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Aussie government capitulate over Lone Pine fiasco

The Aussie government have been forced into an embarrassing back down over their reluctance to continue with ceremonies at Lone Pine.

Outrage over a federal government decision to pull the pin on the Anzac Day Lone Pine service at Gallipoli has sparked a backdown.

A wreath-laying ceremony at Lone Pine will take place on the afternoon before Anzac Day this year.

Incoming Veterans’ Affairs Minister Dan Tehan announced the compromise on Sunday and says a formal service commemorating the Battle of Lone Pine will also be held in August.

“Holding the service on the appropriate anniversary gives it proper recognition and ensures the wider public has a greater understanding and acknowledgement of the importance of this battle,” Mr Tehan said in a statement. ? Read more »

SBS has a no dickheads rule

This all happened when I was trapped on buses or flying, but it looks like SBS has a no dickheads rule after one of the journalists went feral on twitter against honouring ANZACs.

They’ve sacked him.

Respect for Australian audiences is paramount at SBS.

Late on Anzac Day, sports presenter Scott McIntyre made highly inappropriate and disrespectful comments via his twitter account which have caused his on-air position at SBS to become untenable.

Mr McIntyre?s actions have breached the SBS Code of Conduct and social media policy and as a result, SBS has taken decisive action to terminate Mr McIntyre?s position at SBS, with immediate effect. ?? Read more »

ANZAC Day – Gallipoli

Today Dad and I will be at the dawn ceremony at ANZAC Cove and then the service at Chunuk Bair.

I will have the medals of my great-grandfather Harry Crozier with me. It is 100 years since ANZAC troops set foot on the Gallipoli peninsula in that ill-fated campaign.

This has been on my bucket list forever…today will tick that off, and on the centenary as well.

It is special. ?? Read more »

Another disrespectful cartoon, no surprises it was the Herald

What is it with cartoonists and ANZAC day?

The other day Jim Hubbard attacked me using ANZAC Day and disrespected the sacrifices of my great-grandfather in a lame attempt to smear me.

Today the NZ Herald has an equally offensive cartoon.

200415BODYCARTOONgif Read more »

Taking these back to where they were won

Harry Crozier's medals from Gallipoli campaign

Harry Crozier’s medals from Gallipoli campaign

This evening I am leaving with my father to go to Gallipoli. Mum and Dad were going to go and were booked to go more than two years ago.?Mum of course contracted cancer and passed away, unable to ever go to Gallipoli. This will be an incredibly emotional trip for the both of us.

This has always been on my bucket list and to go for the centenary is an honour and a privilege.

We are stopping off in Dubai to visit my brother who lives there and then on to Istanbul and then to Gallipoli for the 100 year commemorations.

Yesterday I managed to pick up my great grandfather’s medal from that campaign. I spent some time with Harry’s son going over a lot of the memorabilia that he still has. It has been 30 years since I last saw him and I enjoyed my time yesterday afternoon with him. To have the medals sitting on the?passenger seat on the drive home was special.

They are a little worse for wear and when we get back I will look at preserving them in a more appropriate manner. I will be looking for some ideas for presentation, but I think his service needs to be properly recognised and displayed rather than kept in a drawer. I am proud of the service record of our family. It should be displayed. It is the only real way to keep the memory alive. ? Read more »

Brazen profiteering off ANZAC gets Woolworths smacked up with memes

It should be no surprise to Countdown suppliers that their parent company Woolworths in Australia has been slammed for their ANZAC promotion.

Woolworths tribute to the Anzac legend backfired spectacularly on Tuesday night with its “fresh in our memories” social media campaign launching a barrage of memes.

In anticipation of the centenary of the WWI Gallipoli campaign this April, the supermarket giant asked Australians to share a memory of someone affected by war by changing their social media profile pictures to an image of that person using its?profile picture generator – which has now been taken down from the internet.

The generator branded the uploaded images with the Woolworths logo and the text “Lest We Forget Anzac 1915-2015. Fresh in our memories”. But the attempt to tie the Anzac story and loss in war to the “fresh food people” brand was swiftly met with derision and laughter.

It quickly became embarrassingly clear how easily the campaign could be hijacked. Twitter users got creative with their choice of profile pictures, tweeting the results with the hashtags ?#freshinourmemories and #brandzacday.

Some used the generator to criticise crassness of a marketing campaign that cashed in on Anzac.

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Gallipoli 2015 – Is anyone going?

Harry Crozier, learned to carve convalescing at Rotorua


My Dad and I have won tickets from the ballot…finally a dream come true to travel to Gallipoli and for the centenary as well.

There are only around 2,000 Kiwis able to attend commemorations, so I feel incredibly privileged,

Do any other readers have tickets and are attending? Perhaps we could catch up in Istanbul?

Information on travelling from Istanbul to Gallipoli is hard to come by. ? Read more »

Photo Of The Day

New Zealand troops and the tank "Jumping Jennie" in a trench at Gommecourt Wood, France, on August 10, 1918. (Henry Armytage Sanders/National Library of New Zealand)

New Zealand troops and the tank “Jumping Jennie” in a trench at Gommecourt Wood, France, on August 10, 1918.
(Henry Armytage Sanders/National Library of New Zealand)

100-year Anniversary Of The Great War

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ANZAC Day – Lest we Forget


Original Post:?25 April 2006

This is my ANZAC Day trib?ute post?ing. ANZAC Day means a great deal for me and my fam?ily. I sup?pose it is because we have a con?nec?tion to the orig?i?nal ANZACS in 1915 and Gal?lipoli and to a vet?eran of a war much fresher in our minds, Viet Nam.

Firstly I pay trib?ute to my Great Grand-father Harry Crozier. I never really knew him, he died many years ago. Harry served in the ?Gal?lipoli cam?paign?and thank?fully came home alive albeit with only one working leg. I know he spent con?sid?er?able time in Rotorua con?va?lesc?ing and learned to carve maori carv?ings as part of his reha?bil?i?ta?tion.

The sec?ond per?son I pay trib?ute to is a guy who truly epit?o?mises the ANZAC spirit. He is an Aussie, liv?ing in New Zealand who fought for New Zealand in Viet Nam. He is mar?ried to a Kiwi and has three Kiwi kids, and three Kiwi grand kids. He is also my Father-in-law.

41873 Gnr Atkins KG 161 Bty was in Viet Nam in 1966. Based in?Nui Dat?and one of the first to arrive and estab?lish the Base and gun posi?tions. ?Oz? par?tic?i?pated in the famous ?Bat?tle of Long Tan?where the Kiwi guns were instru?men?tal in sav?ing 3 pla?toons of D Com?pany of the ?6th?Bat?tal?ion, Royal Aus?tralian Reg?i?ment(6RAR) and enabling the thrash?ing of a Reg?i?ment of Viet Cong.

Each gun fired over 1200 rounds that day and night in sup?port of the Aussies. The bat?tle was fought in a rub?ber tree plan?ta?tion near the vil?lage of Long Tan, about 40?km north-east of Vung Tau, South Viet?nam on August 18?19, 1966. The bat?tle was fought all after?noon and most of the night in pour?ing mon?soon rain. The guns ran so hot that wet blan?kets were draped over them in an attempt to keep the bar?rels cool.

Kevin tells many sto?ries of his time in Viet Nam but they are not at all ?warry? to use his term. They speak a sim?ple truth that war is tough and bru?tal. He often says he hopes his chil?dren never have to go to war and thank?fully they prob?a?bly won?t have to.

It seems so long ago, yet for some only yes?ter?day. The Gov?ern?ment to this day still treats vet?er?ans with dis?dain with their han?dling, and obfus?ca?tion of the Agent Orange scan?dal. I say a scan?dal because that is what it is. You need only ask any vet?eran about Agent Orange and they will tell you they weren?t just sprayed with they were doused in it, they drank water soaked with it and were often wet to their socks with Agent Orange.?Check out this photo of Nui Dat in 1966?. Every coun?try in Viet Nam at the time has acknowl?edged it hap?pened and com?pen?sated their vet?er?ans and New Zealand con?tin?ues to deny it occurred and con?tin?ues to hold spu?ri?ous enquiries. [The Government has since said “Sorry”, if it was at all possible to say sorry without actually saying the word, but for me it was too little, too late] ?? Read more »

Gallipoli ballot research throws up some interesting researching

Crozier-casualty Form

Fairfax reports on people looking into war records to support their application to attend the Gallipoli centenary in 2015. I would love to go, but haven’t entered the ballot, even though my great-grandfather served and was wounded at Gallipoli.

Hundreds of New Zealanders have had applications for the Gallipoli ballot rejected – with some finding Grandad wasn’t the war hero they thought.

More than 260 disappointed applicants have had entries to the centenary celebrations in Turkey on April 25, 2015 invalidated by the Defence Force, with the military double-checking all personnel files with Archives New Zealand.

Entries were also rejected for being late, filled out by non-New Zealand citizens, and not containing enough information. Some desperate to get a spot at Anzac Cove tried to sneak in multiple entries.? Read more »