MFaT issues unhelpful advice for those travelling to Gallipoli


It is Gallipoli season again and thousands of Kiwis will be making their pilgrimage to ANZAC Cove.

I was lucky enough to go last year for the centenary celebrations and it was a long and tiring but fantastic trip.

This year with tensions in?the?region escalating and terror attacks in Turkey, MFaT has issued warnings.

New Zealanders travelling to Gallipoli for Anzac Day commemorations are being warned to be careful following suicide bombings and civil unrest in Turkey.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) updated its travel advice to Turkey yesterday night ahead of the events at Gallipoli on April 25. ? Read more »


Aussie government capitulate over Lone Pine fiasco

The Aussie government have been forced into an embarrassing back down over their reluctance to continue with ceremonies at Lone Pine.

Outrage over a federal government decision to pull the pin on the Anzac Day Lone Pine service at Gallipoli has sparked a backdown.

A wreath-laying ceremony at Lone Pine will take place on the afternoon before Anzac Day this year.

Incoming Veterans’ Affairs Minister Dan Tehan announced the compromise on Sunday and says a formal service commemorating the Battle of Lone Pine will also be held in August.

“Holding the service on the appropriate anniversary gives it proper recognition and ensures the wider public has a greater understanding and acknowledgement of the importance of this battle,” Mr Tehan said in a statement. ? Read more »

Aussies bail out of Gallipoli celebrations



The Aussie have raised the white flag over Gallipoli celebrations this year, cancelling their service at Lone Pine.

There’s an assurance from the Government this morning – ANZAC commemorations at Gallipoli are going ahead as planned.

Australia’s government has cancelled the Lone Pine service, saying the site is is too hard to get to.

But our Minister of Veterans Affairs Craig Foss said New Zealand won’t be following suit, and the service at Chunuk Bair is on.

“Chunuk Bair – that’s a unique part of New Zealand’s history, military history ?- the formation of our nation, you name it. There’s 632 New Zealanders buried right up there and we consider that it’s the appropriate thing to do.”

Malcolm Turnbull’s government said the ceremony at Lone Pine is hard for veterans and their families to reach.

But Opposition leader Bill Shorten said Anzac Day is a hugely important event for Australians.

He said everything should be done to honour the sacrifice of those who lost their lives.

The administration has now moved to review its decision.

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SBS has a no dickheads rule

This all happened when I was trapped on buses or flying, but it looks like SBS has a no dickheads rule after one of the journalists went feral on twitter against honouring ANZACs.

They’ve sacked him.

Respect for Australian audiences is paramount at SBS.

Late on Anzac Day, sports presenter Scott McIntyre made highly inappropriate and disrespectful comments via his twitter account which have caused his on-air position at SBS to become untenable.

Mr McIntyre?s actions have breached the SBS Code of Conduct and social media policy and as a result, SBS has taken decisive action to terminate Mr McIntyre?s position at SBS, with immediate effect. ?? Read more »

Observations of ANZAC Day at Gallipoli

Now I am back in Dubai after sitting for hours on buses and spending a day touring Istanbul I thought ‘d write a post about general observations of Turkey, Gallipoli and ANZAC day.

It must have been difficult managing the transit of more than 20,000 people plus all the support crews to ensure people were safe and secure for the centenary. Of course there are issues, but moving that many people down a single road more than 400kms from Istanbul would be a nightmare.

Fortunately it as all handled really well, except for the timings which became frustrating. But we all got there, and all got back so it worked. Why things became frustrating was basically due to wrong or lack of proper information.

For example in all literature it states that travel to and from Istanbul is about 5 and half hours. This is so wrong it became a standing joke. It would be that time in a car with no traffic or security check points.

On the 24th we were picked up at 0600 from the hotel and delivered to Taksim Square to the big bus…we waited there 1 hour. The first of many waits. As we drove to the Blue Mosque we actually drove past our hotel again…so the 1 hour wait was unnecessary and also the early rise.

At the Blue Mosque there were over 300 coaches and we waited there for two hours before moving off. So far we had spent more time waiting than driving. Everything was starting to have a classic army “hurry up and wait” look and feel.

We proceeded out of Istanbul and down the freeways on the peninsula, by this time the bus was rambunctious…with Kiwis and Aussie liberally sledging each other ?with light hearted banter. We had a good bunch of people on our bus apart from one bag…but you always have one in every group.

The five and half hours was long since past. ?? Read more »

Photo Of The Day

Photo: John Key Facebook

Photo: John Key Facebook

The Loved Ones Left Behind

?Widows of fallen heroes make emotional trip to Anzac Cove to remember the men they lost.

?John Key and Tony Abbott met with Prince Charles and Prince Harry after the dawn service and spent time with Australian World War One widows who even had gifts for the Princes.

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Photo Of The Day

Photo: Alexander Turnbull Library

Photo: Alexander Turnbull Library

Excerpts from Soldier?s Diaries, Letters and Memoirs

Their Thoughts on Various Topics Reveal Much About What The Anzacs Were Experiencing.

?New Zealand and Australian soldiers above Anzac Cove, 1915.

Albert Facey

?We were scared stiff, ? I know I was ? but keyed up and eager to be on our way. We thought we would tear right through the Turks and keep going to Constantinople. Troops were taken off both sides of the ship onto destroyers. My platoon and other D Company men were on the same destroyers. All went well until we were making the charge into rowing boats.

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ANZAC Day – Gallipoli

Today Dad and I will be at the dawn ceremony at ANZAC Cove and then the service at Chunuk Bair.

I will have the medals of my great-grandfather Harry Crozier with me. It is 100 years since ANZAC troops set foot on the Gallipoli peninsula in that ill-fated campaign.

This has been on my bucket list forever…today will tick that off, and on the centenary as well.

It is special. ?? Read more »

ANZAC Day – Lest we forget



Original Post: 25 April 2006

This is my ANZAC Day trib?ute post?ing. ANZAC Day means a great deal for me and my fam?ily. I sup?pose it is because we have a con?nec?tion to the orig?i?nal ANZACS in 1915 and Gal?lipoli and to a vet?eran of a war much fresher in our minds, Viet Nam.

Firstly I pay trib?ute to my Great Grand-father Harry Crozier. I never really knew him, he died many years ago. Harry served in the Gal?lipoli cam?paign and thank?fully came home alive albeit with only one working leg. I know he spent con?sid?er?able time in Rotorua con?va?lesc?ing and learned to carve maori carv?ings as part of his reha?bil?i?ta?tion.

The sec?ond per?son I pay trib?ute to is a guy who truly epit?o?mises the ANZAC spirit. He is an Aussie, liv?ing in New Zealand who fought for New Zealand in Viet Nam. He is mar?ried to a Kiwi and has three Kiwi kids, and four Kiwi grand kids. He is also my Father-in-law.

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ANZAC Day – Dawn Service

This video is from 2013. I will try to record this years dawn service…and will have to post it when I get back to Istanbul.