Goat and his Jetboat

No one does jetboats like Kiwis…we invented them after all.

The world’s biggest jetboat is the South African Valour Class frigates.

I agree with the Green Taliban today



As you know, I love my meat, and there is absolutely no love lost between me and the Green Taliban, but in this case we find ourselves on the same side of an issue.     Read more »

Aussie sub wins US Naval exercise

Nice to see a bit of Down Under cunning beat two frigates, two destroyers and a nuclear sub:


An idea

Two news stories that caught my eye on the news tonight…

  1. The UN wants us to send half our navy to fight pirates off the coast of Africa.
  2. The Sea Shepherd pirates who had to scuttle their own ship when it wouldn’t sink on camera are attacking civilian fishermen.

My idea?

Send the Sea Shepherd pirates to fight pirates off the coast of Africa!

I’d pay serious money to watch that!