FIFA: Bribery ok. Cheating ok. Wearing Poppies wrong

One of the most corrupt organisations on the planet, FIFA, is taking disciplinary action against players for wearing poppies on Armistice Day.

Fifa has commenced disciplinary proceedings against England and Scotland for wearing armbands featuring poppies on Armistice Day.

The issue sparked a national debate when Fifa indicated that wearing the symbol would be in contravention of its rules relating to the display of political symbols. The English and Scottish FAs said they planned to wear the armbands regardless for the World Cup qualifier at Wembley last Friday, which England won 3-0.

?We think they?re interpreting the rules wrongly. This is a law-of-the-game issue, not a Fifa competition issue,? said the FA chief executive Martin Glenn last week in the wake of the game.

?So, I?m very confident that our legal position?s right, our moral position?s certainly right, and ? you know what ? there are bigger things in the game for Fifa to worry about,? Glenn said.

?We?ll contest it strongly because we believe ? we?ve had QC opinion on this ? our case is absolutely rock solid.? Read more »


Europe feared Islamic terrorists, instead they got tribal soccer violence

Football Soccer - Euro 2016 - England v Russia - Group B - Stade Velodrome, Marseille, France - 11/6/16 England supporters move through tear gas at the port of Marseille before the game. REUTERS/Jean-Paul Pelissier

via REUTERS/Jean-Paul Pelissier

Violent clashes between English and Russian soccer fans broke out in the southern French city of Marseille on Saturday ahead of the two countries’ opening Euro 2016 match, leaving at least one person critically ill in hospital.

Riot police fired volleys of tear gas and deployed water cannon trucks to break up several skirmishes in the narrow streets of the city’s Vieux Port (Old Port) and outside the Velodrome stadium.

There were also scuffles between visiting fans and locals, with some wielding cafe tables as weapons.

European soccer’s governing body, UEFA, condemned the violence. “People engaging in such violent acts have no place in football,” it said in a statement.

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Bull thinks wogball is un-Australian

This has to be about the only way you can make wogball entertaining.

Ever wondered what it would be like to be the ball in a football match?

Yes, you read that right.

It’s a question local sports fans were asking themselves when a bull broke out of its paddock and charged into a football match in Maryborough, Queensland.

The impromptu rodeo began when the young animal sauntered out of the tree-line and wandered onto the pitch.

The cow then lowered his head and charged into the fray, chasing a number of players off the field. ? Read more »


Crowd chants Allahu Akbar during minute “silence” for Paris terror victims

Watch this first. ? Read more »

More problems for wog ball

The wog ball scandals keep on coming, with US authorities examining whether effective bribes passed between Fifa-linked bodies and US commercial partners in breach of Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

US securities regulators are examining the behaviour of several companies with links to Fifa or other soccer bodies caught up in a major global corruption scandal to see if there were possible violations of US federal bribery laws, according to a report.

The civil probe was in its early stages and may or may not lead to any findings of wrongdoing or enforcement action, said the Reuters news agency, citing an unnamed official who described an investigation being carried out by the US?Securities and Exchange Commission.

Separately, the head of Bolivia?s soccer federation, Carlos Chavez, has been arrested on charges of corruption in the management of finances related to the sport, according to that country?s public prosecutor.

US and Swiss authorities are conducting a wide-ranging investigation into bribery involving soccer officials, marketing executives and various companies. In late May the US indicted nine soccer officials ? most of whom held positions at Fifa ? and five executives for a range of offences related to more than $150m of alleged bribes and kickbacks. ? Read more »

Wogball president quits in disgrace just days after being re-elected

The world president of Wogball has finally quit as the corruption scandal engulfing the sport escalates.

The FBI and US prosecutors are investigating outgoing Fifa president Sepp Blatter in their corruption case against world football’s governing body.

US ABC News have reported the major development, citing sources familiar with the case. The news comes hours after Blatter stunned the football world announcing his resignation in Zurich.

Blatter’s unexpected resignation was met with mixed reaction with football leaders expressing relief, but also raising questions over the timing of the move – just four days after his re-election.

The 79-year-old announced the decision in Zurich on Tuesday (NZT Wednesday), in the face of a corruption investigation that has plunged football’s governing body into the worst crisis in its history.

The outgoing president said an election to choose his successor for the deeply troubled organisation would be held as soon as possible. A Fifa official said that could happen any time from December this year to March of next year.

“Fifa needs profound restructuring,” Blatter said. ?? Read more »

Photo Of The Day

Photo: Robert S. Van Fleet/Associated Press

Photo: Robert S. Van Fleet/Associated Press

Fire Raged, and They Played On ?

Spectators in Massachusetts divided their attention as the Mount Hermon football team hosted Deerfield Academy while a fire burned in a Mount Hermon science building on Nov. 20, 1965.

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Why the saying “play the ball not the man” is gay

Yesterday I wrote a post warning of the possibility of a cult of personality inside National.

Predictably those who cannot see it came along to comment and proved such a cult exists.

Also along came those who know what is better for me and tell me, including this comment.

Oh dear, Cam the first principle is that no one has a monopoly on the truth, and you are going close to claiming that for yourself. I hope this apparent crack at the PM is not part of the plan for you to start up a new right/centrist newspaper using the success of this blog. I have always believed in not playing the man, but focussing on the ball. Yes it is stupid for PM Key to bumble through an inept explanation of the Chief of Defence Staff’s attendance at the meeting with Obama et al about ISIS, but to characterise his premiership the way you appear to be going is not persuasive. I have a question, why is it that none of the MSM are prepared to take on the leadership inadequacies of the Opposition. What do they contribute to the governance of New Zealand (I mean the senior opposition MPs of all breeds)?

Where to even begin in unravelling that confused comment? ? Read more »


So, you don’t care about football/soccer, but you’re starting to get interested?

With the quarter finals?starting?tomorrow, and then semis and final, some of you may feel yourself getting drawn in. ?So, here’s a handy refresher on the trickiest rule in the game.

Next game:


As there were no upsets during the knockout stages, I was?100% correct in my predictions. ?”Skill”, I assure you.

I will attempt to do so again now. ? The teams to enter the semis will be: ?? Read more »

Dreaming Argie ratbags

The Argie footballers have decided to insult the Poms over the Falkland Islands ahead of the Football World Cup.

I reckon the Poms should unfurl a massive banner of the Sun frontpage in retribution.

Argentina’s footballers inflamed their country’s rivalry with England on the eve of the World Cup on Saturday, unfurling a banner claiming sovereignty of the Falkland Islands before defeating Slovenia 2-0.

Goals from Ricardo Alvarez and skipper Lionel Messi ensured a winning send-off for the home side at La Plata, north of Buenos Aires, before they head to Brazil.

But the Argentinian squad will have raised eyebrows in Britain showing off their politically-charged banner declaring “Las Malvinas Son Argentinas (The Malvinas are Argentine)” to the 52,000 crowd before kick off.

The banner is regularly put on show before Argentina’s games. But the proximity to the World Cup brought new attention.

The South Atlantic islands have been ruled by Britain since 1833 but Argentina claims them and in 1982 attempted to seize control, sparking a brief but intense war.? Read more »