make out that he actually cares about sugary drinks,?his credibility and involvement in the obesity debate is tumbling?faster than his Just Water International share price.


Not only has the line ?just placed an ad in the newspaper seeking people for a class action against cola companies? been completely blown out of the water, Falkenstein is likely to have to face the wrath of a bunch of publicly funded troughers.? Read more »