Full Moon

Will Ken Ring think there is going to be an earthquake?


A “super moon” will occur on Sunday:

A “super-moon” will be a novelty for New Zealanders on Sunday, but for the 12,000 people of Tuvalu it is a foreboding practice for a future where rising seas make their homeland uninhabitable.

On Monday and Tuesday super-moon king tides will leave much of the capital atoll of Funafuti virtually below sea-level.

On Sunday night the Moon will be 14 per cent bigger and 30 per cent brighter than any other full moon this year, the US space agency NASA says.

Known as a “perigee moon”, it occurs when the moon reaches its closest point to Earth.

The full moon will occur at 3.35pm on Sunday, New Zealand time, but will not be visible here until moonrise over New Zealand at 5.23pm.

With a clear sky, it guarantees Sunday night will be a bright one.

NASA says the super moon has a reputation for trouble, causing high tides, making dogs howl and keeping people awake.

The space agency says the best time to look at it is when the moon is near the horizon.

Ken Ring and Annette King will be predicting calamity.

Stooges and Hacks

Maurice Williamson has called the recent appointees that I blogged about the other day to the NZ Transport Agency Board “stooges and hacks

I prefer the term lickspittles.

Maurice Williamson MP
National Party Transport Spokesman

25 July 2008

Labour appoints stooges and hacks

National’s Transport spokesman Maurice Williamson says it’s a disgrace that Labour has stacked the board of the newly formed New Zealand Transport Agency with its stooges.

“Labour’s cronyism knows no bounds,” says Mr Williamson.

“This is Labour once again playing favourites, bogging down boards with party-friendly hacks.”

The new board of the New Zealand Transport Agency features Labour Party president Mike Williams who has been appointed by his own party to just about every transport board there is.

“His income from all of his government board appointments must be nearly enough to fund Labour’s entire election campaign.

“Mike Williams is joined by ex-Labour Mayor of Christchurch, Gary Moore, and failed Wellington Central Labour candidate Alick Shaw. Alick Shaw was also booted out in the 2007 Wellington City Council election.

“The Labour line-up is rounded off by Christine Caughey who originally stood on the left wing City Vision ticket and, of late, Action Hobson in the Auckland City local body elections. She was soundly beaten by all three Citizens and Ratepayers candidates.

“In addition, Christine Caughey is actively hostile to, and has publicly campaigned against, the building of new roads. She is the very last person who should be on the board of the new transport agency that subsumes the old Transit New Zealand – the Government’s state highway agency whose job it is to build new roads.

“It’s an utter disgrace that despite the people of Wellington Central and the Hobson Ward not wanting these people, the Labour Government believes it is appropriate to foist them onto the rest of us.

“There are good people on this board, but they, along with the rest of New Zealand, deserve to have all board members of a similar calibre, not just Labour Party loyalists.

“With the election looming, convention would suggest that Labour should have at least consulted with National over the appointments. But that’s too much like an impartial, transparent process.”



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Labour candidate in fauxtography scandal

The Labour party has a penchant for Photoshop – usually they use it to hide the fact that they are just plain ugly. The non-event they have running in Pakuranga against Maurice Williamson is now using Photoshop to hide the fact that he is just plain lazy.

As I was going through the photo section of his website, I noticed a couple of interesting things. The first of these was his wife who could well be the twin-sister of Labour’s Tauranga candidate on a mung bean and lettuce diet and wearing a keffiyeh, but I digress, there was something of altogether more interest than her – what was behind her.

Brian Kelly fauxtographyIn this photo Brian Kelly and his missus (click for full size) are at the Howick Historical Village – “A living Museum from the 1840 to 1880 period” so presumably going after the Winston First vote. Except they aren’t.

You don’t need to look too closely to realise this is a shoddy, pathetic photoshop job. Take a look at his leg:

Interesting that he manages to be both in front of AND behind the bloke in the rather trashy brown shirt. The lighting is way off and there is a slight fuzz around the unfortunate looking pair. The sign post behind Brian has a dogleg in it where the clone tool went astray, alongside his arm there are numerous artifacts. beside Mrs Kelly’s head are more artifacts and clone tool mistakes. Her left shoulder shows definate outlining from poor cloning.

Brian Kelly fauxtography

Intrigued, I ran it through serversniff and here are the results:

) Software = Adobe Photoshop CS2 Windows
| – Tag 0x0131 (28 bytes, string[28]):
| 0090: 41 64 6f 62 65 20 50 68 6f 74 6f 73 68 6f 70 20 [Adobe Photoshop ]
| 00a0: 43 53 32 20 57 69 6e 64 6f 77 73 00 [CS2 Windows.]

Now that is unfortunate for Brian because I rang him and asked him if he had used photoshop to create his images for the website. He categorically denied it despite me giving him several chances to change his story. Now however the raw data of the image has shown his falsehoods up.

Look, if Kelly wants a place in history then all he has to do is wait until E-Day to join the long list of losers vanquished by Maurice Williamson.

This isn’t his only egregious abuse. Check this out:

Brian Kelly not at the Rugby

Equally ridden with artifacts and metadata analysis confirms that it has also been through the Photoshop process. Note that he is in an open neck shirt a light sports coat and in bright sunlight when everyone else is dressed for the cold and the background has rather flat light. A dead set give away of fauxtography.

It is such a shame for Brian Kelly because he was starting to get some traction, just the other day I met someone who knew he was a bloke and not a blonde lesbian from Wellington.

One other question does inrigue me though. Why do Labour candidates standing in Auckland seats like having photos taken of themselves swanning around in Wellington?


Two perspectives on Wheel Clamping

Fair Go has been running a campaign about cowboy wheel clampers, they asked Labour and National for their comments on cowboy antics of the wheel clampers.

There were two distinct types of answer. One was obfuscation epitomised and the other direct and promising action. Harry Duynhoven thought some committees and officials should look at international best practice (in other words do othing) while Maurice Williamson promised action.

Yet another reason to ditch Labour.

The Soldier

This was taken from The Contact the magazine of Vietnam Veterans
It was written by Father Dennis O’Brian.

The Soldier

It is the soldier, not the reporter,who gives us the freedom of the press.

It is the soldier, not the poet, who gives us the freedom of speech.

It is the soldier, not the campus organiser, who gives us the
freedom to demonstrate.

It is the soldier who salutes the flag, who serves beneath the flag
and whose coffin is draped by the flag, who allows the protestor to
burn the flag.

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More Pissaphones

I have been sent some photo's of Nui Dat, Vietnam in 1966. The first photo is of Gun x, 161 Bty in action. Note the gun (a 105mm howitzwer) is in full recoil. In the yellow circles are two pissaphones. These are 155mm pissaphones. They were considered the best due to the larger diameter. Note the track in the bottom right hand corner that the closer pissaphone is beside. This is going to another gun pit close to where the photographer took these shots.

Those pissaphones come from a nearby American Battery of 155mm M109 SP Guns. This is a photo of one of the SP Guns. The Gunner with his face blurred out is deceased and I don't have the permission of his relatives to show his image. You can see the Shell casings stacked up outside the gun pit (circled in yellow) These are full casings containing the charge and the shell for the 155mm SP Gun. They were metal and so were preferred for the pissaphone over the Kiwi 105mm shell casings which were cardboard with a metal rim. Understandably in Vietnam the cardboard soon rotted away.

The last picture is of a guy called "Moonshine" who was a member of the SP Gun Battery. They were from the Southern US. Moonshine got his name because he used to go out on patrol without camouflage on his face thinking he was naturally advantaged. That was until he started attracting more than the usual incoming rounds due to his face shining like the proverbial in the moonlight. Thereafter he was known as "Moonshine" and he started using burnt cork to dull his face. He is holding an M14. This was a fine rifle but unsuited for jungle warfare. Of course being in an SP Gun Battery carrying things was a problem, hence the M14's.