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Why the Dominion Post cartoon missed the mark completely

Cartoon: Dominion Post

A skilled political cartoonist is a student of history. No matter what their political bias they at least understand the facts about the past.?The Dominion Post yesterday?morning published a cartoon that displayed the cartoonist’s historical ignorance.

The Free Speech Coalition on Facebook pointed out the irony of the cartoon since cartoonists were one of the first groups to be persecuted by the Nazis. Quote.

(1) Free speech is the best prevention to fascism […]

(2) The regime was largely a result of imprisoning them and turning them into victims.

Terrible ideas breed in the dark – as it is harder to expose them for what they are.end quote.

Northey-gate Part 4 – The MSM catches up

Richard "Nixon" NortheyEx-MP accused of snooping in National officeFormer Labour MP Richard Northey has been accused of riffling through papers at the opening of National MP Peseta Sam Lotu-Iiga’s electorate office. Mr Northey yesterday said the allegations were nonsense. All he had done was pick… [NZ Herald Politics]

Bad Bernard Orsman, no attribution of the story. Bottom shelf drinks only on the Blogmobile for you.

Bernard Orsman belatedly catches up with Whaleoil who is now 4 posts past his reporting.

One good thing in Orsman’s article is that Richard “Nixon” Northey is following the Richard Nixon form and lying. There is no way on god’s green earth that he would have been given permission to rummage a desk and certainly no way he would have been given permission to stuff papers into his jacket pocket.

I wonder if a Police report will be filed today?

Resign Richard “Nixon” Northey, Resign before your lies get you into more trouble.

Northey-gate Part 3

Richard Northey leaving OfficeI hate the use of “gate” being attached to political scandals but in the case of Cr. Richard Northey stealing documents from and rifling and rummaging his way through the office of Peseta Sam Lotu Iiga then this has all the hallmarks of the infamous Watergate scandal that ultimately brought down Richard Nixon.

And there is yet another coincidence here. Richard Nixon’s initials are R.N. as are Richard Northey’s.

Onehunga-gate? – Nah too hard
Maungakiekie-gate? – even worse
Office-gate? – Silly
Labour-gate? – Too broad

So you see, stolen documents, rummaging an office and matching initials, it couldn’t really be anything else other than Northey-gate.

One major thing concerns me though through all of this and that is Richard Northey currently sits as Chair of the Audit and Risk Committee of the Auckland City Council.

Are these the actions of someone who is charged with overseeing the Audit and Risk functions of the Auckland City Council? Surely Richard Northey isn’t going to claim he was conducting a spot audit of Cr. Peseta Sam Lotu Iiga’s office?

He is claiming that this was public space. Surely he doesn’t think that will hold water? Using that logic I wonder what he would do if Whaleoil wandered down to his office and turned it over before leaving with a fistful of papers, after all his office would be a public place too with him being a serving councillor?

Richard J. Northey should do what Richard M. Nixon finally did and resign.

Richard Northey – Kleptomaniac? You be the judge

Richard Northey is a Kleptomaniac?The Richard Northey saga gets more interesting

As promised I now have had a chance to speak directly with some of the eye witnesses. Here are their statements;

Witness A: After the ribbon was cut people were filtering through the office have a nosy except Witness A saw Cr. Richard Northey having somewhat more of a nosey than he was entitled to. “He audacity to brazenly look through papers repeatedly”. Witness A couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Witness A then confronted Cr. Northey who replied “It’s a public office” indignantly, he then moved around Witness A and ferreted through another desk. While he was doing this he also shook peoples hands across the desk as though it was his own office. Cr. Northey was also seen to pick up papers unknown and fold them and place them in his jacket pocket and scuttled out when more people arrived into the office.

Witness B: Saw Richard Northey milling around with guests waiting for the PM to arrive. After the speeches were made and the ribbon Sam Lotu Iiga invited everyone up to church hall for some nibbles. Some stayed behind to chat before going up to the hall including Witness A who was there with her husband. They went in to the office immediately after David Tua and his partner and saw Richard Northey standing in Sam’s office behind the desk. They went out back for a little tour that came back through the office and they saw Richard Northey fumbling through papers, diaries and everything he could get his grubby little hands on. They stood not less than two feet away from Cr. Northey as he continued on rifling through papers as though this was normal behaviour from a guest. Witness B and her husband were incredulous that this was going on. They simply couldn’t believe that right before their eyes here was a sitting city councillor and a former MP rifling through the papers of an MP.


I have been unable to contact Sam Lotu Iiga for comment but I understand from other sources that he is very disappointed that an invited guest has so rudely taken advantage of his openess and hospitality. Peseta Sam Lotu Iiga is an honourable man and he will be absolutely gutted by this. I will continue to seek a statement from him.

It has also come to light during my investigations that all Councillors at the Auckland City Council have had to have locks fitted to their message boxes after persons unknown were misappropriating documents, papers and invitations to events that didn’t belong to them. One does now have to wonder whether Cr. Northey was that anonymous person.

There is more to come on this. This blog will be asking questions directly of Labour and City Vision. Cr. Richard Northey has shown a total lack of judgement and propriety and should resign. To brazenly cause imposition upon his host and to violate the workspace of parliamentary workers is so very low.

Former Labour MP in theft scandal

Richard NortheyToday was the opening of Sam Lotu Iiga’s electorate office in Onehunga Mall.

Many local dignatories were invited including Sam’s Auckland City Council colleagues from all sides. Amongst the attendees was Cr. Richard Northey ONZM, current city councillor and former Labour Party MP. His official CV lists his party affliation as Labour Party and he is the current leader of the Labour/Greens amalgamation called City Vision.

Richard Northey’s wikipedia page and his CV confirm a lifetime of sucking from the public trough. Today though his actions were despicable. He has been caught up to his trotters in someone elses pen.

As an invited guest of Sam Lotu Iiga and indeed as a former member of parliament for Onehunga he should have conducted himself with decorum, instead he conducted himself little better than a common thief.

After the office opening Cr. Northey decided that he would avail himself of the facilities inside and while in there wandered around rifling through papers and drawers as well as opening and reading the appointments book flicking through almost all of the pages, not only that it is the understanding of this blogger that he also pocketed some papers.

There is more to come on this, as investigations continue, but I am reliably informed that Cr. Northey was witnessed by no less than 5 people conducting himself on his ransack of the office and was challenged by at least one of those present.

As more details come to hand I will keep you informed.

At this point though there is more than enough evidence for this blogger to call for his immediate resignation from the council, any committees he sits on and the leadership of City Vision.

Until more information comes to hand I will not be calling for the removal of his ONZM, though I do point out that the ONZM is awarded for;

“for those persons who in any field of endeavour, have rendered meritorious service to the Crown and nation or who have become distinguished by their eminence, talents, contributions or other merits.”

I fail to see though how rummaging and turning over an MP’s office could be considered meritorious service to the Crown nor eminent (common thieves are hardly eminent), talented (he got rumbled) or contributing (he nicked some papers) and it certainly lacks merit.

How to make a complete arse of yourself 101

I just love to call out the Labour Party when they contradict themselves. This time it is Richard Northey – former Labour MP, current Labour Councillor, wannabe Deputy Mayor who is making an arse of himself.

In one submission to the Electoral Boundaries Commission he says putting Otahuhu in a Manukau CIty electorate would be bad – "Objects to the proposal to include Otahuhu in a Manukau based electorate." (N19 602)

But in another submission he is pushing for Panmure to be a be joined with the Manukau City electorate of Pakuranga – "Move the south-western boundary to Barrack Road, so that all of Panmure is included in the Pakuranga electorate." (N17 049)

Seems it is ok to move an Auckland City suburb into Manukau when it suits him, but when it doesn't, he uses that as an excuse to argue against it happening.

Not content with meddling in the lives of Aucklanders, Northey also can't help himself from meddling in the boundary disputes in Rotorua (N30 601), Taranaki-King Country (N32 610), and the East Coast (N35 602).

While I am talking about complete arses, I'd also like to point out that current Manukau City Councillor Sharon Stewart can't read the law and thinks the Tamaki River should be ignored as an electorate boundary – "Objects to the reliance on natural boundaries as a primary determinant of electorate boundaries." (N17 605)

If you search for the numbers in the PDF you can find the submission summaries here:

Richard Northey liesth about the NZ Herald


Well, that's a smart move by the new City Vision co-leader. Richard Northey now seeks to burn all credibility with the NZ Herald by telling provable lies about who is leaking.

[quote]"Labour councillor Richard Northey told colleagues the Herald had told him that councillor Neil Abel leaked Dr Hucker's resignation to the newspaper. The Herald never spoke to Mr Northey on the issue. Besides, Mr Abel was not the source."[/quote]

The political stupidity here is amazing.

Firstly, the coup against Hucker is so poorly managed that they knife him AFTER Hucker's reconfirmation as a council candidate for City Vision. They strip him of his leaders role but leave him Deputy Mayor, and then replace him with Vern Walsh – who is retiring and voted the same way over water rates!

Secondly, City Vision want to go around publicly talking about who is or isn't leaking secrets from their caucus. Yeah, like that's not going to hit the newspapers instead of your political agenda. Stories about who is and isn't leaking is simply a godsend for the Auckland political right.

Thirdly, making up lies about the ONLY newspaper in town is probably not a bright thing to do when you are 4 months out from an election.