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Clarkson offending again, but Argies are big blouses anyway

Jeremy Clarkson is again in hot water…well lukewarm water to be fair.

The Argies are upset over a number plate on a car he drove through Argentina. Its a bit of a beat up since it is essentially meaningless and the car has had that plate since registration.

Jeremy Clarkson was facing the wrath of Argentinians on Thursday after driving though the country in a Porsche with the numberplate H982 FKL – a possible reference to the 1982 Falklands war.

The stunt, which was filmed for Top Gear, is the latest in a series of offensive remarks or gestures by the BBC presenter, who was found to have breached Ofcom guidelines in July when he referred to an Asian man as a “slope” while filming Top Gear in Burma.

Clarkson, who was forced to apologise in May after appearing to mumble the N-word as he sang a rhyme for the programme, was reportedly warned two weeks ago by the BBC not to cause a diplomatic row while filming the motoring programme in Argentina.

His goading gesture went unnoticed on the first part of his trip from the ski resort of Bariloche to the southern port of Ushuaia, but made local headlines as he neared the end of his 1,350 mile trek at the head of a convoy of vehicles including a Lotus and Ford Mustang driven by fellow Top Gear presenters James May and Richard Hammond.

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