Frank Cabiness

Returning to USS Arizona

A dead Marine is returned to the USS Arizona:

A Marine who survived the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor has returned to the USS Arizona for eternity.

Divers took an urn holding the cremated remains of Frank Cabiness from the late Marine’s family, swam over to the sunken battleship, and placed the container inside during a solemn ceremony on Friday, local time.

Hawaii-based Marines from the 3rd Marine Regiment performed a rifle salute and taps during the solemn ceremony some nine years after Cabiness died in Lewisville, Texas, at the age of 86.

His son, Jerry Cabiness, said his father always wanted to return to his ship.

“He said it was because that’s where he belonged. Because he lost all of his friends there and he wanted to be with them,” Jerry Cabiness said after the service.

The family took some time to fulfil his father’s wishes because they had some financial problems and it’s expensive to travel to Hawaii, he said.

“But we finally got it done. And it was a beautiful ceremony. The Marines did him proud,” he said.

Dozens of Arizona crew members who lived through theDecember 7, 1941, attack have chosen to have their ashes interred on the battleship after death. Many do it out of a desire to join those they left behind.