Force Majeure

Immigration the biggest problem since World War II

Swedish police patrol the subway with automatic weapons

Swedish police patrol the subway with automatic weapons

When ?members of the Swedish public asked why police were patrolling the subway with automatic weapons, the police admitted that it was because they are facing the biggest problem that Sweden has faced since World War II ?because of immigration.

For some time, police officers have been patrolling the streets of Stockholm carrying automatic assault rifles of the type MP5, from the German company Heckler & Koch.

In a post on Facebook, the police now explains that this action is a consequence of last autumn’s asylum chaos.

“Excuse me, has something happened?

Over the weekend, we have received many questions from you users of public transport, as we are patrolling with automatic weapons.

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Face of the day

Today’s Face of the day is a man of courage, a man who stood for freedom of expression, a man who persisted in the face of danger. His body guard was not able to save him or the others at his newspaper. I honour him, and them today and I challenge us all to not let their deaths be in vain. We too must be brave. We too must stand strong against this worldwide threat against the freedoms that we hold so dear.


Charlie Hebdo editor Stephane Charbonnier Photo: AFP

Stephane Charbonnier, editor of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, was among four cartoonists killed in the Paris massacre which left 12 people dead in total.

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