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Winston proving he isn’t an Asian basher by bashing Euros

Winston Peters has had a lash at all foreign?land owners, not just ones with chinky sounding names like Labour’s attacks.

European interests extending their dairy holdings in New Zealand are among the latest land sale approvals for foreign buyers, says New Zealand First.

“As the Prime Minister pulls percentages out of nowhere to claim there is little foreign ownership, the sales are ticked off month by month,” says New Zealand First Leader and Member of Parliament for Northland Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“Last year the PM said it was 2% foreign ownership, now he?s saying 5%. He?ll say anything to neutralise those who know sales are climbing rapidly. More than a million hectares have been lost of New Zealand ownership under this National government. ?? Read more »

Why isn’t David Cunliffe insisting Fonterra sell all its overseas holdings?

via TV3 News

via TV3 News

Fonterra Cooperative Group Ltd. (FCG), the world?s largest dairy exporter, plans to boost investment in dairy farms and plants in China?and other?emerging markets?as rising demand pushes milk prices higher in the next decade.

?We need to look outside of?New Zealand, we need to look at other milk pools,? Chief Executive Officer Theo Spierings said on a conference call today after the Auckland-based company reported an 18 percent rise in first-half profit. ?If we only focus on New Zealand, we?ll lose market share, we?ll lose relevance.?

—, March 2013

David Cunliffe created Fonterra you know. ?He did. ?He’s so proud of it. ?It’s on his CV. ?And Fonterra are doing so well, they are expanding by buying overseas properties. ?In China, even. Read more »

David Shearer’s embarassing flip flop

Labour Leader David Shearer has quietly withdrawn a?mistake-ridden members bill?from the ballot that would have restricted the sale of land to foreigners.

He lodged the Bill at the height of Labour xenophobia over the Crafar farm sales:

“The bill was the first major policy release from Mr Shearer since taking over as party leader.”

He made a huge song and dance about lodging the bill at the time.

“This is getting behind what I believe New Zealanders want for New Zealand”

Well it now turns out to have been nothing more than a populist stunt, because he has quietly pulled the plug on that Bill and submitted a?Food In Schools?one instead.

It’s hard not to see this as proof that his?previous posturing?was simply an?unprincipled,?opportunistic,?train wreck, which he didn’t really understand.

If Shearer can’t make up his mind and stick to it on the little things, he could never be PM.

He will have to fall back on his guitar gimmick to spin his way out if this one.

Shearer Comes Unstuck on Foreign Ownership, Ctd

David Shearer’s first venture into new policy has turned almost immediately pear-shaped.

For those that missed it, the Labour Leader used his first appearance of the year on telly yesterday to launch a Private Members Bill that would ban farm sales to foreigners.

Laying aside for now that a Private Members Bill actually has to be drawn to be debated, Mike Hosking asked Mr Invisible what would happen if the benefits of foreign ownership did not materialise.

The answer?

Labour would confiscate the land. ?This Bill is quite clearly a shallow stunt – aimed at trying to steal a few of Winston’s supporters.

Here’s the clip where he confirms Labour’s new land confiscation policy.