Fox Hunting

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Credit: SonovaMin

Credit: SonovaMin

Cheese eating surrender monkeys come good

They aren’t much chop at fighting wars, only winning when not led by a frenchman or when the Americans do the fighting.

But at least the cheese eating surrender monkeys have got some things right.

France has the largest hunting community in Europe, with 1.2 million registered hunters, one-third more than in Britain and four times as many as in Germany. And unlike the traditional English fox hunt (now banned), the practice in France is class blind.

At the start of the French Revolution, hunting, until then an exclusive privilege of the nobility, was opened to all. Today, nearly half of French hunters are workers and farmers. (It is still, however, a male thing ? only 2 percent of hunters are women ? and for the elite, as important a way to do business as golf is in the United States.)? Read more »


Hunting Hares with Golden Eagles

Another awesome video from Fieldsports Britain:

We are launching eagles on hares in Lincolnshire, George Digweed on wild boar in Sussex and we are out with the Banwen Miners foxhounds pack in the Valleys of South Wales. It’s a packed programme this week, with incredible footage of hares’ tactics when faced with Roy Lupton and friends’ flying eagles. Meanwhile, George Digweed has been after a wild boar for months, and finally has his chance. And who says foxhunting is snooty when men come up from the coal pits, shower, change into hunting pink and ride out with hounds?

Mr Fox has a really bad day

Mr Fox has a really bad day as the magpies look on:

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