Garth McVicar

Why won’t anyone step up to lead the Conservative party?

The Conservative party have approached a number of people to lead it since Colin Craig’s leadership fell under a rain cloud.

Here’s a list, which may not even be complete.


Bob McCoskrie

The moral crusader considered the position for a while, but in the end declined. ?Just like in court, where he said he had not been part of the production of Colin Craig’s “Dirty Politics” booklet, and then had to be recalled to be given a second chance to explain why he had email correspondence with Colin Craig that proved … his memory was faulty. Quite?how a moral crusader justifies?giving evidence in support of Colin Craig after the sordid revelations in court and in the Human Rights Tribunal is beyond me.?A conservative party with McCoskrie at the helm would be constantly tested against Family First policy and inevitably would be found to be supporting more than one position depending on which organisation he was fronting. Read more »

Greg Presland can’t count

The only Labour MP to win a seat from National in the 2014 election is getting beaten up by the halfwits in the echo chamber that is the Standard.

Chief halfwit Mickey Savage aka Greg Presland, makes the following stupid claim based on not being able to count or analyse election results.

Good on him for winning. ?If you look at the?2011?and?2014?election results in Napier you will see that his proportion of the electorate vote barely changed but National?s plunged by 19% points because of an energetic campaign by the Sensible Sentencing Trust?s candidate Garth McVicar. ?His success was directly due to McVicar?s presence but hey, in politics winning is all important.?

Once again I have?to point out what a load of bullshit the ?McVicar won Napier for Nashy? argument is. We have had to do this repeatedly when the left and the media don?t bother to do the analysis properly. Here is the correct analysis.

Did Stuart Nash win Napier because of the Conservatives?

The short answer is no.

The long answer is that?with a majority of 3733?Nash would have almost certainly won whether Garth McVicar was in the race or not. ?? Read more »

Contrast and Compare: SERCO gets minced and Corrections gets a free pass


A convicted sex offender, Zane McVeigh, led the Wellington police on a brief chase yesterday after removing his electronic bracelet.

It was believed there were still 19 people evading the authorities after removing their devices.

Sensible Sentencing Trust founder Garth McVicar said the monitoring system had systemic problems, and was putting the public at risk.

“We advocated that it would only be for low-level, non-violent offenders. But now you’re seeing top end, violent offenders being put out there.

“It was always going to happen when they started expanding the use of it,” he said.

“Ultimately, really we don’t have an option but to use prison more for those violent offenders, and those that are just going to give their middle fingers to the system.”

That’s the scary thing. ?We have known sex offenders in the community. ?I say known, but of course we’re not allowed to know who they are. ?It’s a total secret. ?Could be the next person you meet. ? Read more »

If there is one good to come from Blessie?s cruel death, let it be better preventative detention law

Nobody could keep the creep locked up. ?His rights had to be respected, no matter how certain it would be that someone was going to be at the wrong end of it. ?There will be dozens of people who can?t sleep well knowing they did everything they could, but they simply didn?t have the legal tools to deal with such evil.

Why are we talking about flags, and anthems, when we have something this important to do?

The murder of Blessie Gotingco has sparked a call for judges to be able to revisit dangerous offender’s sentence at the end of their prison time.

The Sensible Sentencing Trust is calling for such a law change, which while it might breach the Bill of Rights at least one law academic believes it is “worth talking about”.

Name suppression lifted yesterday for 28-year-old Tony Douglas Robertson, who raped and murdered Mrs Gotingco in May 2014 just six months after being released on strict conditions after serving his full eight-year sentence for abducting and molesting a five-year-old girl.

SST spokesman Garth McVicar says the Government should change the law so an offender’s sentence can be reconsidered once they have reached the end of their jail time. ? Read more »

Who will take over from Colin Craig?

With Colin Craig?s departure now confirmed, let?s look at what a primary race might look like in the Conservative Party.

The one thing the Conservatives have on their side is time.? The election is still at least two years away so they can take months deciding on a new leader.

Initial front-runners:

Former CERA boss, Roger Sutton
Pros: Roger is both competent and available. He?s better liked by the Government than Colin Craig and would more likely be able to get a Epsom-style deal from John Key.
Cons: Two?leaders in a row with sexual harassment allegations in their past is a bad look, even for the Conservatives.

Christine Rankin
Pros: High profile, media capable. Experience in senior government position would bring an element of credibility should the Party find themselves a part of fourth term John Key Government.
Cons: It?s Christine Rankin.? Read more »

Will the Conservatives cull Colin Craig?


It looks like there is a weapons grade rat-fucking of Colin Craig underway with two separate stories appearing in two separate media outlets yesterday ahead of their board meeting.

TV3 reports:

Colin Craig having a?sauna session with David Farrier?on TV3’s Newsworthy has reportedly caused a furore in the Conservative Party, with members calling it humiliating and the final straw.

It may have been funny for some, but not for the party members who are said to want Mr Craig gone.

An informed party source told 3 News there was a coup on, and the numbers were against the leader.

The 11-person Conservative Party board will hold an urgent meeting tomorrow, where Mr Craig’s future as leader is expected to be decided.

There are other issues to be raised as well…which I understand are rather unseemly.

Other acts of the party leader that have caused discontent include Mr Craig’s press secretary Rachel McGregor quitting suddenly last year and his well-publicised conspiracy theories, such as being unsure whether man landed on the moon.

Mr Craig says he will go to the board meeting tomorrow and give it his “best shot.”

He says he has met with Ms McGregor and they have resolved their differences.

Read more »

The photo in which Colin Craig leaves a sauna with a bisexual male?


Colin Craig after a sauna with David Farrier.

Colin?Craig is?feeling pretty good at the moment. He’s just been on Newsworthy getting sweaty man hugs from David Farrier in a sauna.

On top of that rumour has it he wrote an enormous cheque so his?pre-erection?pre-election misdeeds won’t be made public.

Even better, the Conservative Party Board still don’t know half of what Colin really got up to. ? Read more »

Crim hugging halfwit QC defends dud judge

The other day I wrote about a dud judge buying the sob story of a vicious little thug.

Yesterday a crim-hugging halfwit QC rushed to defend the dud judge…and he thinks judges should never be criticised.

A Queen’s Counsel has defended a judge after claims she gave a “pathetic sentence” to a teenager who brutally beat a man and left him for dead in central Havelock North.

Russell Fairbrother QC said in a letter to Hawke’s Bay Today yesterday that comments by Sensible Sentencing Trust spokesman Garth McVicar about Judge Bridget Mackintosh were “wrong”.

Mr McVicar said the sentence imposed on Jacob Broderick was a “slap in the face” for the victim and that Judge Mackintosh had “given some of the most pathetic sentences this country has seen”.

Broderick, 18, was sentenced to four months’ community detention, 200 hours’ community work and nine months’ supervision in the Hastings District Court on Wednesday for his part in an unprovoked assault on a 33-year-old man in the early hours of August 3 last year.

Described as a “thug” by the victim’s sister, Broderick did not face the same fate as his co-attacker, Falcon Kaine Walsh, who was jailed for two years and six months by Judge Tony Adeane.

Colin Craig tries to paper over the cracks

Conservative Party leader Colin Craig has dismissed rumours of a leadership challenge and the expulsion of a party member as “a storm in a teacup”.

Mr Craig confirmed that his party was taking “disciplinary action” against board member Larry Baldock, but said he did not expect it to result in expulsion.

The Conservative leader said he had also learned of “murmurings” about a leadership challenge, but he did not know where they came from.

“There are a lot of rumours around the traps,” he said.

The party voted on all positions every year and no one had raised the matter of a new leader at a board meeting on Saturday.


Former Napier candidate Garth McVicar was invited to the meeting by a board member, despite resigning from the party after the election.

Mr McVicar – who returned to his job at the Sensible Sentencing Trust in October – said he turned down the invitation and he had no plans to challenge for the leadership.

Mr Craig said he did not know Mr McVicar had been invited to the board meeting but he presumed it was to give advice on future strategy.

“His input to the party would still be welcome,” he said.

Since the election, chief executive Christine Rankin has stood down but remained on the board and Mr McVicar and board member Leighton Baker have resigned.

Mr Craig said it was common to have some turnover after an election.

There has been quite the power struggle in the Conservative Party since the election, mostly to try and get Colin Craig to leave.  The idea was for Laurence Day to start bankrolling the Conservative Party, get rid of the Craig acolytes, put Garth McVicar in the top spot,  and see what the Conservative Party can achieve without the burden of a megalomaniac control freak at the helm. Read more »

Can Matt Nippert count?


Herald reporter Matt Nippert seems to be completely unable to count. He makes the following statement.

Mr Nash won the Napier seat off National, in part helped by the Conservative Party’s Garth McVicar splitting the vote, and was talked about as a possible candidate to replace David Cunliffe as party leader.

So Matt Nippert hasn?t done any analysis on the seat of Napier. None at all, or he wouldn?t make this silly statement. Nash won and would have won regardless of whether McVicar ran.? Read more »