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Canada passes Anti-Free speech motion M103 to protect Islam from criticism

It is with a heavy heart that I report that Canada has passed motion M103 which will restrict free speech and will morph very quickly into a Sharia enforcement tool. The thought police now have a motion to use to silence any Canadian who criticises Islam as Islamophobia is now officially condemned. No clear definition of what Islamophobia actually is has been provided. How can this motion be fairly applied when no definition of Islamophobia has been provided? The lack of a definition makes it open season on any critic of the ideology of Islam. It is an incredibly totalitarian motion and will result eventually in Canadians being sent to jail for criticising Islam. It will also have a chilling effect so people will be too scared to say anything related to Muslims or Islam.

The Canadian House of Commons has passed motion M103 which singles out the criticism of Islam as a form of “Islamophobia”. Critics condemn it as an attack on free speech.
Motion M103 was tabled by Iqra Khalid, a Muslim member of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party. It states the government must “condemn Islamophobia and all forms of systemic racism and religious discrimination”, was taken to vote on Thursday evening where a total of 201 MPs voted for it and only 91 voted against, Canadian broadcaster Global News reports.

The text of the motion does not clarify what constitutes “Islamophobia” and has led many to speculate what that may mean in the future, with some critics fearing it could lead to Shariah law courts. This concern has led to the circulation of an anti-Shariah petition on the Parliament of Canada website, which has so far been signed by over 24,000 people.

Even in London where people have just been slaughtered by a homegrown Jihadist, critics of the terror attack are being accused of hate speech. Instead of focussing on the ideology that all the terrorism has in common the media and the liberals are attacking the critics. The message in Canada and the UK is that the citizens must stop complaining about the destruction that Islam brings into their societies as it is hateful and Islamophobic to do so.

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EXCLUSIVE: Whaleoil interview with the President of the AUESA

When the MSM went all in on the so-called White supremacist, Nazi scandal at Auckland University I followed the hysteria closely. I reached out to the President of the AUESA on facebook.

… this time we feel it’s best for our individual members’ safety if we let this whole thing die down although someone may contact you in future depending on what happens.

-President AUESA

About 30 minutes after I received the response from the AUESA President the group’s facebook was closed down. It concerned me that the reaction was so bad that he felt that he had to close down the group and I wondered what had happened. Recently the page became live again and I requested and was granted an interview. Now for the first time, we can find out what really happened at Auckland University and how the group came about.

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The suppression of free speech at universities is not something new

It was because of the youtube videos of Milo Yiannopoulos that I first became aware of the suppression of free speech inside American Universities. The MSM have now highlighted it as a new trend as even a bi-partisan Democrat professor has been affected by it. The suppression of free speech inside universities has actually been going on for almost twenty years. It is not a new trend at all. The only thing new about it is who they are targeting.

…Jewish speakers and students have been subjected … to campaigns of repressions for nearly 20 years at universities and colleges throughout the US. What is new about the riots against Murray and Yiannopoulos is that they were shouted down despite the fact that they weren’t talking about Israel.”

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Injured Professor felt “dehumanised” by angry student protestors

I disagree with many left-wing views but I don’t demonise those who have those views. In fact, while I may lament their naivety on certain issues I can acknowledge that their heart is usually in the right place even though they often seem blind to common sense or the facts in some instances. I attack their arguments not them personally. When you demonise people with a different point of view to you bad things happen. You just have to look at all the violence meted out by the anti-Fascist groups to see what happens when you demonise those with a different viewpoint to you. This is the story of a Democrat professor who was the moderator at an event. She found out up close and personal how people act towards you if they have demonised you despite you taking a nonpartisan position. She described what happened to her as ” the saddest day of my life.”


…”They couldn’t look me in the eye, because if they had, they would have seen another human being,” she wrote in a post about the incident.

…Stanger had intended to serve as the moderator of the event: a discussion with American Enterprise Institute scholar Charles Murray, the controversial author of The Bell Curve and Coming Apart. In her post, Stanger describes herself as a Democrat who does not agree with Murray, but nevertheless believes campus is a place for a robust debate about a variety of viewpoints.

Here is Stanger’s firsthand account of what happened:

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We need to repeal New Zealand’s blasphemy law

It is my belief that authoritarian countries have and enforce blasphemy laws so imagine my shock when I found out that New Zealand has a blasphemy law. So far it has only been used once to prosecute  British poet Siegfried Sassoon in 1922 for these closing lines.

O Jesus, send me a wound to-day,

And I’ll believe in Your bread and wine,

And get my bloody old sins washed white!

Luckily for Sassoon the jury returned a verdict of not guilty with a rider: “That similar publications of such literature be discouraged”.

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Australian Muslim protestors have free speech but non-Muslim protestors do not

Muslim protest in Australia

In the West, there have been various cases of outspoken critics of the ideology and political system of Islam being dragged through the court. Politician Geert Wilders in The Netherlands and Rebel Media’s Ezra Levant are two well-known cases that spring to mind but taking people to court for so-called religious vilification or so-called hate speech has also become a serious issue inside countries like Germany, Britain and France. It is always the so-called religion of peace that is being protected by these anti-free speech laws and now it is happening to our nearest next door neighbour Australia.

It is no longer safe for an individual or a group inside Australia to criticise Islam which surely must be the most thin skinned, quick to take offence religion/political system on the planet given the number of court cases that have been brought against people for speaking out about it. It is a serious threat to our liberty and New Zealand will be next if liberal Australia is already dragging non-Muslim protestors through the courts for a peaceful demonstration against a mosque being built, while turning a blind eye to demonstrations by Muslim protestors that call for the deaths of those who criticise or make fun of Islam.

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New Zealand’s anti-Fascists are trouble looking for a place to happen

New Zealand’s anti-fascists look at the world through Nazi tinted spectacles. A few days before their scheduled anti-Fascism march with no New Zealand Fascists available for them to rail against and attack they made some up. After all, where is the fun in virtue signaling how righteous you are if you don’t have an evil enemy to destroy?

First, they accused their chosen victims of the crime of White Pride on the flimsiest of pretexts. They then forced the harmless and newly formed Auckland University European culture group to shut down by using death threats and threats of violence.  After that success, drunk with power they were emboldened to go after a new European culture club at AUT. This time lacking even the flimsy pretext of a slogan that contained a couple of words the same as an old Nazi one they simply declared them to be up to no good and coordinated an attack against them.

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ISO do not want free speech on New Zealand educational campuses


The recent creation of two European student culture groups has brought all the anti-free speech worms out of the woodwork. The ISO (International Socialism Organisation of Aotearoa /New Zealand) had this to say about students wanting to celebrate European culture.

Keep the ‘European Students Association’ off Auckland University campus!

So Trumpism has hit New Zealand shores. A group calling itself the ‘European Students Association’ is trying to set itself up at the University of Auckland. The group’s website is covered in all the usual muck of the far right, with slogans echoing SS phrases from Nazi Germany and weasley phrases about ‘European culture’.

This is a clear provocation, and it is heartening to see how students have responded. The Auckland University Students Association is speaking out against the group, and students are planning a protest against the presence of these creeps organizing on campus. We salute AUSA’s stand, and urge all students and staff to join the protest. (Facebook page details are here).

At the very best the European Students Association is a piece of post-Trump trolling, stirring the pot of antagonism. At its worst it is a genuine far-right organization attempting to gain a foothold on campus. Either way it needs to be opposed. We say: no space for fascism! Stand up to racism and bigotry!

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Proof positive that the word “European” is seen as racist in any setting

Yesterday a new European student association appeared on Facebook and the MSM pounced on it boots and all despite the page only being live less than 20 hours. The way the Auckland University European Association was shut down due to threats inspired a number of people on social media to start talking about setting up their own clubs inside their educational institutions all over New Zealand. The first educational group to do so was AUT. Immediately they were forced to defend themselves from accusations of racism despite their inclusive wording, imagery and slogan. It is clear that the only word that has triggered the critics is the word ‘ European.”

We’re not racist’ claims new European student association

AUT European Students Association’s Latin motto translates as, “Build better communities through understanding others.”

…Only days after Auckland University European Students Association was labelled racist and forced to disband, members from the defunct group have set up shop at nearby AUT University.

[redacted], 19, said … AUT European Students Association “isn’t racist” but doesn’t mind using a proactively similar name.

What else should they be forced to call themselves? No one expects the Asian club to call themselves’s something else so why should a European club be asked why they used a “similar name” when the name describes the cultures that the club is all about?

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Guest Post: How the left have created a rod for their own back

Guest Post: Lushington D. Brady

Punk rock philosopher. Liberalist contrarian. Grumpy old bastard. After working as a freelance music journalist, auto worker, railway worker, taxi driver, small business owner, volunteer firefighter and graphic designer, Lushington Dalrymple Brady decided he finally had an interesting enough resume to be a writer. Miraculously, he survived university Humanities departments with both his critical faculties intact and a healthy disdain for Marxism. He blogs at A Devil’s Curmudgeon. Lushington D. Brady is a pseudonym, obviously.

Narrow-minded identity politics fails to grasp the strength of truly liberal democracies, which is that their laws and institutions are crafted for the benefit and protection of everybody. Groups who, when in power, shape political weapons to bully and harass their opponents into submission are invariably dismayed when shifting political tides suddenly mean that those same weapons are turned against them.

Today’s left are foolishly shaping a set of political weapons that may one day hurt them very much indeed.

Only a fool assumes they’ll always hold the reigns of power. As the November elections showed, the left in America have lost political clout to a degree not seen in generations, and worse is probably yet to come. A shifting media landscape and rising consumer boycotts may also threaten the left’s stranglehold on the media. If – or more likely, when – they do, then the left will suddenly find, to their shock, that the weapons they have been using to bully and silence conservatives will be turned against them. And where, as Robert Bolt wrote in A Man For All Seasons, will they turn, all the laws having been cut down and flattened? Who will protect them then?

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