Gary Holmes

Another Day, Another lie proven false and bullying shown up

If Andrew Williams was a baseball team he’d be batting zero. On the weekend he abused the North Shore Times as unfit to even wrap fish and chips and this morning we see why it doesn’t pay to abuse the fourth estate. In a battle of wits, the mad Mayor is clearly unarmed.

Last week he attacked me and another chap by the name of Gary Holmes. He made all sorts of defamatory claims about Gary in particular and me in general. This week we get to the bottom of his spurious, false and defamatory claims.

North Shore City Council chief executive John Brockies has refused to investigate the reasons for the departure of North Harbour Business Association general manager Gary Holmes.

Shore mayor Andrew Williams requested the investigation after raising questions about Mr Holmes’ departure from the organisation.

But Mr Brockies told the North Shore Times he is taking no further action on this matter.

He says the association has told him the mayor’s allegations are “utterly groundless”.

Mr Williams issued a media release last Monday alleging the reasons for Mr Holmes’ resignation were of a financial nature.

He also accused Mr Holmes of “covertly” assisting blogger Cameron Slater who is standing against the mayor in the Albany ward.

Mr Holmes says the allegations are untrue and he left the association “after a divergence of views on processes and the way forward”.

Business association chairman Graham Boult confirmed Mr Holmes’ comments.

Knock, knock, can I hear the process server at the door. Undeterred though Angry Andrew, the Clown of Campbells Bay continues the defamation;

Mr Williams stands by his statements despite the chief executive’s refusal to investigate.

The man is a drunk fool. Even his most loyal of the A Team are deserting him.

Voters in Albany can rid themselves of the Clown by Voting?for Cameron Slater, Keeping the Buggers Honest.

Vote Slater - Albany - Auckland - Keeping the Buggers Honest

Vote Slater - Albany - Auckland - Keeping the Buggers Honest

The Whale vs. Williams

The headline reads:

Mayor faces online tormentor

Unfortunately that isn’t actually the case. The Clown of Campbells Bay refuses to face me, he turns up alte, goes after he speaks and if I try to talk to him like i do with every other candidate in Albany or indeed, even Len Brown, he runs for cover behind other people refusing to front up to his appalling allegations and defamations.

Andrew Williams cowers behind Facebook, spraying insults and defamations everywhere but he won’t front face to face. The man is a coward and a bully, and this blogger has bearded him.

He says he has a strategy for coping with Mr Slater’s presence on the same stage: “He craves attention and he craves the limelight and the best way is to ignore him, if you can.”

Mr Williams claims a victory – reckoning he has uncovered a member of the blogger’s spy ring.

“It was disappointing to find Gary Holmes in cahoots with Cameron Slater, with him attending public meetings, sending twitters and messages off to Cameron Slater, who was putting them straight on his blogsite and Cameron Slater was saying, ‘My spy’s at the meeting tonight’.”

Andrew Williams clearly is paranoid, a conspiracist and sees cabals of people trying to stop his righteous crusade through the bars of Takapuna.

He also fails to note that the meeting he is talking about had a great many people at it, including some who tweeted or Facebooked his appalling standover of John Banks. At that stage I had never met Gary Holmes, a man that Williams continue to defame.

Obviously Andrew Williams doesn’t believe in freedom of association and is a closet fascist wanting controls on people who speak against him.

The man should be voted from office, which is ironic, because I call for him to be voted out and he calls for me to be struck from the ballot paper.

Vote Slater for Albany and rid the city of this nasty, short, drunk imbecile.

Vote Slater - Albany - Auckland - Keeping the Buggers Honest

Vote Slater - Albany - Auckland - Keeping the Buggers Honest

The Bullying Confirmed

The Clown of Campbells Bay, Andrew Williams can’t stand the heat that I am applying to him in Albany. I blogged the other day that he had laid a complaint with the Police and now he is trying to have me struck off as a candidate in Albany Ward.

North Shore Mayor Andrew Williams has laid a police complaint against Whaleoil blogger Cameron Slater and wants him struck off as a super city council candidate for using his campaign to “stalk” him.

This is interesting. Andrew Williams wants to interefere with the democratic process in Albany because he is upset. That’s a little different from the comment he put on Facebook the other day.

Andrew Williams two-faced on democracy?

Andrew Williams two-faced on democracy?

So on September 17 a 05:40am Andrew Williams is for people giving it a go, and now facing increasing pressure in Albany Ward he wants to instruct the Returning Officer to have me struck from the ballot. This is all a bit like his stance on Whenuapai Airport when firstly he was for it, then at the last minute against it. The man can’t lie straight in bed.

Slater, who is running against Williams in the Albany ward, has labelled the mayor a “coward and a bully” and says police have told him they will not be pursuing the matter.

The Whaleoil blogger sees his opposition to Williams as a civic duty – “He doesn’t deserve to be a councillor. It’s a duty of every citizen to do what they can. I’m being a candidate to make sure he doesn’t get elected.”

Andrew Williams though, doesn’t like being held to account and he won’t front in person, preferring to keep his bullying online.

Early this morning he was abusing former Mayor of North Shore George Wood and his sister, rather rudely on George’s own Facebook page.

Andrew Williams abuses George Wood and his sister

Andrew Williams abuses George Wood and his sister

Andrew Williams is a coward and a bully. He sets the Police on to me because he can’t take the pressure. This man deserves to be hounded from office in disgrace. He also lies when he says to the reporter;

“He stands up at a meeting and says ‘I will not urinate on a tree, I will not use a credit card in a Takapuna bar, I will not send drunken texts’.”

“What he has put in his candidate profile is harassment. His whole campaign is focussed on attacking me.”

I have nt stood in public meetings and said that, I have stood in public meetings and offered?policies?and platforms that are different from everyone else. Those comments are from my candidate statement and they are promises which I can easily honour. At least Andrew Williams has read them and knows that I stand against his normal council practices. My candidate statement was checked with Dale Ofsoske and he changed only one word, he rang me to check that I was ok with that. It is a pity that Andrew Williams can’t act in a manner that is becoming of a mayor and public official with the same level of professionalism as Dale and his staff.

His bullying has now extended to arranging the dismissal of a person his?fantasist?paranoiac?mind think is running a conspiracy to get him. I have met Gary Holmes just 4 times and all have been at candidate meetings. Andrew Williams appears in very good company with other?fantasists?Simon Ewing-Jarvie and?Stephen?Wilce. He has admitted to meddling in the North Harbour Business Association, again in a late night ramble on a Facebook page.

Andrew Williams admits to meddling in NHBA affairs

Andrew Williams admits to meddling in NHBA affairs

The man is clearly feeling the pressure. Just the other night he was rambling to himself in the third person. As you can see in the space of just a few days he has abused beneficiaries, other candidates including Linda Cooper, now an ex-Mayors sister, essentially calling her ugly, and now he is calling me a nutter, clearly an inference to my battle with depression. Not only that he appears to have meddled in the affairs of a business association in order to get even with some one I am supposed to be working in collusion with. His paranoid delusions are very clearly affecting him, either that or the recycling bin is going to be very full outside one house in Campbells Bay.

I wonder if perhaps as part of his cosy deal with Len Brown to be Deputy Mayor he got some polling done by UMR in Albany and the results are not what he would have liked and so he is now attacking the two leading candidates with his nasty, spiteful bully-boy antics.

Well, the reason I stood was to stand up to the bully, and I won’t be cowed by his threats. There is a way to end his reign of terror on the North Shore and that is to Vote Slater for Albany to keep the Clown out.

Vote Slater - Albany - Auckland - Keeping the Buggers Honest

Vote Slater - Albany - Auckland - Keeping the Buggers Honest

And he sprays some more

Andrew Williams is on definite bender. Now he is actively defaming Gary Holmes and add Linda Cooper into the mix. He posted this comment on Neil Millar’s Facebook wall.

Andrew Williams continues his mad rants

Andrew Williams continues his mad rants

Poor Linda, she has done nothing except chat with me at candidate meetings. Who will be next in Andrew Williams war of terror on people speaking the truth about him?