Pommy bastards at Daily Mail get confused over our flag

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The Daily Mail has an article about the Invictus Games in?the?US which opened yesterday.

In the article it has the photo above with the caption describing Australian’s marching into the arena carrying their flag. ? Read more »

Newshub want to know why we don?t have a silver fern on a black flag as an option

When they said they wanted to bring the news behind the news, I didn?t expect them to go back in time.

It was always a bizarre call — why was there no silver fern on a plain black background as a flag option?

How could the classic, simple symbol of Kiwi nationhood not be one of the final four options for our flag?

It’s a question that one in three New Zealanders are asking themselves according to the Newshub poll, which shows 36 percent wanted it on the shortlist. That is an incredible bloc of support. It beggars belief that the plain fern on black was not given a go.

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Cock-up or sabotage?


The?Kyle Lockwood flag on Auckland Harbour bridge has the wrong colour. ?Is it a cock-up or sabotage?

Officials have confirmed the potential new flag waving atop the Auckland Harbour Bridge is the wrong colour and will be replaced.

Hoisted alongside the present flag, the huge Kyle Lockwood fern and Southern Cross design contains the wrong shade of blue and will go within the next seven days.

“The fabric weight and printing technique used to produce the alternative flag flying on the Auckland Harbour Bridge has resulted in a lighter blue than the silver fern flag eligible voters will consider in the final referendum,” a NZ flag consideration project spokeswoman said this evening.? Read more »

61% say No to flag change


Newshub (3News) has polled and the results are in:?we don’t want a flag change.

John Key’s hopes of changing the flag have been dealt a blow with a poll showing 61% of voters want to keep the flag we’ve got.

The Newshub/Reid Research poll shows only 30% want to change to the Kyle Lockwood Silver Fern design. The other 9% either didn’t know or didn’t care about changing the flag. ? Read more »


A reader and commenter emails

Whoever thought of and disseminated the image of the four Red Peak flags to look like the Swastika is a low down nasty son of a not very nice person.

I?don’t love?Red Peak, but I prefer it?to any of the others. I can’t stand the unimaginative?clich?d themes of the other ones…but that isn’t the point.

The point is that we ended up with four duds because no one was particularly interested in having the conversation in the first place,?so?people stayed away in droves. That is not a basis on which to make a decision as important as what our national?flag should look like.

The flag consideration panel was only ever going to include designs that included the desired outcome plus a couple of non-starters in order to give the appearance of choice,?in a completely non-transparent process.

Now it has all descended into farce and ridiculousness and I can’t see an elegant solution to it.

Should it be Red Peak? No because to include it makes a mockery of, and is an abuse?of the process. ?? Read more »


Plain speaking by Garner on the luvvies flag hijack


Duncan Garner outlines a few plain truths for the luvvies and leftists moaning about “Red Peak”.

The flag known as ?Red Peak? may be peaking in social media but it flopped when it flew in front of the people.

When we put the 40 flag options in front of listeners on a RadioLIVE poll ? Red Peak was listed at 37th. That is, it was fourth from the bottom. Very few Kiwis liked it.

And New Zealanders, in another poll, gave ?Red Peak? the flick too.

A UMR poll released last week listed Red Peak as follows; ?? Read more »

Tracy Watkins is right but also very, very wrong

Like most media living on Twitter and supping from the trough inside the beltway Tracy Watkins has an opinion on the flag debate and the “refugee” crisis, and that opinion is that it is possibly, maybe, hurting John Key,

It may not have been tectonic, but the political ground appeared to shift under John Key this week.

There was suddenly a gap between Key and public opinion on more than one front – unfamiliar territory for the prime minister.

On the refugee crisis, Key was slow to wake up to the swelling consensus that it required a bigger humanitarian effort from New Zealand.

As graphic and tragic images from Europe put a human face to the crisis, the Government looked isolated in its view that New Zealand’s quota of 750 refugees a year is enough.

Key’s partial backdown on Thursday belatedly coat-tailed public opinion that we can and should do more.

On the Maurice Williamson debacle, Key’s usually reliable sniff test also failed him.

The Pakuranga MP delivered an after-dinner speech that was more strip club than black tie, with its references to oral sex and “attagirl knee pads” (you can probably fill in the blanks here).

Round the Cabinet table, Key’s ministers run a “woman voter” test over every decision before it gets the final sign off.

They know their fortunes are directly tied to the female vote which, till Key took over the leadership, was firmly in Labour’s favour.

Williamson’s boorish speech cuts across that by carrying with it the dinosaur-ish overtones that once acted as a giant turnoff to women voters at the ballot box.

But where Key is usually ruthless with MPs and ministers who step out of line, his reprimand was about as lacklustre as his defence that Williamson wasn’t acting in his capacity as an MP.

That’s a new test which MPs will be very glad to hear about. It’s a bit like excusing a police officer for drink driving because he or she wasn’t acting in their capacity as a police officer.

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John Key wants a new flag because it will make us money

It turns out that the Chinese are already using it that way


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Don?t accuse me of not providing balance: John Key on why he wants a fern on the flag

John Key really, really, really wants a Silver Fern and a rugby logo as our flag.

Prime Minister John Key says few people waved the New Zealand flag at the Bledisloe Cup match against Australia last week because it was too similar to Australia’s flag.

The controversial $26 million flag referendum has been mired in debate, but Mr Key is front-footing the issue with an opinion piece published in newspapers on Saturday.

He says there was a “sea of black” at the rugby decider at Eden Park last Saturday night but very few New Zealand flags in the crowd.

Most New Zealanders do not think of the flag as their preferred way to display their sense of national identity, he says.

“Besides, it’s too much like Australia’s, especially when New Zealand is playing against Australia. ? Read more »


Oh bugger. I hate it when Little and I agree.

Andrew Little is like most Labourites, an abject hypocrite.

He is trying to have his cake and eat it too when it comes to referenda.

If fewer than half of eligible voters take part in the first flag referendum the second should be scrapped, Labour say.

Parliament has this week debated the Flag Referendums Bill, which will set up the two referendums on the flag – the first to vote on an alternative design and the second for voters to choose between the alternative and the current flag.

Labour is opposing the bill despite leader Andrew Little’s own desire for a new flag and its 2014 policy to start the process to secure that change.

Mr Little said that the reaction from the public meant the party did not believe the time was right to change the flag.

“Today we have added two Supplementary Order Papers to the flag referendum bill, one seeking to defer the referendum for five years and the second to stop the final referendum if voter apathy continues at its current level.

“New Zealanders all around the country have told us now is not the right time to change the flag. Almost no one turned up at public events to promote it, millions of dollars were wasted on websites and postcards and a celebrity panel of experts. ? ? Read more »