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Did Kim Dotcom die and wash ashore in Canada?

But I digress. Actually three rotting whale carcasses need disposing of and the Canadians are stuck in a bit of a conundrum as to how to get rid of them.

One man’s trash may be another man’s treasure, but a community leader says the hassle of dealing with rotting blue whales on Newfoundland’s west coast is a bigger problem than people may?realize.

Two blue whale carcasses washed ashore on the coast of Rocky Harbour and Trout River, both located near Gros Morne National Park. A sperm whale carcass also washed ashore in the Cape St. George area.

The animals died after getting caught in severe ice conditions off the island’s coast this winter.

Maurice Budgell, chair of the King’s Point Heritage Society, which operates the town’s Whale Pavilion, said when his community took on the task of getting the flesh off a humpback whale carcass, it was a bigger job than anyone bargained for, and they’re not interested in doing it again.

“With all of the problems that we had with the one that we have here now, it would be a monstrous job to take on something else like that,” said Budgell. ? Read more »

Whale meat

Jared Nichol put together an interesting piece on whale meat, including a video he took

Butchers peeled the whale like a 10-tonne banana.

About 20 flensers and a pair of research assistants used their hands and knives to strip the fat from its flanks.

They drove a steel hook into a chunk by its neck, tied it by chain to a winch and yanked off its back in grinding jerks like a toddler tugs at Velcro shoes.

Children in the crowd squealed while under their feet the wooden slaughterhouse floor turned red with blood.

Seagulls swooped at chunks of flesh scratched off on the concrete slipway behind.

Sotobo Whaling company flensers annually carve up to 26 tsuchi kujira, Baird’s beaked whales, at an abattoir in the port town of Wadaura on Japan’s Pacific coastline. The meat and blubber is sold on-site or packed with ice and shipped to restaurants and supermarkets around the country.

These whales are not endangered.

They are not protected by the International Whaling Commission’s 1986 moratorium on commercial whaling, known as Article 10E in the International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling.

Sotobo Whaling spokesman Yoshinori Shoji updates the company’s website everyday through the whaling season, from July 20 to August 31, to say when a whale is caught and when the public can see its slaughter.

It would be awesome to watch. ?With so few done every year, I suspect the very job of butchering a whale is a privilege to learn and be allowed to actually do.

Caution – not for the squeamish… ? Read more »