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The Poison Squad

Meet Harvey Washington Wiley, and some members of the Poison Squad sitting around the table eating dinner.

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Are Anzac Day poppies a food preparation health hazard?



Bevan Hurley reports

A fast-food worker is taking legal advice after he was ordered to remove an Anzac poppy from his work uniform.

Josh Lucas, 21, said he was sent home from Burger Fuel Riccarton in Christchurch on Friday after he refused to take off the poppy. ? Read more »

No botulism, but no sunlight either


The shitty air in Tiananmen Square and the LED screen showing the virtual sunrise

China likes to lecture on food safety but it is a bit rich when breathing in China needs a health warning.

They can’t even see the sunrise so are now broadcasting it on massive screens to citizens can remember what the sun looks like.

The Daily Mail reports:

The smog has become so thick in Beijing that the city’s natural light-starved masses have begun flocking to huge digital commercial television screens across the city to observe virtual sunrises.

The futuristic screens installed in the Chinese capital usually advertize tourist destinations, but as the season’s first wave of extremely dangerous smog hit – residents donned air masks and left their homes to watch the only place where the sun would hail over the horizon that morning.? Read more »

The World is coming to an End?

As predicted, MSM repeaters are so desperate for stories that this Fonterra cream recall suddenly is taking all their attention.

Take TVNZ’s Matty McLean. He’s crawling the ‘burbs?(from his desk) looking for a busy-body nana desperate to be listened to.

If it’s not the berms she’s moaning about, it’ll be her baking. So when Matty McLean calls up granny, she’ll complain bitterly about her cream being off and her pav didn’t rise like it used to.

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Calm Down, move On

Better circle the wagons.

In what is a typical product recall, Fonterra is recalling a few thousand bottles of cream.

Nothing strange about that, yet, as typical of most lightweight young MSM journalists you’d think the plague had struck New Zealand.

8,700 bottles of cream is a slightly different situation to 38 tonnes of whey protein. Perspective is needed.

Sensible comments from Federated Farmers’ Willy Leferink who said:

“If you don’t trust your product you do a recall. It probably shouldn’t have gone into the marketplace in the first place but food safety is paramount, so if you then find there is problems with the product then a recall is justified,” he said.? Read more »

Fox for donkey meat is not so bad


In China police in Guangdong Province have arrested seven people for injecting dirty water in sheep carcasses to increase the weight of the meat hence its value.

CCTV reported yesterday that officials raided the warehouse in a village in Baiyun district and found the men injecting bacteria-filled water into slaughtered sheep as a way to increase the weight of the meat and sell it for a high price, according to Shanghai Daily.

The man in charge of the operation and six workers at the warehouse have been held by police since the raid on December 30.

Officials found 30 sheep carcasses injected with up to six kilograms of pond water along with 335 living sheep, forged inspection stamps, pumps and rubber tubing in the warehouse. Suspects admitted to police that around 50 to 100 sheep were slaughtered there per day. ? Read more »


Donkey Con: Wal-Mart selling fox meat as donkey meat in China

The Chinese lectured us over food safety but things are pretty bad in their own country…Wal-Mart has just been busted for selling fox meat as donkey meat.

While other news outlets are writing about the scam, we here at WOBH are providing you with a buyers guide?about how to tell the difference between fox meat and donkey meat so that you aren’t ripped off when buying and consuming donkey meat.

Whether in?Britain?or in China, no one wants to think they’re eating a familiar meat product only to discover they’re really eating an exotic, as one unfortunate Wal-Mart customer in northern China experienced recently, when his “strange” tasting donkey meat turned out to be fox.

But telling meats apart can be tricky!?Even experienced beef eaters last year seemingly couldn’t tell cow apart from horse when it was smothered in?lasagna; it gets all the trickier when it comes to distinguishing donkey, which far less of the world is familiar with, from fox, which seemingly no one eats on a regular basis.

With that in mind, we’ve put together this guide to telling apart these two unusual edibles. ? Read more »


Silver Lining to Fonterra botulism scare

You won’t read about this in the main newspapers, or on TV3.

It’s tooooo good for and so must be buried in the NZ Farming on Stuff.

Handling of this year’s Fonterra whey powder contamination scare served to raise Chinese confidence in New Zealand as a safe food exporter, rather than damaging it, an expert says.

The revelation emerged out of this week’s Global Food Safety Forum in Dunedin. The Fonterra food safety scare, where testing showed the possibility of a deadly botulism germ in some of the company’s whey protein concentrate, was among the main topics of conversation of the gathering.

Keynote speaker of the forum Xiaoming Huang, professor of International Relations at Victoria University in Wellington, told delegates China was dismayed at the New Zealand response to the scare.

When the story broke in New Zealand the first question being asked was how the contamination would affect New Zealand’s image in the Chinese market, Huang told the forum.? Read more »

Nikki Kaye, how dumb do you think we are?

Seriously, which young upstart in Nikki Kaye?s office thought?this release was a bright idea?


Looks like Nikki?s staff have been hoodwinked by the officials into thinking this will be a winner.

Come to think of it, maybe it was her political adviser thinking that this will score her some votes in trendy Grey Lynn and steal a march on her Labour opponent and the Green Taliban.

Clearly no one bothered to pipe up and ask the question ?Do we really need the number above the stars?? or perhaps more importantly, ?Do we really need this at all?? Were those questions too hard to ask?

Obviously yes, because some numb-nuts has gone all Grey Lynn PC thinking that Kiwis need to be saved from themselves because they can?t put down the fork. ? Read more »

Face of the Day

The Government has ordered an investigation into dietary supplements, after at least two products were found to contain amphetamine.

One of them, a weight loss pill called Detonate, is what Jesse Ryder was using before he was banned from cricket.

“We do have concerns and that’s why I’ve asked the Ministry for Primary Industries to report back to me,” says Food Safety Minister Nikki Kaye.

“They are working with Medsafe and the New Zealand police to ensure that further testing is undertaken. And if it is clear that banned substances are present then recalls will happen.”


Source: TV3 News

Source: TV3 News

Source: TV3 News