Gareth Veale

ACT candidate not happy with the quality of Chch hookers?

The ACT candidate in the Christchurch East by-election has issued a clanger of a press release that appears to be moaning about the state of the cities hookers and demanding more choice.

ACT’s Christchurch East candidate, Gareth Veale, wants more local choice to control street prostitution.

Obviously not happy with the standard of the city’s pay per root slappers.

He says there should be “local rules for local reasons” and points out how this is already happening with alcohol. “The new liquor laws give Councils the right to produce their own Local Liquor Policy,” he says. “That proves it can be done.  Read more »

Freedom in Christchurch?

Freedom In Christchurch appears to have a different meaning.

The reception Act candidate Gareth Veale received at this week’s Christchurch ‘democracy’ rally is disgusting.  Even though he was there supporting the cause.

The full version is here, but here are a couple of extracts.

These people were chanting ‘freedom’, before they shouted down a supportive speaker because of his political affiliation.