Gabrielle Jenkin

More pimping of #dirtypolitics


Shaun Hendy writes today on saying Dirty Politics damages science.

While it?s a bit of a whaa whaaa whaaaa piece, it did make me wonder who Shaun Hendy is, particularly seeing that he?s now an expert in dirty politics and seems happy to enter the fray.

So for our WOBH readers, here?s a bit on who Shaun Hendy is.

Sean is a researcher with the MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and nanotechnology at The University of Auckland. He?s a smart cookie and has done well. Good for him.

He also blogs at Sciblogs where he attracts a monthly audience of more than 1000 readers, many of them policy makers in NZ?s innovation sector.? It?s here that he starts crossing over from being a theoretical physicist and expert in nanotechnology, to playing in the political environment.

In his post ?Scientists need to hold policy-makers to account? he pimps Nicky Hager?s stolen emails, and clearly is very supportive of a bunch of troughers who don?t like the Health Promotion Agency having industry representative Katherine Rich on its board. ? Read more »

Food Police Seek Golden Trough

Deborah Coddington has slammed academic activists who are?running amok in the media telling us what to eat.

Troughers are all the same. Doesn?t matter if they?re anti-tobacco, anti-booze or the trendy new anti-bigfood. All are desperate to stay in the golden taxpayer funded trough.

While?Super Trougher Boyd Swinburn?is well out in front in the troughing stakes, many academic troughers are keen to follow his lead. One example is Otago Uni?s Gabrielle Jenkin who bangs on about Big Food being the new Big Tobacco.

Gabrielle Jenkin, Wellington health specialist, says Big Food is “more powerful” and will be “more aggressive than Big Tobacco” when cornered. Politicians are “cowed by Big Food” and New Zealand is “appalling, we’re sniffing KFC wherever we go”.

The more media they get, the more funding they seek. Whether it?s from the Lottery Grants Board or undisclosed funding from the University of Otago?s Activist?s Research Grant, rest ashore Gabrielle Jenkin is deep in the trough.

With a PHD thesis called ?Individuals, the environment or inequalities? Industry and public health framing of obesity and its presence in New Zealand government policy on food nutrition? and current projects looking at internet junk food marketing, her utterances are all going to be predictably anti industry.? Read more »

Obesity epidemic?

Have you heard of the obesity epidemic? Apparently you can catch obesity, and the people spreading obesity are evil corporate bastards:

It’s official: we’re a nation of idiots who can’t make decisions to save ourselves or take responsibility for our problems.

That’s according to two academics from Otago University, researchers in public health, Dr Gabrielle Jenkin and Penny Field, who specialise in the obesity epidemic.

Interviewed this week by Kathryn Ryan on National Radio, Field tossed off a comment which sent me into deep despair. Obesity, she said, was “not a problem with individual choice and self-discipline, which we’ve proved successfully doesn’t work”.

Instead it’s the fault of “big institutions and the market”.

Actually obesity is caused by fat bastards shoving food into their gob unassisted by anyone but themselves.

Instead of trying stupidly to tax sugar, or fat or something similar just tax the fat bastards. It is annoying when they sit on buses and trains and planes tacking far more space that a thinner person. Just start charging them more. Or allocate special fattie seats that give a worse ride and poorer conditions. That way other people can enjoy ?a flight without a smelly fattie copping them in the rids with their massive overhang and elbows.

The reality is that there isn’t an obesity epidemic, there is an epidemic of stupid people stuffing their gobs though.