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Interesting tale of the list

A very smart reader of this blog has sent in very simple analysis of one candidates list rankings since 1996.

It si the list ranking positions of one Judith Tizard, the absentee MP for Auckland Central. Thankfully due to the efforts of Nikki Kaye we aren’t likely to see Tizard either in the parliament or on Labour’s next list.

1996 – 11th
1999 – 19th
2002 – 21st
2005 – 18th
2008 – 38th

As you can see, Tizard the Lizard’s list ranking has been up and down, but more down like a whore’s draws.

Axis of Weasel luck out

New generation to fly party flag at electionLabour has ensured it will have an injection of new faces after the next election by abandoning its practice of ranking MPs ahead of other candidates, instead putting great emphasis on ethnic diversity. Its top-ranking new face… [NZ Herald Politics]

The Axis of Weasel did a stellar job of advancing their list placings. Jordan, especially, must be regretting felching his way round the European Parliament.

Jordan Carter #70
Kate Sutton #63
Conor Roberts #64

Of course Brenden Sheehan didn’t figure at all after I destroyed his credibility as a candidate. Other candidates that need to dust off their extremely thin CV’s include Mr Photoshop Brian Kelly, Judith Tizard, Darien “Smackhead” Fenton and Michael Wood.

If this is the result of “three years’ work – of recruitment, of candidates, identification, and so on” then they should sack their recruiters, and as for “generational change”, well, what a fucking stupid thing to say when your top newcomer is 62 year old Rajen Prasad.

Tizard in trouble in Auckland Central

Incumbent absentee MP Judith Tizard is in serious trouble in Auckland Central.

On Sunday night veteran spin meister Matthew Hooton, on his Radio Live show, was alluding to a leaked poll that showed the party vote in Auckland Central was going to National and that Nikki Kaye was in front by two points. Dramatically the results have leapt 15 points since the poll was last commissioned showing that voters in Auckland Central believe there is a real alternative to their current non-existant MP.

I tried to track down Kaye for comments but she was out door knocking after her campaign launch on Sunday and didn’t return my calls. A spokesman for her campaign refused to discuss the poll results and even denied that the poll existed. He said that Nikki was focussed on becoming the best MP Auckland Central had ever had.

WOBH though has obtained the polling results from a seperate source and can confirm that Tizard is indeed in trouble and National could be looking seriously at lifting this seat. A seat I might add that they have never even had a remote chance of lifting before.

Labour is in real trouble. They are losing the all important party vote as well.

Auckland: Two stories

I have two tales for you about Auckland. Well one isn’t a tale, ok it is but it is Aaron Bhatnagar’s tale and he has posted Chapter 4 of Transmogrification on Auckland Blog.

In this chapter Aaron explores the turning point in Hubbard’s failed mayoralty and his failed Team 20 concept.

The second story I have for you is about Auckland Central Electorate and the difference between two candidates.

Today wasn’t a flash day in Auckland and yet the two main contenders in Auckland Central Electorate used it rather differently.

The incumbent, one Judith Tizard, was sipping, in quantities rather unbecoming a Member of Parliament, champagne in Northcote this morning.  It should be noted that Northcote isn’t in Auckland Central Electorate. It is seperated by a stretch of water and a rather large bridge, yet there she was sipping champagne in Northote.

Meanwhile actually in the electorate was Nikki Kaye. She was out knocking on doors that the incumbent probably has never knocked on, working tirelessly meeting her soon to be constituents.

What a contrast, one fat, dumb, lazy incumbent MP swigging champagne like the Chardonnay Socialist she is and the other fit, young candidate legging it around the electorate meeting people.

It must be said that Judith sipping Chanpagne in Northcote was probably helping National on both sides of the Bridge.


Judith's ANZAC story number 3

Let’s recap before I get into the latest kerfuffle from ANZAC day for the soon to be erstwhile MP for Auckland Central.

First up she picks a fight with Aaron Bhatnagar about where she actually lost her virginity to Mat Rata. Apparently she is mortified that is was suggested that it was the back seat of his car. There was no denying that it was Mat Rata, but we are just a bit short on a qualification on where exactly this momentous occasion happened.

Secondly she accosted a 16 year old school boy of jewish extraction and called him a “Nazi Stormtrooper”. If that was despicable enough, remember that this was ANZAC Day at the civil service in sight of the Cenotaph commemorating those who fell fighting the Nazi’s. Doubly disrespectful.

Which brings us up to date and now I can tell you some more about the disgusting behaviour of this government minister.

After last years appalling display the folk in charge of the Civic Service actually didn’t want Judith turning up so they didn’t invite her…really they didn’t invite her. When Judith found out she organised some toady to ring and beg, and beg was the word that was used, beg to be included in the ceremony, but not content with a little groveling actually laid down a demand that she be seated next to ex-Peacenik Phil Goff (the last time he went near the cenotaph he was hanging a NVA flag on it).

The organisers relented and hastily added her to the guest list but didn’t accede to her demands to be sat next to Phil.

To make matters worse after the ceremony and after the two incidents about she was then introduced to her opponent in Auckland Central, Nikki Kaye. Judith Tizard didn’t even have the common courtesy to shake her hand and went whining on about Aaron Bhatnagar.

Now before anyone calls bullshit I have at least three witnesses to all of these events should any editor get up the gumption to print these descriptions of someone who is perhaps the most foul of people to grace the planet.

Let me tell you the organisers won’t be inviting her next year even if she pays to come.

Battle looming in Auckland Central

Battle looming in Auckland CentralThe way Nikki Kaye, National’s candidate for Auckland Central sees it, the seat she’s gunning for will be a “battleground”.

Kaye is under no illusion that taking on Labour’s Judith Tizard will be easy. But neither will she be.

“I… [NZ Politics]

There is a great article in the Herald on Sunday about Nikki Kaye the National candidate in Auckland Central electorate.

Very in depth and shows why Nikki can and will unseat Judith Tizard.

Tizard in ANZAC Day Shocker

Judith Tizard is a disgraceful, disrespectful, charlatan who needs to be hounded from office in disgrace. In fact what I am about to reveal here on WOBH should be grounds for whipping her last remaining ministerial warrants from her nasty socialist hands.

I have been talking to a couple of Young Nats this afternoon who described to me a shocking occurrence on ANZAC Day.

The day service had just concluded and people were milling around in view of the cenotaph which was bedecked in wreaths commemorating our fallen for their sacrifice. This is usually the time when the general citizenry go up and lay their own ANZAC poppy on the cenataph.

This is ANZAC Day, one of the most solemn and sacred days for most New Zealanders, I say most because Judith Tizard is not one of them.

She approached not only Aaron Bhatnagar to berate him for talking about her loss of her virginity in the back Mat Rata’s ute but also to speak personally to a 16 year old Young Nat.

She said;

“I’ve heard you are one of the Nazi Stormtroopers working for National in Auckland Central”

That is a disgraceful thing to say at the best of times but on ANZAC Day it is almost treason.

She should be apologising to the young 16 year old for this disgrace and publically apologising to the RSA and the old soldiers for such disrespect shown in front of the cenotaph.

She should resign and not stand again after such a disrespectful display.

UPDATE: I have just been informed that the 16 year old in question is of Jewish ancestry, making Tizard’s appalling comment unconscionable. She must resign.

Judith Tizard gifting AC to Nikki Kaye

Music month kicks off on bum note – New Zealand, world, sport, business & entertainment news on

Judith Tizard is making a complete arse of herself. On Tuesday she told media that she “didn’t know anything about cars” despite being the Associate Tranport Minister responsible for vehicle emmissions especially cars.

Last night she managed to flunk a rather simple quiz, jumped on the stage to sing with Chris Knox (why do Labour Ministers think they can sing?), promptly proved that she can’t sing and didn’t know the words.

When it was pointed out to her that she got only 4 questions right in a multi-guess quiz she intoned rather thoughtlessly.

I don’t know the details, honey; I just write the policy and ask for the money.”

In fact I seriously doubt she does even that.

The woman is a screaming embarrassment and quite possibly the most useless MP ever to grace parliament.

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Where did Hillary get her joke from?

The prime of Helen Clark – New Zealand, world, sport, business & entertainment news on

A friend of mine thought it strange that Hillary Clinton used Helen Clark for her joke of the week, so he contacted the Hillary Campaign H.Q. to find out where they got the joke from. He was very surprised with the reply he got.

One of Clintons Campaign staffers,( An intern) had cut & pasted this into a dossier on NZ, from a NZ website. They thought it amusing enough to keep.

Auckland Labour MP Judith Tizard, not known for her diplomacy, is credited with once saying that following a nuclear holocaust the only things left on the planet would be the cockroaches and Helen Clark.

So there you have it Hillary Clinton used a joke about Helen Clark, dreamed up by none other than Judith Tizard!!! Oucheee!

Judith may be the next roach crunched under foot.

UPDATE: Confirmation that it was indeed Tizard that initiated this little statement. Incidentally it was Danyl Mclauchlan in trying to prove a point against Wshart on Poneke’s post about Absolute Power that provided confirmation….don’t you hate it when lefties shoot off both their feet.

Here is the actual quote.

TOUGH? How tough is Helen Clark? Her long-time friend, Labour MP Judith Tizard, fairly bubbles with mirth. ?She?s so tough, I keep telling her that after the nuclear holocaust, the only thing left will be the cockroaches and Helen Clark.?

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Bhatnagar vs. Tizard

Auckland Blog: A run in with Judith Tizard

Aaron blogs about a particularly nasty little interlude he had today with Judith Tizard. She is very angry with Aaron, he wondered if perhaps she was mad because he has variously publicly called her “lightweight, arrogant, lazy, and someone who has done nothing for Auckland.”

But no she was mad because apparently he had told her niece that Aunty Judith has lost her virginity to Mat Rata (or is that Rat Mata) in the backseat of a car. To make matters worse for Judith, Aaron retorted that he was aware she had lost her virginity but until now hadn’t known it was the backseat of a car (reportedly a Holden).

I agree with Aaron when he says “if she isn’t good enough for Auckland Issues, she’s not good enough for Auckland Central.”

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