The PSA Union ruthlessly picks on the little guy


Imagine the scene in the schoolyard. The bully grabs the scrawny new kid and hits him repeatedly. When he asks why the bully is picking on him he replies, ” You are helping Kevin with his homework. You have to stop doing that because he refuses to give me his lunch money and is making me look weak” The new kid is puzzled. ” But I only help him with French,” he replies ” Why aren’t you kicking John and Alan who are the senior students that tutor him for all his other subjects and also help him train for sports? ” “What do you take me for? Have you seen the size of Alan and John? ?I need to send a message to the other kids not to mess with me and you’re that message kid.”

In the news right now the scrawny new kid is online retailer My Food Bag who is being pressured by the PSA Union to end its relationship with its frozen?pea supplier, Talley?s.

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Wowsers want to stop supermarket from selling alcohol while down the road you can buy it at any time

Wowsers are wanting to stop a supermarket from selling alcohol while down the road you can buy it at any time.

Do Wellingtonians really need to be able to buy alcohol after 10pm?

That question was posed on Monday at the first half of a liquor licence hearing for Pak ‘n Save Kilbirnie, where there were also suggestions the supermarket should take some responsibility for alcohol-related incidents in the suburb.

Police and the Regional Medical Officer of Health are both putting the heat on Pak ‘n Save to peg back the number of hours it sells alcohol, which is currently between 7am and 11pm.

Police want the hours cut-off at 10pm. But Pak ‘n Save argues that would be unfair given the Countdown supermarket across the road and near-by off-licences would not be subject to the same restrictions.

In his opening submissions, Pak ‘n Save lawyer Iain Thain?also foreshadowed the supermarket’s objection to a suggestion it should not be allowed to sell alcohol between 7am and midday either. ?? Read more »

Sponsored Post – Glowing jelly experiment

Apparently “Little Kitchens” is a thing…since my kids are 17 and 19 I have no idea what it is on about.

I’m sure some of you readers are being pestered by your demanding little kids to get this thing or that thing…learn to say No.

This time it’s not Countdown in the news – It’s Pak ‘n Save


Regular readers will know Countdown has copped a fair amount of flack over the past year as a result of the Commerce Commission?s investigation into more than 90 complaints about the supermarket giant?s behaviour with Kiwi suppliers.

But today Countdown boss Steve Donohue can have a rest? it?s his Kiwi based competitor Foodstuffs that gets some good old-fashioned Whaleoil sunlight.

Foodstuffs owned and operated Pak ?n Save Northlands supermarket thought it was a good idea to run a promotion pushing 1.5l bottles of soft drink at 9c each.

Seriously, 9c for a 1.5l bottle of soft drink.

Maybe Foodstuffs bosses and their PR team have been sitting there enjoying seeing Countdown getting the attention, thinking they?re the good guys. But how quickly things can change. ? Read more »

IMPORTANT: Update on Pak ‘n Save


Whaleoil has been under a well organised and sustained attack. ?We’ve had a Denial of Service attack, which shut the blog down for a number of days. ?We have had some of our emails and Facebook chats hacked. ?We’ve been under a commercial attack where advertisers have been approached with a very one-sided story, and based on that, withdrawn their advertising from Whaleoil.

Yesterday, I ran an update on this situation, reporting that of all the advertisers that has made public statement about blocking their advertisements from Whaleoil, only Foodstuff (fronting for Pak ‘n Save) was refusing to talk to any of the communication you sent them. ?And – no ads.

As a result, I felt it was fair enough to call the block a deliberate stance.

Mere hours later, as if by magic, Pak ‘n Save ads started to appear on the web site. ? Read more »

The left’s economic sabotage of Whaleoil – progess report


As you may recall, the left, through their attack blogs, have been systematically targeting advertisers on Whaleoil.

Among those that knee-jerked some reactions based on a very one-sided complaint (and without consulting with us), were Powershop and Flight Centre.

I’m happy to report that both of those companies have recommenced their advertising. ? This isn’t a sign they support us. ?Instead, it’s a sign that they will advertise wherever their customers are. ?And with a quarter of a million of you, their customers are Whaleoil readers too.

Keep in mind that Whaleoil?never called for a customer boycott on these companies. ?In fact, we only revealed Powershop as one of the companies involved until?after?they reversed their decision to block advertising.

So, any of you who took your business away from Powershop and/or Flight Centre, please take these developments into account when you do your business in future.

(and let’s face it, $159 per person one way to Sydney or Brizzy is a good start when you easily pay double to get to Queenstown)

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Bully Boys at Countdown throw their toys out of the cot

After being busted by their suppliers for mafia style stand-over tactics and trying to run a whispering campaign against anyone who welched on them to the Commerce Commission, Countdown are now throwing their toys out of the cot and refusing to attend the Food & Grocery Council conference laters in the year.

There were rumbles around the bar leaners at last years conference from suppliers about Countdown’s behaviour, and it has come to a head this year. They only have themselves to blame, but they continue to blame the industry representative group and have former National party president Sue Wood running around putting pressure on people.

The latest tactic to pressure the FGC into silence is to withdraw from the conference.

I’m pretty sure that Foodstuffs will be pleased with that, having unfettered access to all the suppliers in a convivial atmosphere without the interference of the team from Countdown.

Dave Chambers seriously needs to get a grip and stop playing the bear in the pit. Whilst a few dogs will get mauled ultimately the bear winds up dead.

Supermarket giant Progressive Enterprises will snub its suppliers’ annual industry conference because it has been stung by allegations it bullied them, the Australian-owned company that runs the Countdown chain has confirmed.

But suppliers are reporting an improvement in their relationship with Progressive, says the Food and Grocery Council (FGC).

The council, which represents suppliers, backed claims made in Parliament early this year by then Labour MP Shane Jones that Progressive was demanding retrospective payments from suppliers under threat of having their products removed from supermarket shelves. ?? Read more »

Seriously Craig, don’t you know you are getting played?


Word out of the Beehive is that Minister of Commerce Craig Foss is getting played.

By whom you ask? Well, by none other than our local?Countdown Mafia, Progressive Enterprises.

With Labour?s Clayton?Crosgrove giving Fossie a slap in the chook, highlighting to the Commerce Minister that it?s not a good look running Countdown?s lines that a voluntary code of conduct for supermarkets is the answer to their bullying of local suppliers.

Craig Foss doesn?t seem to get it that having secret meeting with two of the main protagonists screwing over local Kiwi suppliers (Progressive Enterprises and Foodstuffs) – all the while the Commerce Commission is investigating their activities – is slightly on the nose.

But you have to give it Countdown/Progressive Enterprises for their sheer rat-cunning attempt to shift the focus off, what should be a very intrusive Commerce Commission investigation, to a fluffy PR initiative and having a Minister talk about a voluntary code of conduct for them.

Maybe Progressive Enterprises? lobbyist Sue Wood has given Fossie a rev up, telling him it?s not a good look to have a big supermarket look bad.? Read more »

Countdown not the only one with dirty tricks

Life’s tough in the big city, that’s for sure. ?Nichole Mathewson reports

Thousands of Christchurch residents have signed a petition to save their popular suburban dairy from being forced out by a supermarket giant.

About 2650 people signed the “We want Willy Dairy in new Halswell Shopping Centre” petition, after Foodstuffs confirmed it would not offer the dairy a space in its rebuilt shopping complex.

Owner Keun Mook Yook, also known as William, has run the dairy from the centre for 13 years.

“Lots of people want [me] to stay and lots of people are angry about the whole thing,” Yook said.

Foodstuffs said the New World supermarket next door would “fill the void”.

The shopping complex was damaged in Canterbury’s earthquakes and it was deemed uneconomical to repair by owners Foodstuffs and its insurers. Foodstuffs offered leaseholders space in its rebuilt centre, but told Yook there would be no room for his shop.

A letter from Foodstuffs property manager Clayton Young, dated May 13, 2013, stated the company did “not have the space available” for a dairy as the neighbouring New World supermarket would “fill this void”.

That’s pretty cold faced from Foodstuffs. ?But there isn’t much love in business.

Mind you even if there was room for his Dairy at the new mall, here’s the other problem

Another letter, dated January, said the company’s demolition plans would be under way soon and Yook’s shop would have to be vacant by the end of this month.

Work to rebuild the complex is due to start in two to three weeks and will take 15 to 18 months to complete.

Local MPs Amy Adams and Megan Woods and city councillor Jimmy Chen wrote to Foodstuffs urging it to reconsider its decision, but had no success.

Woods said the many residents found it hard to understand Foodstuffs’ decision when the dairy and the supermarket had co-existed for more than 12 years.

“Mr Yook is well respected and supported within the local Halswell community and would be a sad loss.”

Instead of fighting the inevitable, Mr Yook had plenty of time to come up with alternatives.

There are times to make a stand, and there are times to recognise you can’t stop the tide.


– Stuff

Dodgy “Unpackit Awards” misses the point

A few months ago a little, a seemingly irrelevant, group calling itself Wanaka Wastebusters received some sunlight after using?$150,000 of taxpayer money to slag off New Zealand businesses?for their Unpackit Awards.

While their funders at the Ministry for the Environment turn a blind eye and continue to chuck them bags of money, their Minister,?Amy Adams is not quite as impressed, particularly after hearing they whored into $80,000 of public money for a birthday bash.

Anyway, they?ve spent the last few months lobbying themselves to pick out the Worst Packaging Award winner, and low and behold have launched themselves at Progressive Enterprises? Countdown supermarkets scoring them a ?D? with their fresh produce packaging. ? Read more »