BMW’s SBW PR disaster spreads

Sonny Bill Williams in his BMW with the missus in the back seat where she belongs

Sonny Bill Williams in his BMW with the missus in the back seat where she belongs

Back at the end of October we wrote about BMW appointing known supporter of Islamic terrorism, Sonny Bill Williams, as their brand ambassador.

Many people posted on their Facebook page and now the issue has spread to the LGBT community, who are upset that SBW associated with known anti-gay Islami activists and to the wider motoring community.

Of more concern to BMW, probably, is that SBW is now in conflict with his All Black sponsors, Ford.

The core issue is BMW New Zealand having recently announced it has named the rugby and rugby league icon as a brand ambassador.

The deal provisions the player, presently recuperating from injury, with one of the brand?s more elite products, the $161,000 xDrive 50i, the flagship of the X5 sports utility range.

That arrangement has since been criticised by BMW owners – whose concerns have ranged from how Williams dresses and is perceived to act in public to his religious and perceived political choices – and an on-line commentator, a reaction that the brand now admits it was unprepared for. ?

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More good news – new car sales show the economy is still doing well

New car sales is a rough and ready indicator of how well an economy is doing. If sales are rising then businesses have confidence in the economy and make buying decisions accordingly. If the economy is performing poorly then money stays in the pockets and wallets of business.

New car sales are booming.

The golden summer of 2016 continues on into winter for new car distributors as records continue to tumble in the New Zealand new vehicle market.

Following on from impressive March and April results, last month also saw plenty of foot traffic through showroom doors, leading to the strongest figures for May since national sales data began being recorded.

Motor Industry Association chief executive David Crawford last week announced there were 11,180 new vehicles sold in May, ?the strongest month of May since the MIA begin collating sales data in 1975.? ?Registrations were up 1146 (11.4%) over May 2015 and 2812 units (5.3%) year to date compared to this time in 2015.? ? Read more »


Can your husband back a trailer?

Ford is taking gay utes to a whole new level, by developing a trailer backing assist system.

I mean really, any bloke who gets one of those or needs it should just let their husband back the trailer.

For some sportsmen, facing off against a Cape buffalo at 50 yards is the ultimate white-knuckle moment. But for those who tow trailers, it just could be backing down a ramp or executing a Y-turn in a crowded staging area. Although these are really simple maneuvers, each is supremely unforgiving of input errors on the part of the driver. The biggest single issue seems to be mastering the idea that if you want the trailer to go to the right while backing down the ramp, you need to turn the front wheels to the left.

Ford believes it has a better idea, which is why it will be offering what it calls Pro Trailer Backup Assist in the 2016 F-150 pickup. Essentially, it?s a sophisticated guidance system that, in conjunction with a rear-mounted camera, takes control of the truck?s steering wheel and moves the front wheels for you. All you do is turn a knob located on the instrument panel (left to move the trailer to the left; right to move it to the right). You guide the trailer by looking at the instrument panel camera monitor and the side mirrors and adjusting the knob as needed to maintain the line you want. ?The system determines vehicle speed (obviously very low) and steering input for you; you still retain full control of the brakes.

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Holden joins Ford in releasing a gay ute


I thought that Ford basically had the monopoly on gay utes in New Zealand with the Ranger Wildtrak.

But it seems Holden is trying to out-gay them with their new?Colorado Z71. It even has a gay name.

Holden has taken aim at Ford’s popular Wildtrak Ranger variant with a rivalling flagship Colorado called the Z71.

Why would you do that? How many MPs named Craig Foss are there?

The new model will be available in Australian showrooms from early July in six-speed manual guise or six-speed automatic but there is no confirmation that the Z71 is coming to New Zealand. It seems highly likely the Z71 will make its way to NZ’s shores but Holden NZ has said it will not be making any announcement until next month. ? Read more »


Photo Of The Day

AP Photo/Detroit Free Press, Ryan Garza

AP Photo/Detroit Free Press, Ryan Garza

Detroit‘s ‘Walking Man’ Walks On

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The inherent dishonesty of Toyota

The other day I received an email from Hunting &?Fishing, I’m on their mailing list.

In the middle of the email was this ad:


Can anyone spot the problem?

That’s right Toyota are claiming to be the one selling ute in NZ…which they aren’t that is the Ford Ranger, which was the number one selling truck in NZ for 2014 breaking a decades long stranglehold by Toyota.

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Ranger out muscles Hilux for 2014


Hilux is no longer the king of the utes.

The Ford Ranger has toppled them which is unsurprising given how poos the Hilux has become since 2005.

Car sales in New Zealand are the strongest they’ve ever been, with the Motor Trade Association (MTA) reporting a 21 percent increase last year.

But something that might surprise farmers and tradies is that the Ford Ranger ute is now the most popular light commercial vehicle in the country, taking the title off the Toyota Hilux for the first time in more than 30 years.

“The Ranger, they’re everywhere. It’s amazing but they’re just great value all-round, great vehicles,” says Bruce Ramsay of Dyers Road ITM, a Christchurch company that has just upgraded its vehicle fleet with 15 new Ford Ranger utes.

According to MTA figures, the Ranger’s now the most popular ute in the country. Nearly 6500 of them were sold last year. ? Read more »

Impressive fuel economy from Isuzu D-Max


As readers will know I picked up an Isuzu D-Max LS Double cab from Southern Autos in the week before Christmas.

The good folk there had even put some Whaleoil logos on the front doors and on the rear gate. The tank was also full.

Yesterday was the day I needed to fill it up again. That is 19 days without filling up. It was also 780km since I picked up the ute.

I’m impressed. That was a mixture of city and motorway driving as well.

I’m pretty sure on a long trip I reckon it would get close to 1000kms without a fill. The tank takes 76 litres.? Read more »

Christmas Loot

Here are two books I got for Christmas…

Madmen by Steve Braunias, which has quite a lot about me in it.

And Spanish Bride also compiled and made me a one off, special book…of all the cartoons published about me this year (well not all, there were too many for just one book, so she has made a second book which is on its way).


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Super Black Racing releases a theme song

Super Black Racing has released a theme song.

The song, entitled ?Super Black? is sung by local New Zealand artist Emme Lentino and was produced by double APRA Silver Scroll and ISC finalist Bryan Bell.

Meanwhile the team seems to be getting the hang of the car?with improving times around the circuit.

Wild card entry Super Black Racing is on track with its Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000 campaign, despite the #111 having an incident in one of yesterday?s practice sessions.

With Andre Heimgartner steering the Ford Performance Racing-prepared Falcon in yesterday?s exclusive co-driver session, the Super Black Falcon speared off the circuit at McPhillamy Park, interrupting the session with a red flag.

?We had a bit of a bad tyre send us,? Heimgartner explained to

?I was struggling a little bit and pushing pretty hard and obviously just pushed a little bit over the limit, got on the dirt line and once you?re on the dirt line you?re just a passenger from there.? Read more »