Flight MH730

MH370: When to stop looking?

The search for Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 just can’t catch a break

The search for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane could take years, a senior US defence official has warned, as the underwater search off Western Australia failed to find any trace of wreckage or black boxes.

A US navy submersible drone has been scouring the southern Indian Ocean’s seabed within a six-mile radius of the spot where a signal thought to come from a black box was detected, around a month after flight MH370 went missing on 8 March. Twelve crew and 227 passengers were on board.

The Bluefin-21 drone has scoured 95% of that focus area without finding any sign of the Boeing-777. The broader maritime search has also failed to locate any wreckage.

Nothing physical has been found. ?Not a single seat cushion. ?Not a single piece of luggage. ? All we’ve reportedly had were some sounds that “could only have come” from the flight data recorder. ?But that too, a week after its guaranteed 30 day operational span, has gone silent. ? Read more »

Deploying a Sonobuoy – how they are listening for MH370