Francois Hollande

They should stick to eating cheese and surrendering

Foreign Policy outlines how the dodgy French ratbags unravelled international attempts to get an accord with Iran over nuclear weapons.

Western and Iranian negotiators were putting the finishing touches on a far-reaching nuclear deal. Then, at virtually the last minute, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius joined in the talks. It didn’t take long for the negotiations to unravel — and for Fabius to publicly declare this round of the talks to be over.

It wasn’t the answer U.S., European or Iranian teams had been expecting. One Western official said Paris hadn’t been particularly involved in the painstaking negotiations that had taken place in the run-up to this weekend’s talks in Geneva. “The French were barely involved in this,” one Western diplomat said. “They didn’t get looped in until a few days ago.” ?? Read more »

Little Frog rooster scored own goal on tax changes

This is what happens when you let socialists near the levers of power.

David Cunliffe’s mad cap ideas would likely go the same way as Francois Hollande’s daft taxation plans.

For a flabby Left-winger often mockingly referred to as a caramel pudding, Fran?ois Hollande has a pretty mean right foot.

His rivals on the football pitch have likened the French President to a mixture of Colombian playmaker Carlos ?The Kid? Valderrama, sans his blond perm, and Paul Gascoigne, without the drink problem.

Yet, in politics, the embattled Socialist has captained a team scoring a string of spectacular fiscal own goals. Faced with the threat of a pitch invasion by disgruntled fans, the panic-stricken government has this week enacted two humiliating tax climbdowns.

The rot began on Sunday when Bernard Cazeneuve, the budget minister, announced the government was shelving a 15.5pc charge on home loan, employee and equity savings plans that would have applied to savings all the way back to 1997.

The Elys?e had been confident the law would pass because Mr Hollande?s predecessor, Nicolas Sarkozy, had raised the tax rate on such savings from 11.5pc to 15pc in his last two years without getting into hot water. ? Read more »

Face of the day

Two international news agencies are at the centre of a row over self-censorship after withdrawing an unflattering photograph of the French president, Fran?ois Hollande. Agence France-Presse (AFP) and Reuters were subjected to criticism and widespread ridicule on the internet and social media sites after deciding to pull the picture.

The photograph was taken when Hollande visited a school in Denain in northern France where he was presiding over a round-table discussion on recent reforms that changed school hours.

It coincided with the start of the new school term for the majority of French schoolchildren. He is pictured sitting in front of a blackboard, on which is written “Aujourd’hui, c’est la rentr?e” (“Today it’s back to school”) with a wide grin and rather gormless facial expression.

The original picture was captioned: “During a visit to Denain Michelet school, September 3 2013, Fran?ois Hollande smiles chairing a panel discussion on the reform of school timetables established by the government.”

Hollande, who sold himself as Monsieur Normal during his presidential election campaign, once had a reputation for being one of the country’s wittiest politicians, but has suppressed his humorous side since being elected, for fear of being perceived to lack gravitas.

AFP made the photograph available on its website for use by newspapers and media outlets, but later said it had made an editorial decision to withdraw it. “Please take it off your systems. We are sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your co-operation,” it wrote in place of the caption.

Reuters sent a “picture kill” notice to its clients, asking them not to use the image. The image, however, was quickly picked up and reposted on Twitter and Facebook, where the agencies were accused of bowing to pressure. –

Fran?ois Hollande

Things are bad when the French man up and you don’t

There are two rules of French Warfare.

1. The French only win when not led by a Frenchman.

2. The French only win when the Americans do the fighting.

Something is badly wrong though when the French man up for stoush in the Middle East and the Poms cower in their parliament.

France stepped firmly into Britain’s newly vacated role as President Francois Hollande promised to punish the “chemical massacre” by joining a US strike on Syria.

Without any need to seek parliament’s approval for a military operation,Mr Hollande made clear his readiness to order French forces?into action alongside their American allies.

Yep the Americans are going to do the fighting.

Now the pom press are in on the act of mocking.

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Socialist surrender monkey gets hammered

There is nothing better than watching cheese eating surrender?monkeys?get hammered…especially dirty little socialists.

France’s budget watchdog has called for another round of drastic cuts and an immediate freeze in public sector pay and benefits, warning that public finances are badly off track as deep recession eats into tax revenues.

The country’s Cour des Comptes said the budget is likely to breach EU targets by a wide margin yet again this year, perhaps reaching 4.1pc of GDP, risking a fresh showdown with Europe a time when French support for the EU Project is already in freefall.

The watchdog called for ?28bn in extra belt-tightening over the next two years to prevent a debacle, demanding a “particularly vigourous effort” to rein in unemployment benefits, housing aide, pensions and help for families. ? Read more »

French arts bludgers tell Google and Apple to leave

The cheese eating surrender monkey’s arts bludgers are signalling to business…and Apple and Google especially that they should leave France.

France is preparing to impose taxes on Apple and Google to finance the production of art, films and music in the country, in a move likely to worsen relations between business and Francois Hollande?s socialist government.

The president has asked businessman Pierre Lescure to find ways of funding the arts, as the economy continues to struggle.

France slipped back into recession in the first quarter of this year and the European Commission expects the economy to contract 0.1pc in 2013.? Read more »

Krauts sick of the Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys

The Krauts have finally had enough of the Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys with them declaring that France is Europe’s biggest problem.

A scathing German assessment of France’s economic weakness ? in which the country is labelled “Europe’s biggest problem child” ? has reopened divisions between Europe’s two biggest powers.

Last time they had big divisions the Germans were marching down the Champs Elysee in the shade fo the trees about 40 minutes after invading.

A leaked internal briefing from Angela Merkel’s coalition partners refers to President Francois Hollande as “meandering” and draws attention to France’s “highly regulated labour market and highly developed social security system”.

Details of the briefing note were published alongside an internal assessment from the German economics ministry, which listed the French economy’s failings.? Read more »

Steve Maharey on Thatcher, why she won and why the left are tits

Steve Maharey?writes?at NBR:

I have been reflecting on the state of politics in the wake of Thatcher?s death. The outpouring of vitriol from the left is not something I share. After all, the real problem is not what Thatcher did but what those who want to see progressive politics failed to do.

They have never explained why policies that have caused so much pain for so little gain have endured and show no signs of going away. And why the left has yet to come up with a convincing narrative that will allow it to take over the policy steering wheel. Despite many worthy efforts, the left is still opposing right rather than proposing a clear alternative.

Never a truer word spoken. Good on Steve Maharey speaking out.

President Obama might have offered a way forward but, to date, has not. French President Fran?ois Hollande has talked a good game but has become preoccupied with ?domestic? issues. There is no other flag carrier on the horizon.? Read more »

Chart of the Day – Socialist Values

Socialists are the biggest hypocrites known to man. None more so though that Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey socialists.

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French Senate approves gay adoption

The cheese eating surrender monkeys are set for a whole lot of protest after the French Senate moved to?approve?gay adoption:

The French Senate has approved adoption for same-sex couples.

On the evening of 10 April, the second article of the ?Marriage for All? bill was adopted by the upper level of French parliament.

The vote came just one day after the Senate approved Article 1, the provision allowing gay couples to marry.

The Senate must now complete a review of the legislation in its entirety, although passage of both articles almost guarantees gay couples will soon be able to marry and adopt in France.? Read more »