Renewable energy = death

The hipsters, the left-wing and the green taliban always bang on about “clean energy and renewables.

But it is very expensive and it won;t get any cheaper.

By insisting on abandonment of fossil fuels they are really insisting on removing cheap and viable fuels from those who most need them.

They are actually condemning poor nations and their populations to more poverty, more subsistence living and more disease by preventing them from accessing the very fuels that have enabled us to move into the first world.

This video focuses?on the unintended consequences of marchers demanding an end to fossil fuels.

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Rodney Hide on Dunedin’s luddite council


Rodney Hide excoriates the Dunedin City Council for their embracing of a buggy culture.

I was taken aback by Dunedin City Council committing to invest ethically.

I would have thought it was already beyond reproach.But it turns out it?s not about the council?not taking back-handers and the like but rather what it can and can?t invest in.

Henceforth, it won?t invest in porn, munitions, tobacco or gambling. Seriously? Was investing in porn ever?in prospect?

I once took a paper to the cabinet to circumscribe council activity. I wanted to limit them to core services. To buttress my argument, I had examples of the nutty investments that?councils had entangled ratepayers in. I remember dairy farms, property development, Lotto shops and cinemas. My concern wasn?t ethical investing but rather local government?s?proper role. I wanted councils to stick to basics. I didn?t succeed but would have had a chance with the Dunedin example: a council having to make a rule to stop itself investing in pornographic?movies.

Who knew councils were that out-of-control?But as I read the news report further I twigged. It?s not about porn; it?s about fossil fuels.The prohibition on porn and?munitions also includes a prohibition on fossil fuel extraction. Seriously. Dunedin?s commitment is not benign. Its purpose is to demonise fossil fuels and attack modern life.

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Still out of touch

Oh FFS, with a global recession, businesses closing and poll ratings approaching those enjoyed by Bill English the Labour party’s big idea for us all is…….

Taxpayer funded rubbers at the supermarket.

Really, Labour should just Get Fucked! With or without one, I don’t care.

Labour’s health spokeswoman Ruth Dyson said the party wanted to look at innovative ways of stopping unwanted pregnancies.

She said it was obvious the type of person who had an unplanned pregnancy did not plan to go to the doctor for contraception either, “but they might whip into the supermarket on the way out”.

Here’s an innovative thought you dumb cow, why don’t you dose KFC, Wendys, Maccas and Burger King because the fool who didn’t go to the doctor and called in at the supermarket probably also eats 3 square meals at one of those outlets.

It’s of course highly ironic that the party that raped our pockets for nine years and blew the surplus’ on frivolities like trainsets now wants to fuck us some more. It’ll be a laugh Labour going into the election promising billions of extra spending including for subsidised johnnies and the only way they can pay for it is by raping our pockets some more. We need prophylactics to protect us from socialists, unfortunately for them they are usually delivered in copper coated lead packages.


A Sniper Rifle with a cup holder

hat tip Boing Boing

What do you buy for the sniper who has everything? A cup holder! Not all shooting accessories need to be tactical. This one is refreshing.

Check out all the attachments. They range from from iPhone Apps to Beer Holders, Killer Accessories for Your Guns.

Sniper Rifle with cup holder



Living in the Cloud

I have now had the HTC Magic for three days of my two week trial. I am now also certain I’m not giving it back. The Blackberry is off and in the drawer. Plus you can take your iPhone and shove it. Now I’ll tell you why.

If you want a all features singing and dancing review of the HTC Magic then read this article at Tech Radar. It is highly accurate and boring.

The reason I want, love and shall get/keep a HTC Magic is simple and it is the reason why the iPhone barks. The Cloud.

HTC MagicAt first I was perplexed. There was no software to install for syncing. No connection to iTunes, no cables. Why? How could this be?

It wasn’t until I started using the phone that I worked out that the integration with all things Google and their cloud was just superb. Make a change online to your contacts, voila the phone is udated seamlessly. Make a change on the phone, same in reverse. In fact you are working on the same data in the same cloud, just different devices. There is no syncing because there is only one source of data.

Same for email. Read the email on the phone, it is marked as read automatically in Gmail. The only mails that get to your phone are the ones that need reading. All the tags, filters and such are retained bcause the phone is the cloud. Same goes for the calendar.

This phone is the cloud in your hand and for that reason it blows the iPhone away. No other phone right now can compete. I run all my email, calendar, tasks, 10 different email accounts all through Google. This phone extends Google right to my hand and let me tell you it doesn’t leave it now. It is way more addictive than a Blackberry and way more efficient than an iPhone.

Plus it has Open Source software. Android rocks. Thank you Vodafone for sending me the trial phone. I’m not sure you’ll get it back though.


Tech Tuesday – Hunch

Don’t know if you have checked Hunch out. It is pretty cool. Basically you ask it some questions and then answer a series of questions and then from all the users answers it derives an answer for you.

So I thought I would go for the toughie. HTC Magic or iPhone. That question hasn’t really been asked but Which Touchscreen smart phone should I get? has. The answers are weighted and it gives you the top 4. Not one was the iPhone. I guess that settles it then.

Hunch decides for me between iphone and HTC Magic



95 Rail Questions

Craig Foss has 95 questions that Cullen won’t answer about his Train Set.

We all need to know the answer to these. Do you think Cullen will come clean? Not bloody likely.

$1.5b on Cullen's train set

Michael CullenNational promised $1.5billion on fibre to the home and labour and it’s fawning acolytes all rubbished the plan saying there was no need.

Michael Cullen has now, as budget documents indicate bought a run down, nineteeth century technology that no else in the world wanted for $1.5billion.

The questions is, Which promise will take us foward?

Of course the answer is FTTH. Michael Cullen meanwhile continues to spend other peoples money buying things we don’t want, don’t use all because he had a deprived child-hood devoid of toys.

If he wanted a ficken train-set then he should have checked more closely for better bargains.

More Toll deal revelations

The further down the track (excuse the pun) that we go the more we are finding out about how inept Michael the Tank-Engine has been and how sharp Paul Little is.

Simon Louisson of NZPA has revealed that Toll Holdings boss Paul Little is also the Director of another comany that just happened to buy Toll shares two days before the deal.

It wasn’t chump change either, Namarong Investments Pty, bought 131,500 Toll shares at average prices of $A7.62. On April 29, he disclosed the purchase of 129,000 Toll shares a week earlier at an average price of $A7.67.

Before April, Namarong already had over 900,000 Toll shares. The shares rocketed to $A8.78 on May 6, rising A50c on the day after the announcement – creating a paper profit for Namarong of nearly $A300,000 ($NZ373,700) on the April share purchases. The shares were trading at $A8.30 today and no recent sales by Namarong have been recorded.

So there is a little (again no pun intended) riddle in all of that. Why would Toll Holdings boss get another company that he is a director and shareholder of to buy additional Toll Holdings shares that would net them so far $373,700 when a) If they were reluctant sellers and the consequence of selling something supposedly valuable would be a negative impact on the share price?, and b) On May 5 they were no longer reluctant sellers but rather ecstatic sellers and Paul Little was so ecstatic about the deal he may have got a company he was associated with to buy Toll Holdings on the premise that investors would think the deal rocked due to above the market deal he nailed Cullen with, the retirement of $200 million of debt, isn’t that insider trading but more importantly c) Who got the best deal?

Toll Holdings has raped the New Zealand Government taxpayer, bent Cullen over the table and given it to him up the chook and Cullen turned around and thanked him for the priviledge of the rogering and then paid him for it as well!!

There are many more questions to be asking over this little foray into train sets of Cullen’s.