Flip Flop

Andrew Little goes all in on Nick Leggett

Nick Legget must be a real threat to Labour because Andrew Little has gone all in on him, accusing him of being a flip-flopper.

Labour Party leader Andrew Little has described Nick Leggett as a “flip-flopper” after the former Porirua Mayor defected to the National Party.

Leggett, who was a Labour Party member until recently, is now in the running to stand in the Labour stronghold seat of Mana for National during next year’s general election.

He quit the party earlier this year to stand against Justin Lester, their chosen candidate for the Wellington Mayoralty, who won the election.

Andrew Little says the current MP for Mana, Kris Faafoi, has served the electorate for a number of terms and is very strong and very well liked.? Read more »

Andrew Little OK with SAS fighting in Syria

Andrew Little has flip-flopped on Labour’s position of involving the NZSAS in the fight against Daesh.

Labour leader Andrew Little said Labour would support sending SAS troops to fight Isis if the right conditions were met.

Those conditions were having a clear and realistic objective, that it would have to be part of a multinational mission mandated by the United Nations and that the level of risk needed to be acceptable.

“Troops on ground as part of a multinational force, targeting those areas where Isis has a stronghold and those areas where they have seized oil refineries and those sorts of things to defeat them in those sorts of areas – it is going to take more than just air strikes,” he said.

Asked if that meant he thought there was a place for troops on the ground with the stipulated conditions he said: Yes. If they are in the right place, properly mandated, and with a realistic objective then yes there is.”

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Gower: “Labour is swallowing an enormous, filthy, stinking, rotten, maggot-infested dead rat called the Trans-Pacific Partnership”

Patrick Gower published this opinion piece yesterday afternoon, but it was deleted and replaced with a revised version. ?I think the original was a bit more direct.

Labour’s 32 MPs looked deflated and rattled in Parliament’s question time today. It was like 32 individual TPP rats were served up as a ghastly afternoon feed.

Labour looked as if it had nowhere to go when attacking the TPP the Government had agreed to.

In fact, the TPP seems pretty much okay and it looks like Labour should be supporting it.

Problem is, Labour said it would not support the TPP unless its five non-negotiable bottom lines were met.

And, by leader Andrew Little’s own admission, at least one bottom line has not been met ? that “New Zealand maintains the right to restrict sales of farm land and housing to non-resident foreigner buyers”.

The TPP will impinge on the right of New Zealand to restrict housing sales to foreigners, so Labour has painted itself into a corner.

Either Labour’s non-negotiable bottom lines were a load of codswallop, or it will not support the TPP.

At the moment, Little is trying to play both sides, refusing to say whether Labour supports the agreement or not. Basically Little is playing word games as he plays for time, knowing that National is going to rub his nose in the TPP dead rat feed.

My pick is that Labour will continue to play out this silly game for a while before finally giving its support to TPP. Labour wants to try and trick its base supporters that it is still against the TPP, but let the public think it is for it. Read more »

The left are in total disarray over TPP


Earlier today we saw Andrew Little flip flop in less than 24 hours from being against the TPP to not being against it. ? We then segued into Chris Trotter’s work who on the basis of Andrew Little’s strong opposition to the TPP less than 24 hours earlier had declared 2017 a win for a Labour-led government.

Yesterday, Andrew Little said the TPP could not be supported by Labour because it only met one of the five bottom line requirements. ? That bottom line requirement that the TPP does meet, according to Labour?

Treaty Obligations.


Not according to the First Union. ? Read more »

Chris Trotter hung out to dry by Andrew Little


Chris must have needed?a change of underwear when he saw Andrew Little come out swinging against the TPP yesterday, and he sat down with renewed hope and penned this piece for today… not realising Andrew would drop him in the poo by doing a flip-flop.

LABOUR?S STANCE on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) could end up determining the outcome of the 2017 General Election. If Andrew Little aligns his party with the other parliamentary opponents of the TPP ? the Greens and NZ First ? then the legislation giving effect to the agreement will barely scrape through the House of Representatives. Such open and substantial parliamentary opposition will clear the way for Andrew Little to lead an anti-TPP coalition into electoral battle in 2017. If, however, Labour ends up supporting the TPP, then it will be a fractured and fractious Opposition that takes the field against John Key in two years? time.

With Labour firmly opposed, the National-led Government?s best outcome would see the TPP?s enabling legislation passed by a margin of three votes. But if, as seems likely, the Maori Party acknowledges the rising anti-TPP sentiment within Maoridom, by either abstaining or voting against the bill, then the nearest thing to a TPP ratification process that New Zealanders are going to get will be carried by just one vote ? Peter Dunne?s.

“With Labour firmly opposed”. ?Snigger

Listen Chris, here’s a word of advice for you when dealing with Labour communications. ?Always let things simmer for at least 24 hours before you run after the next passing red car. ? There are two reasons for that. ? One, they can’t add, subtract or otherwise use a calculator. ?Press statements with numbers invariably fall apart under a small bit of scrutiny. ? Read more »

Labour have started the back-down on TPP

We're winning I tell you, we're winning

We’re cancelling the TPP?I tell you! ?Or not. ?I haven’t decided.

Only yesterday Andrew Little all but guaranteed a Labour-led government would do whatever it had in its power to overturn the TPP.

And today, Andrew Little has started a hasty retreat.

Labour leader Andrew Little says it is unlikely the party would withdraw from the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPPA) free trade deal if it gains power, following a meeting with Trade Minister Tim Groser to discuss the agreement.

Little and Trade Minister Tim Groser met on Monday evening to discuss the provisions of the TPPA in further detail, after the 12-nation free trade agreement was signed last week. Read more »


Tricky Ricky Flip Flop CunningCV

by blokeintakapuna

If Tricky Ricky Flip Flop CunningCV was a race horse ? he?d be sold for glue.

Claiming he will re-pay secret donations already spent, for the last year?s purpose already had ? where he was the benefactor as a result of those donations, winning the internal election ? is simply a confidence trick too far.

Especially since he was in Government who created the rules around trusts and the use of donations ? he then flouts those Parliamentary rules and only when caught red-handed does he claim there?s discrepancies in the rules between Parliament and the Labour Party, so a review is underway to stop this happening again?

I call bullshit on that CunningCV. His double speak is getting very tricky now.

Claiming he will make up any short fall of funds his secret trust lacks only demonstrates that he already knows his secret trust will be in deficit. Once he returns those secret donations to the people he doesn?t know who donated them, well, it still doesn?t alter the fact, the donations were used in 2013 for an election ? which he won. ? Read more »

Cunliffe Redux on GST and Tax Cuts

It’s been a week of flip flops politically.

Yesterday David Cunliffe re-announced his plan to ditch policies to take GST off fruit and veges and Labour’s $5000 tax free ‘zone’.

He actually wrote those policies for Phil Goff and tried to sell them to the electorate, ?Clearly he now intends to spend his tax increases on more welfare rather than tax breaks

No doubt he’ll sound as convinced by his brilliance as he did selling those other policies he’s now ditched.

Remember them?? Read more »

And the Man Ban is gone, shot down in flames

So much for their?principles…the Man Ban has been ditched after David Shearer threw a wobbly at caucus.

Labour has withdrawn its proposal for women-only selections after a request from Leader David Shearer.

Mr Shearer said it was distracting from other issues and he did not believe it was what people wanted from Labour.

He said he had asked the Council to withdraw that proposal and it had agreed.? Read more »

Another Shearer Flip Flop

David Shearer just can’t seem to make up his mind.

Yesterday I revealed the?sneaky about-face?on his now abandoned private members bill.

What was once so important for the Labour Leader that he made it his first big policy, has been quietly dumped.

But that’s not Shearer’s only recent U-turn.

Labour has campaigned hard against the Kapiti Expressway, Shearer’s electorate MPs north of Wellington have been banging on about it for years and in the Mana by-election Kris Fa’afoi was out there campaigning with protesters.

As recently as September 12, Shearer was?still adamantly against?the roading upgrade.

Labour leader David Shearer says his party still opposes building the K?piti Expressway and will ?mothball it? if it gets the chance.

Now he’s?changed his mind?on this one too.

Labour will not rule out continuing National’s Kapiti expressway all the way to Otaki, leader David Shearer said today.

So, in the space of six weeks, Shearer went from strongly opposing the project, to being relaxed about it proceeding.

The guy is a total flake, his only gimmick is playing the guitar.