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Josh Forman

Whaleoil used the same Trick as Tyrion Lannister to out today’s face of the day for what he is, a Left Wing Blogger donkey deep in dirty politics.

In my conversation with Josh Forman I got suspicious because of his intense interest and so fed him some information that wasn?t strictly true so that it could be easily verified by cellphone records.


It is not the first time that this particular play ( The Canary Trap ) has been used to reveal a leaker in politics.

It’s not exactly promising Princess Myrcella to three different suitors, but the technique used by Tyrion Lannister on HBO’s epic Game of Thrones to uncloak the member of the Privy Council betraying him to his sister and mortal foe?giving different information to Varys, Littlefinger, and Grand Maester Pycelle?made an appearance in a recent hunt inside the White House for the pseudonymous national-security tweeter @natsecwonk, according to the Washington Post:

Three weeks ago, the group hatched a plan to trick the suspected NSC staffer into revealing himself. They would intentionally plant inaccurate, but harmless, information with him to see if it would pop up as a 140-character tweet, according to a U.S. official with knowledge of the effort.
The technique is a well-established one in intelligence circles, it turns out, and was popularized by Tom Clancy as a Canary Trap in his novel Patriot Games. The tweeter was eventually revealed to be Jofi Joseph, a National Security Council staffer involved in negotiations around Iran’s nuclear program.


Josh Forman came unarmed to a battle of wits and got bitch slapped.


Game of Thrones I think not, Game of Groans is more realistic

Watch as Alastair Thompson, the tainted editor of Scoop, plays with a sword against marauder cabbages.

Game of Thrones I think not, Game of Groans is perhaps more appropriate.

What on earth was he thinking?

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Face of the day


Tyrian Lannister is todays face of the day. A selection of quotes taken from both the T.V Show and the book are below. He is the best character in the book because he is both the underdog and the intellectual superior of every other character. He has a bad reputation but he is kind and he is brave. He is faced with huge odds and yet he survives.

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Can Paul “Reek” Goldsmith ever be a Minister?

Claire Trevett delivered an awesome sledge last week, calling Paul Goldsmith ?Reek? from the Game of Thrones.

For those who still?don?t know who Reek is, he is a character (Theon Greyjoy) in the Game of Thrones who has his tackle chopped off and is tortured to the point of insanity.

The problem for Reek Goldsmith is not so much the pressure and bad publicity for taking a dive in Epsom. It is that he is dead set useless when put on the spot by the media.

Watch him gulp like a goldfish when asked a really simple question about running in Epsom and dodging a debate. This is a political train wreck. Despite Matthew Hooton?s best efforts it is hard to see John Key ever making Goldsmith a minister, because Reek has demonstrated how absolutely useless he is when under pressure.? Read more »

Reek Can’t Speak

The other day Claire Trevett wrote what was possibly the best political column I have ever seen.

In it she describes Paul Goldsmith to a tee.

In an eerie parallel with the current series of?Game of Thrones, the 2014 election has also reached the stage in which the alliance of wildlings and giants are trying to breach the Wall led by Mance Rayder in the form of Kim Dotcom and his mammoths in the form of dollars.

The Houses of National and Labour are lining up their bannermen in the form of future coalition partners.

The price for the bannermen, of course, is that National must promise a castle as a reward for their fealty. Castle Epsom is already effectively promised to Act’s David Seymour, although Prime Minister John Key is yet to make the promised announcement of it. National’s candidate in Epsom, Paul Goldsmith, is again in the role of Reek – a candidate broken down to the point where he is effectively an obedient, submissive dog. With Epsom and Ohariu effectively done deals, that leaves National with the House of Conservatives to contend with.

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Map of the Day

Game of Thrones WesterosGeologicMap



Labour still playing fast and loose with intellectual property

What started as a time sensitive reference to Game of Thrones, Labour’s tweet pushing their North Korean power solution has backfired somewhat.

Commenters on twitter have lambasted Labour for using a photo of a Ukrainian forest taken by a Ukrainian photographer who goes by the name of Vladimir Agafonkin or his online persona of “Mourner”.

Sp Labour couldn’t be bothered finding a Kiwi image, or use one from w Kiwi photographer and instead nicked a photo from an offshore photographer hoping they wouldn’t get sprung.

Then again why should we be surprised when they get their IT policy dictated to them by Kim Dotcom.? Read more »

Game of Thrones out now, but not at Warehouse


The latest season of Game of Thrones is out now and people can buy it everywhere…except The Warehouse. I went down to the local store and they don’t have it…I asked about it and was told they won’t be stocking it because it is R18.

Barack Obama is a fan and he has asked HBO for an advance copy so he can watch it on the weekend…lucky he doesn’t have to ask The Warehouse or he’d be disappointed.

The Warehouse seem to have decided to become censors and moral arbiters of what we can or can’t buy and watch Their stance that it is because it is R18 might be valid if it wasn’t for they hypocrisy.? Read more »

Green Party taking liberties?

via the tipline, a reader emails:



I noticed the poster at Armageddon at the weekend, the Greens using Game of Thrones in their advertising campaign.

Considering the lack of HBO, Game of Thrones or any logo other than the Greens’ I’m suspicious that they haven’t bothered to obtain permission to use the imagery or tag line, which would be typical of their hypocrisy when it comes to rights.? Read more »

Face of the Day

Joffrey Baratheon from Game of Thrones. The show is about to screen on free TV (Prime), 15 or so months after debuting in the US.

So not too late then. . . .