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A contemporary lawman described California Bandido Juan Soto as possessing “a countenance the worst I ever saw in a human face.” His wildly crossed eyes and reputation for ferocity earned him the nickname “Human Wildcat.”

“The Human Wildcat”

The old west! A time of cattle rustlers, gamblers, Indian attacks, shootouts, saloon fights, and the list goes on and on. Juan Soto, whose alias was “The Human Wildcat,” was part?Indian and Mexican. He?was said to be a very?large, ugly man, who was a notorious California thief and murderer.

The notoriety that earned Juan Soto a place in the history of the U.S. West came at the end of his life. Soto was of mixed Indian and Mexican heritage and became notorious in California as a thief and murderer. Soto and two other men robbed a store in Sunol, California, on January 10, 1871, killing a clerk and shooting a number of rounds into the living quarters of the store owners, apparently for no purpose at all.

In 1871 Sheriff Harry Morse made Soto the subject of one of his relentless manhunts. Morse found Soto several months later, and following a spectacular pistol duel, the fugitive was shot to death while running toward Morse’s Henry rifle yelling insanely!

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Photo Of The Day

Photo: Ken Gammage. This is a photo of Edsel Fong Ford along with his routinely 'abused' customers. Sit down and shut up.

Photo: Ken Gammage.
This is a photo of Edsel Fong Ford along with his routinely ‘abused’ customers. Sit down and shut up.

‘Sit down and Shut up!

?The Worst Waiter in History

I dared to ask what someone at the table next to me was eating; the waiter grabbed the plate from their table and offered me a taste! Haven’t been there in years, but it is forever etched in my memory.

Sam Wo, is the venerable old-time Chinese greasy spoon. The building is about 10 feet wide and five stories tall. You enter through the kitchen, past the woks and chopping blocks, pushing past the cooks, busboys, and waiters. Then you climb a tiny stairway to low ceilinged floors with six or seven small tables and a dumbwaiter. If the floor is full, up to the next, until you find a table. The third and fourth floors were the bailiwick of the world’s rudest, worst, most insulting waiter, the legendary Edsel Ford Fong. He had a brother named Henry Ford Fong, who had the first and second floors. I guess their Dad really liked Fords.

I had the bad idea of asking for sweet and sour pork and a coke. “You Retarded? No coke!! Tea Only!! No sweet and sour!! You see on menu?!! You get house special chow fun…No fork, chopstick only…What you want, fat man?” answered Edsel.

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