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Meat eaters on the rise

The hippies are moaning because there is a global move toward an animal based diet.


Apparently eating meat is leading to an environmental disaster.

The fast-growing economies of China and India are driving a global increase in meat consumption, cancelling out decreases elsewhere, according to a comprehensive study of global food consumption.

The work, published today in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, takes a detailed look at what people eat, as well as trends from one country to the next. It is also the first time that researchers have calculated humanity’s trophic level, a metric used in ecology to position species in the food chain.  Read more »

Meat eaters lower CO2?

This news is going to upset the green taliban no end.

Apparently eating meat as a top end predator lowers CO2. That’s got to be the best news you’ve ever heard, you can literally eat your way to Eden.

Seeing as man is the BIGGEST predator of all….etc….it follows…get eating meat.

Wiping out top predators like lions, wolves and sharks is tragic, bad for ecosystems – and can make climate change worse. Mass extinctions of the big beasts of the jungles, grasslands and oceans could already be adding to greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Trisha Atwoodof the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, studied the effect of removing predator fish from ponds and rivers in Canada and Costa Rica. Across a range of ecosystems, climates and predators, she found a consistent pattern: carbon dioxide emissions typically increased more than tenfold after the predators were removed.  Read more »

Stupid is as Stupid does


Some people really are blessed with an abundance of stupidity…take this Kiwifruit farmer in Te Puke who didn’t want to risk losing his vines and so set about performing an illegal act which resulted in him suffering a much worse fate:

A ONE News investigation has revealed as many as 50 kiwifruit growers have illegally injected their vines with antibiotics, in a desperate attempt to combat the vine killing bacteria.

Te Puke grower and industry leader Michael Montgomery admitted to ONE News he injected 17 hectares of kiwifruit vines in a bid to save his plants from PSA.

As a result Montgomery, who did not want to be interviewed, has been banned from selling tonnes of kiwifruit.

He told ONE News he accepts the practice is illegal.

PSA has been spreading through the Te Puke region killing vines, and at last count costing the industry nearly $900 million.

Antibiotics can be administered to plants in two different ways, one by pushing capsules into drill-holes in the trunk, the other by injecting the plant.

Montgomery is not alone, ONE News was told as many as 50 growers have broken the rules.

So his vines are safe but he can;t use them, his product is banned and worse he has put at risk the whole industry because of his stupidity:

Injecting vines was never allowed due to fears that antibiotics in the food chain will eventually cause humans to form immunity to the medicines.

By law any fruit that has been contaminated by antibiotics cannot be sold in New Zealand, and it definitely cannot be exported.

Intent on protecting the export market, Zespri has resorted to testing all orchards before taking the fruit.

The man is a fuckwit…and so are his mates. Wuite how this has helped him is beyond me. The vines may as well be destroyed now.