Frank Bainimarama

Clearly, not much of a niche for serial rooters

Former coupster,?Sitiveni Rabuka, who took over the leadership of SODELPA from Mrs Kepa, seems to have tanked the main opposition party.

Apparently, it is because he can’t find a niche.

A former Fijian coup leader and prime minister Sitiveni Rabuka is struggling for a niche in Fiji’s new political landscape according to a scholar of Fiji politics.

Mr Rabuka is the leader of the main opposition party Sodelpa and scored 11 percent in a recent poll asking Fijians who was their preferred prime minister. ?? Read more »

No more holidays for you in Fiji, Mr Soper

Barry Soper goes nuts over Fiji...again

Barry Soper goes nuts over Fiji…again

Barry Soper is clearly manstruating. He has had a mad flick at Fiji Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama in today’s NZ Herald, calling into question the PMs legitimacy and that of his government.

It is dripping with sarcasm and petulance.

If you got close enough to him you have seen the crocodile tears freely flowing, although if you are a member of the New Zealand media there was no fear of that.

Fiji’s former military dictator, and now elected Prime Minister, Frank Bainimarama has left the country after a three day “official” visit which in reality was a well lubed trip here to watch the All Blacks thrash the Wallabies at Eden Park on Saturday night.

When we re-established links with Fiji at Prime Ministerial level last June, Bainimarama let rip saying there appeared to be a substantial body of opinion in New Zealand, led by our generally hostile media, that what was happening in Fiji somehow lacked legitimacy, that he lacked legitimacy and that his Government lacked legitimacy.

As the tears flowed, he continued, saying it wasn’t borne out by the facts. Fiji’s moved on, he declared, but it appears the New Zealand media has not.

It’s a great pity that the Fijian leader didn’t take the opportunity to better understand the media here. He had ample opportunities during his relatively light schedule which was distributed on the eve of his arrival. The itinerary’s most repeated phrase contained three words: No media opportunities.

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“Frank by name and frank by nature”

Fiji PM Frank Bainimarama continues his official visit to NZ by poking borax at media, who I?might add thoroughly deserve it.

Fiji Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama has used his first official visit to New Zealand to downplay past tensions between the countries.

But he didn’t hold back in criticising New Zealand’s media during a speech in Auckland today, labelling its reporting as unrelenting, negative and unbalanced.

Bainimarama said reports of his criticism of John Key during the New Zealand Prime Minister’s visit to Fiji in June were a media beat-up.

He said he got on “famously” with Key despite the Kiwi PM failing to see his “vision for Fiji”.

“It’s true that I’ve had a couple of issues with him saying that I’d shot my mouth off about the Pacific Islands Forum, that he hoped we weren’t going to be silly about enforcing the provisions of our public order, but it hasn’t unduly affected the warmth of our relationship,” he said.

Key had warned the Fiji government not to do anything “silly” following the arrest of six prominent Fijians last month. He also said Bainimarama had mouthed off about the forum.

“He knows that I’m Frank by name and frank by nature. And I know that he’s a similarly plain-speaking Kiwi,” Bainimarama said.

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Media party never learn as they go after Bainimarama

The Media party in New Zealand are petulant little children at the best of times. When it comes to Fiji they just never give up being petulant.

Fiji’s Prime Minister is labelling claims he criticised John Key during a speech in June as a media beat-up.

Frank Bainimarama is in New Zealand on his first official visit and attended the Fiji Trade and Investment Symposium at Auckland’s Stamford Plaza Hotel this morning.

At a dinner in Suva in June, he lashed out at New Zealand for not understanding what his political party was trying to achieve. ? Read more »

Let there be no more whinging from media about Fiji after travel bans removed for ratbag journos

Fiji has removed the travel ban on two Kiwi ratbag journalists.

The Fiji Sun reports:

Foreign journalists who were previously banned from entering Fiji are now allowed to enter the country.

A Government statement said: ?The Government originally instituted these bans, because it believed that some journalists had crossed the line from journalism to political advocacy and had inserted themselves into the domestic political debate.

The three journalists who had been banned from entering Fiji were Barbara Dreaver, the Pacific Correspondent for One News,TVNZ, Sean Dorney, formerly an Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC/Australian Network) Journalist, and Former Fairfax journalist Michael Field. ?? Read more »

Fiji shows NZ media and politicians up

When Fiji Police decided to arrest some politicians for breaching the decree in regard to authorised meetings the media and the left-wing all got up in arms, accusing the Fiji PM, Frank Bainimarama, of orchestrating their arrest.

Despite the facts that the Police acted on a ?complaint that had nothing to do with the government they all attacked Fiji and denounced the government, ignoring the rule of law and legal processes in Fiji.

Now, the Director of Public Prosecutions, who is independent of the government has declined to prosecute and issued a rebuke to the Police.

Prosecutors in Fiji have decided there is not enough evidence to charge a group of politicians, after they were detained for holding a meeting.

Six men, including leaders of the main opposition parties, were arrested and taken to police cells for not having a permit for the meeting, as is required under a special decree.

But Fiji’s Director of Public Prosecutions says there was no intention by anyone to break the rules. ? Read more »

No more Fiji holidays for Chippy

I doubt Chris Hipkins will be holidaying in Fiji anytime soon after going full retard over a simple piece of software.

He accused the government of spying on him which is extremely unlikely unless they were interested in young girls or recipes for pink cocktails with umbrellas.

Parliamentary Service told Hipkins the email he tried to forward was picked up by the secure system because he?”sent it to a domain that does not use?SEEMail” – in this case, Fairfax.

SEEMail?is the agency used by Parliamentary Service for MPs and staff emails.

“SEEMail?is an all of government secure messaging system that we subscribe to.?SEEMail?classified messages can only be sent to-from approved government departments and agencies,” Parliamentary Service wrote.

Parliamentary Service went on to confirm?they had blocked the email because the attachment he was trying to send contained the words “SEEMail” and “sensitive”.

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Some facts that seem to be escaping politicians and Media party over Fiji arrests

The politicians on both sides of the house and the Media party are having kittens over what has happened in Fiji with the arrest and detainment of opposition politicians and union ratbags in Fiji.

Everyone seems to be blaming Fiji PM Bainimarama from David Shearer to Murray McCully and of course the idiots in the Media party like Sally rounds and Michael Field.

None of them live in Fiji, are in Fiji or understand how Fijian judicial processes work. They simply move to their anti-Bainimarama default position and rant and rave. Worse still are their editors of those in the Media party who allow this carry-on.

One should remember that these are domestic Fijian issues. Fiji doesn’t comment on our domestic politics, and they could, given the precedent set by various governments here. Since this current issue is about electoral law Fiji should ask why it is that not a single politician has ever been charged under our electoral law despite hundreds of complaints being referred to them by the Electoral Commission over the past twelve years. These complaints include sign vandalisation, over spending, non-reporting of electoral expenses and various other clear breaches of electoral law. These laws are important they govern what can and can’t be done in seeking election and are the core of our democracy. But the NZ Police are sending a clear message to ratbag politicians that they can act with impunity, breaching electoral laws willy-nilly. ? Read more »

When did Labour call for no state visits from Saudi Arabia, China, Thailand or any other country other than Fiji?

David Shearer has gone full retard on Fiji. Like the Media party, the Labour party have a real blind spot and resort to finger-wagging over domestic issues in a sovereign nation.

Their latest stuff up is to call for halting of a state visit by Fiji PM Frank Bainimarama in October.

Labour’s foreign affairs spokesman David Shearer says a state visit by Fiji’s Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama should be “quietly put on hold” until concerns about the Opposition politicians in Fiji are resolved.

Over the weekend five people – including the leaders of two opposition parties and a trade union leader – were taken into custody in Fiji after taking part in a public political forum.

RNZI has reported all had since been released but the Director of Public Prosecutions was reviewing the cases, raising concerns of politically motivated charges to prevent them contesting the next election in 2018.

Prime Minister John Key had invited Bainimarama to come for a formal state visit while he was in Suva in June this year. ? Read more »

Fiji tells NZ and Australia to get stuffed

Fiji, and more particularly the Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama are telling New Zealand and Australia to get stuffed.

Fijian Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama didn?t show his face at the Pacific Islands Forum but that didn?t stop him stealing the show.

There?s one hell of a power struggle going on in the Pacific and it?s never more evident than when the leaders all gather in one place for the annual leader?s retreat.

Last year in Papua New Guinea that strong-arming was clear when Prime Minister John Key and then Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott turned up to the post-forum press conference – a media event usually fronted by smaller Pacific nations.

Key and Abbott were there to keep a lid on the growing tensions between them and smaller nations over the lacklustre targets being set heading into the Paris climate change conference only a few months later.

Nobody was more surprised than the Kiwi and Aussie media contingent when they waltzed in and the heat coming off then Kiribati President Anote Tong – the Pacific poster boy for climate change – raised the temperature in the room ten-fold.

This year that power play has continued with some smaller Pacific nations not wanting French Polynesia and New Caledonia to join the forum.

Key and Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull were supportive of the bid and after years of trying, the French finally got their foot in the door this year.This is an opportunity for France to join the big boys table and exert some power in the region as well.

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