New Free Speech Platform to replace Twitter


Spanishbride defects to The Connor Post



As you all know I write exclusively for Whaleoil and have done so for a few years now. When I joined the social media platform Gab all of a sudden I was surrounded not only by many like-minded individuals but also by other bloggers and media organisations. I dived right in and started to get to know people and before I knew it a follower had recommended me as a writer to The Connor Post in America.

The Connor Post were running a series of articles about Gab and wanted five individual’s impressions of the social media platform. My article was the second article published and you can read it here.

The Connor Post is a?single source for western news. They include links to Whaleoil and Kiwiblog on their site.

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How do you create a peaceful, drama free online community?

How do you create a peaceful, drama free online community? ?It appears that there are two very different ways to achieve peace online. ?One involves moderation by the owners and many rules for the community to follow and the other involves a few key rules and self-censorship. ? and Imzy?are two new social networks that have recently been launched due to a frustration with Reddit, Twitter and Facebook. Imzy?provides a “safe space” for mainly left wing voices while Gab is currently attracting mainly conservative and libertarian voices.The reasons for this difference are explored in this article by

?Gab was created in the fallout of Twitter banning and censoring conservatives and sought?to be a free speech alternative to Twitter. Imzy was created by an ex-Reddit employee who was disturbed by the harassment and mob mentality he saw at the site, and sought to make a warmer, friendlier version of Reddit.

While a free speech free-for-all and a babysat?playground do not inherently hold any political connotation, the two sites have inevitably attracted very polarized user bases.

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Has a genuine competitor for Free Speech hostile Twitter and Facebook emerged ?

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The Free Speech alternative to Twitter is called Gab.?It is ?for digital refugees such as myself who find Twitter to be an echo chamber of left-wing opinions that are hostile to conservative and libertarian voices. Twitter recently banned Milo Yianoppolous, an extremely entertaining and witty conservative libertarian with thousands of followers including myself. I am now on the waiting list for Gab and look forward to once again following Milo.

So what is Gab and how does it differ from twitter?

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