How did Martyn Martin Bradbury go with his predictions?

These are the predictions of Martyn martin Bradbury…political commentator and party strategist.

ACT – wiped out, will not win Epsom after a calculated campaign by Labour & Green voters to strategically vote Goldsmith in. Wasted party vote.

Maori Party – wiped out, will not win any electorates. Their relationship with National has burned them, even if they manage to hold onto one seat, they won’t generate enough Party vote to pull anyone else in with them.

United Future – Dunne may hold on, but it will be close.

NZ First – God damn it, I thought this election it would be over for Winnie, but Cunliffe’s ‘sorry for being a man’ comment revealed the deep seated conservatism and anti-feminist mind set of a lot of older male Labour Party voters who have all walked off to Winnie – 6-8% for NZ First.

Internet MANA – have had speed wobble issues as they moved from crawling to sprinting. Needed far better internal discipline than occurred.  Will win Te Tai Tokerau, will win Waiariki will win 4-5% of vote. Would have won 7% if their full employment and free education policies hadn’t been sidelined by ill timed attacks on the media.

Greens – sterling campaign, one of the best in the election will win 13-15% of party vote. Their time to be taken seriously and be at the table has come, will burn a lot of credibility if they do end up helping National out with policy. Looks likely to be snookered however by Labour & NZ First.    Read more »

No it doesn’t

Stuff has a headline “Rena anger grows” and then goes on to regurgitate the natterings of the child MP Gareth Hughes ad nauseum.

The only anger is from this ninny because he has come back from his glorious taxpayer funded travel around the country for his Summer holidays and bashed out a couple of press releases that in the absence of anything else have been picked up by lazy churnalists.

We really do need to be looking at warning labels on silly “news articles”.


Hee Haaaaaaaaw!

I really feel sorry for Phil Goff. Which advisor told him it would be a good idea to stand posed with donkeys?

An Ass and two donkeys

An Ass and two donkeys




Front Page and A2 of Southland Times

Apparently our ramshackle PR fiasco is so bad that it only makes it to the front page and to A2 of the paper. Bugger, I guess I will have to live with that.


Oh look a new billboard…in Invercargill

Happy New year Labour from the Free Speech Coalition.

Donations to keep the Billboards coming are gratefully appreciated. 

Protesters get message across

Protesters get message acrossJust a day after the controversial Electoral Finance Act was passed into law, its opponents are lining up to push its boundaries including a billboard campaign featuring dictators congratulating political leaders for supporting an… [NZ Politics]

NZ Herald coverge of our stunt yesterday.

Mike Williams is a little upset.

[quote]"a monumental beat-up" driven by "the rip-off rich who fund the National Party". "People who try to compare our Helen to Robert Mugabe must come from another planet. The rest of the world certainly doesn't think that way."[/quote]

Our Helen…..oh puleease Mike. More on you later pal. 


Busy day today

Well folks, today has been a busy day it started at 0600 when I had to get up to pick up DPF from the airport. I was halfway there when he rang to say he missed the flight and would catch the 0830 flight. Bugger back to the office for a little early morning blogging.

After picking up DPF at 0930 we went out to the site for our sign on the corner of Kirkbride Road and George Bolt Memorial Drive. Then we hit our first snag. As TVOne and Tv3 were filimg a stroppy looking woman came striding out from the school and demanded that we take the billboard down as it breached policy for having political billboards. When we pointed out to her that the site had a political party billboard on it in 2005 she became unreasonable and decided to go for reinforcements.

We decided to decamp and were advised about another site without any hassles. For us the site was pri, much more traffic and better exposure, it was game on again.

DPF and I went back to my office and put out a press release, did several radio interviews and reorganised the media to be at the new site for the launch. Then we piled in the car and took of to meet some good friends for Yum Char.

After Yum Char and DPF getting a bollocking from Peter Dunne's Chief of Staff we headed over to the new site on the corner of the South Eastern Highway and Carbine Road.

The sign went up and we did some more interviews, following that we adjourned to the Viaduct with mates. We cxhecked the news and we led Prime News at 1730, way stoked with that, and had items on both TV3 and TVOne. DPF and I both agree that the ratings of each piece were as follows, Prime A+, TV3 a B+ and TVOne a B. I dropped DPF back at the airport at 2115 after a succesful day of poking pins in the governments eyes.

News Links from today; – Photos, Video and Story.

TV3 – Electoral Bill's opponents being testing legal boundaries – Video and Story

TVOne – Billboard swipes at new Electoral law – Video and Story

NewstalkZB – Billboards slam electoral finance backers – Pollies compared to despots in billboard campaign

Free Speech Coalition Press Release


Some one is a little upset

Someone in City Vision is more than a little upset with Gordon Frykberg, so upset they have left cowardly notes in his letterbox. Unfortunately for them they are dealing with some one who knows how to deal with cowards and bullies as the emails to his local paper the response from people in the industry and images below show.


Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2007 09:10:32 +1300
From: "Gordon Frykberg" <[email protected]>  
To: "Xxxxxx Xxxxx" <[email protected]>
CC: "Xxxxx Xxxxxx" <[email protected]>, "Xxxx Xxxxxx" <[email protected]>

As you know myself and a group of concerned ratepayers were active in running a campaign during the recent local body elections that encouraged people not to vote for City Vision.We also were active in promoting the 2 C & R candidates ( Greg Moyle and Sally Wenley ) who we believed would do a terrific job for our area. I must stress our support was all about the candidates and while Sally unfortunately just missed out Greg was sucessful and overall we think our efforts had some real impact and Auckland now has the opportunity to reinvent itself as the
vibrant city it is.I am immensely proud of these efforts and hope that in some small way we drew attention to these elections that traditionally are viewed with abject apathy. These efforts appear to have hit home even more than expected as you will see from the attatched note which was "annonymously [sic]" left in our letterbox yesterday. While encouraged that our campaign was obviously successful I would like to invite whoever the gutless pathetic individual was who left this lovely note in our letterbox to have
the decency to confront me personally rather than operate in such a cowardly fashion. To make this easier my work number is 3778073 .

Gordon Frykberg
St Marys Bay

Gordon Frykberg
Managing Director



From: "Gordon Frykberg" <[email protected]>  
To: "Xxx Xxxxx" <[email protected]>
CC: "Xxxxx Xxxxxx"
<[email protected]>, "Xxxx Xxxxxxxx"
<[email protected]>, "Xxxx Xxxxxx" <[email protected]>

Billboard idea….!!!

Gordon Frykberg
Managing Director
Oggi Advertising Limited


Seriously Glenda and Co. you don't know who you are dealing with here, the more you poke sticks at them the harder they will play. If you didn't like their billboard campaign it can only get worse.

Bet they don't apologise. 



Hubbard bus signs under scrutiny

Hubbard bus signs under scrutinyA key strategy of Auckland City Mayor Dick Hubbard's election campaign – mobile billboards on the back of buses – is under scrutiny after complaints it breaches the council's bylaw for election signs.
Mr Hubbard is adamant the…
[Auckland News]

As first revealed by moi, Hbbard's bus signs break the council's own by-laws. For some inexplicable reason the council officers are taking a "benign attitude" to the signs.

It is clear from the by-laws that The Dick's sign are unlawful. He should face prosecution. The Police have also warned The Dick of a "technical" breach of Electoral Laws. WTF is that? Is it a breach or isn't it? What is the point of having laws if people break them without fear of penalty or prosecution.

In Manukau around my area most election signs for Mayor and for Council are actually not technically breaking the law. At least the Herald photographers know what is happening in Auckland even if the council officers are still hedging their bets,


Hubbard's Campaign Illegal

While Hubbard breaks the law council officers are being sent on a witch-hunt to track down other offenders through political manipulation. 

Mayor Hubbard's election bill boards are illegal and contravene the very same By Laws he voted for at City Hall. Like many decisions at City hall the Mayor and Council have often not understood what they are doing or the implications of what they are voting for.

Hubbard's Bill Boards on the back of buses have been around for weeks and although illegal Council Officers have elected not to do any thing about it yet immediately some one else's signs appeared on vehicles action was swiftly taken within hours.

As posted here previously Council Officers have acted as a result of political intervention.

Council Officer Stephen Bloxham sent an email to the other offenders dated 27 September 2007 pointing out By Law 27.3.4