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Whale Week What Was

QC7kkThe blog started Saturday by having a look at a number of Christchurch?people taking pictures up women’s skirts?at malls. ?And wouldn’t you know it? ?A teacher was arrested as well. ?Iain Lees-Galloway shows he is a slimy git by opening a Burger King and then refusing to take a bite, preferring to preach sensible food choices. ?Cam then called for nominations for Worst Political Journalist, and Barry Soper and John Campbell appeared hot favourites. ? Next we had a vote on Best Political Journalist, which Larry Williams took out with a massive 47% of the vote. ?Graham McCready withdrew?litigation?against John Banks because it made no sense to anyone – as in – they couldn’t understand what it said. ?Whale then claims a win on his Hekia Parata predictions and wonders why Key has let this train wreck happen. ?We raise our eyebrows about Nelson looking for a scooter riding bottom pincher and then watch a video of what happens to a pig at the bottom of the sea over 7 days. ?Next a post where Greens are fighting Greens over the Google solar plant. ?On the one side: solar energy. ?On the other? Turtles. ? Charles Krauthammer explains why gun control alone isn’t the solution to mass shootings. ? A MENSA spokesperson calls people with low IQs carrots and the BBC feels they have to apologise. ?There is a property for sale next to Kim Dotcom‘s place. ?Cam suggests the GCSB or the US should have bought it to set up spying operations. ? WOBH is calling for The Whale Army to send in their holiday snaps, in a new feature called Snapped! ?Cam takes a brief look at who will enter parliament if Tim Groser leaves for the WTO. ?To close the day, a?WhaleTech post looks at a the cull-de-sac that’s the QII roll-up keyboard. Read more »


Undeclared donation 'a mistake'

Undeclared donation ‘a mistake’ says NZ First MPNew Zealand First’s failure to declare a reported $50,0000 has been labelled a mistake by one of its MPs. It follows reports The Spencer Trust paid the party the money before the 2005 election. National is questioning whether… [NZ Herald Politics]

Winston Raymond Peters, 63, List MP of no fixed abode has now got his MP’s lying their asses off for him. Peter Brown was put up to try to farcically explain that it was all a mistake. Except they got all of their fact wrong as DPF helpfully points out.

The MSM still haven’t cottoned on to the fact that it is impossible for a cheque from Sir Robert to have shown up on the Spencer Trust documents as displayed.

Newsflash Winston, you are a liar, and we all know it.

Sir Bob pissed with Labour

Bob Jones is at war with LabourThe last time a Government pissed off Bob Jones, he went and set up the New Zealand Party – and took 14% of the vote in 1984 which also meant that Rob Muldoon and the National Party went down in a heap.

Now history repeats abut this time the Dictatorship that Sir Robert wants punished is Helen Clark and the Labour Party. Sir Robert is not someone you want to piss off and if he gets it into his head to punish Labour then up on the 9th Floor they will be getting a little nervous – and with good reason. Flailing 20% points behind in most polls, the last thing that Clark and her crew would want is to be reminded daily that Sir Robert is out to destroy them by exposing the corrupt EFA for exactly what it is – A limitation on free speech.

[quote]”I’m so overwhelmingly shocked that I should live to see such legislation in New Zealand. I mean, whatever happened to the free joyous participation in the political process.”

Sir Bob says he has not voted National since 1981, but he will be this time simply to punish the Government for the EFA.

He says elections used to be fun but everyone is now too scared to participate.

“This is the most despicable thing I think I have seen in my lifetime in this country, I really do, certainly by any Government… this overwhelms me. I cannot believe it happened.”[/quote]

I wonder if Sir Robert’s anger is going to result in another 5% points off Labour diminishing support base.Like he cares about the fines contained in the Electoral Finance Act.

Let me tell you a little story.

This is a true story.

If ever anyone tells you that we have endemic poverty in New Zealand, or that you can't get ahead or the rich poor gap is growing, just point them at this story and tell them to go fly a kite.

Four years ago I met Robert and Karina. They had just arrived from Mumbai in India and they had nothing, quite literally nothing. They were wanting to rent our two bedroom unit behind our house for them and their two children. Initially we were hesitant, but then my wife said, give them a break, they just moved here, no one else will rent to them. So we did.

We watched as Robert struggled to find a job and then we watched when he had three jobs until he got one he wanted. I talked with regularly and he told me of the frustrations of looking for jobs and the fact that no-one would give them a chance. He never once said he wanted to go back, he always said he would soldier on. We watched as the Salvation Army truck turned up with some furniture and we watched as they bought other second-hand furniture. Then his mother arrived. Now there were three adults and two children lviing there. Robert worked nights and his wife worked days. Mum looked after the kids when they couldn't. Then one day Robert came and knocked on the door. They had been living in our unit for 8 months. He told us that they had bought a house and were moving on. They thanked us for giving them the chance that n-one else would.

We kept in touch with Robert and Karina, and watched with awe as they progressed and progressed. Not content with having the house to themselves they built a 2 bedroom unit on the back and rented that out. Then one day Robert saw an older gentleman at the supermarket stocking the shelves with product. Robert was the Duty Manager and thought to hinmself, "What is that nice old guy like that doing a shit job like that for". And so Robert asked him.

It turned out that the nice old guy was actually self employed and making over $150,000 per year with his Juice franchise. Robert was gobsmacked and set out to find a similar franchise. It took him several months but a year ago he bought his franchise and became self employed. Robert is now earning big money.

My wife banged into Karina the other day and she invited us over to see them as they had just moved into a new house. We went adn found out the last details of their four year journey in the Kiwi Dream. They had just bought the house thy were in and moved in. They still ahve the Home and Income that they moved to from our place, but now it is tenanted and "washing its face". Robert has had the juice franchise for over a year and is extremely happy.

He is now planning a trip back to Mumbai to take his children to show them where they have come from and why he moved his family to New Zealand. I admire his thinking, hi tenacity and his fortitude.

Robert and Karina have had nothing and made something. They have gone from nothiong to over $1 million is assets in just four years.

Who says the Kiwi dream is dead. It is alive and well in Howick. I consider myself privileged to now count my former tenants as my friends and am looking forward to our first curry night together.

Congratulations Robert and Karina you are true Kiwis.