Gary Morgan

Just who is running the NBR? It appears to be Matthew Hooton

It appears to be Matthew Hooton.

I spotted this late last night after his post went live.

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Roy Morgan’s dodgy polling and even more dodgy analysis

The latest Roy Morgan poll came out yesterday and as is usual from that polling company it was another massive swing. This is why I no longer have any faith in their polling. There is simply too much variation up and down.

This latest offering is too scandalous to go past.?His latest poll has National up six Labour down four and the Greens down 2.5. ?A 14 point swing.

Even worse though is Gary Morgan’s commentary.

?Today?s New Zealand Roy Morgan Poll shows National (46.5%, up 6%) increasing its lead over the main Opposition Labour Party (31.5%, down 4%) after New Zealand became the thirteenth country in the world, and the first in the Asia-Pacific, to legalise same-sex marriage. Today?s result returns National to a lead similar to the lead it held two months ago in?late February ? National (47.5%) cf. Labour (30.5%).? Read more »