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Dirty Media technique number one Author Nicky Hager.
Dirty ” journalist” Nicky Hager.

Dirty Media use various techniques when acting as the Media Party.

One of these techniques is to…

  1. Find a dodgy person to sing the praises of the politician you want to discredit.

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Hager Fatigue

Victim of Hager fatigue

Victim of Hager fatigue

I am not feeling very well at the moment so I went to the doctor. He asked me a few questions and soon diagnosed Hager Fatigue. He said the symptoms are very similar to Deja vu syndrome, where the patient experiences a strong sensation that an event currently being experienced has been experienced in the past.

Unlike? Deja Vu syndrome, Hager fatigue? is a virus that quickly spreads and can have debilitating effects. It is a Social Media transmitted disease and is highly contagious.

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Who are David Cunliffe’s secret two donors? [ POLL ]


A – Helen Clark,?personal donation

B – Don Pryde, EPMU president, on behalf of EPMU

C – Helen Kelly – CTU president,?personal donation

Pick David Cunliffe's two "secret" donors!

  • Don and Helen (B & C) (57%, 803 Votes)
  • Helen and Helen (A & C) (25%, 358 Votes)
  • Helen and Don (A & B) (18%, 248 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,409

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Let?s play ?Game of Thrones? (Finale)

July Palermo

Here is “July” Palermo (right) at the Dotcom Mansion. ?(for those of you who got the Queen Juliana -> German husband link, well done).

Some of you will now understand already, but for the rest, let me explain. ? Read more »

Let?s play ?Game of Thrones? (part 4)

Thanks for playing “Game of Thrones” yesterday.

You have certainly figured out who she is. ? Juliana Palermo aka “July” Palermo thanks to her July 2012 spread in Playboy.

pb ph july 2012 cover alternate

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Let’s play “Game of Thrones” (part 3)

This is a game, and this is the third?part of it. ?Guesses what it is all about in the comments. ?More tomorrow.



Let’s play “Game of Thrones” (part 2)

This is a game, and this is the second?part of it. ?Guesses what it is all about in the comments. ?Part 3 at 17:15.




Let’s play “Game of Thrones” (part 1)

This is a game, and this is the first part of it. ?Guesses what it is all about in the comments. ?Part 2 at 12:15.



EXCLUSIVE: Covert video from the Labour “War Room”

Chip Lockder: Crime Doctor

Here is a bit of light hearted entertainment for you all:

Sugarboy narrates the story of Chip Lockder, a renegade crime doctor who administers some of his famous face-punches and drop-kicks on evil mastermind, Skud Wilkins. Turn your head and cough.?Sugarboy tells stories of lasers and ninjas, time machines and Santa Claus, sharks and Grandmas…

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