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She didn’t show solidarity with the gay community, she showed it with Islam

I have had it up to here with our representatives showing solidarity with the side of oppression rather than the victims. The ignorance expressed is gob smacking. Susan Devoy has shown herself to be devoid of any rational thought. Is she really this ignorant or is it deliberate?

The headline for the article about Susan Devoy says that NZ politicians need to be as brave as migrant children. I totally agree. They need to have the courage to look at the indisputable evidence and act to protect our gay community, our Christian community, our Jewish community, our women and our children from an ideology that is clearly extremely dangerous to them. If she wants to talk about bravery, let’s talk about the Christians who are not safe inside UN-run refugee camps because of how Muslim refugees threaten, hurt, rape and kill them. If she wants to talk about bravery then let’s talk about the people speaking out against Islam who live with constant death threats, and the cartoonists who were slaughtered for offending the religion of I will blow you all to pieces peace.

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In their eagerness to protect Islam the left have abandoned the gay community

Sometimes in life you cannot hold two positions simultaneously, and the left in America are struggling with a situation that forces them to make an uncomfortable decision. In order to protect one group it has given victimhood status to, it must acknowledge that the ideology of another group that it has given victimhood status to is responsible for a massacre. Instead of standing up for gays and focusing on protecting them after the Orlando massacre, the left and some gay activists have chosen to close ranks around Islam and to stay in denial about the reality of the massacre.

Ironically, while gay journalist Milo Yiannopoulosis is told that there are not enough police to protect him from hundreds of actual Muslim death threats at a press conference, police are on the roofs of all the mosques in the same area to protect the Muslim community from violence that has not been threatened and will never eventuate.

The left will not hold Islam accountable in any way, shape or form for the massacre. They prefer to blame their favourite scapegoat and whipping boy, Christianity, despite all evidence to the contrary. Islam is at the top of their victimhood pyramid and there is no way that they are going to hold it accountable.


The Left’s abandonment of the gay community so infuriated one man that he came out of the closet publicly in order to attack some Liberal gay leaders and activists.

Jim Hoft of the widely read Gateway Pundit conservative news blog came out as gay following the Orlando terrorist attacks and immediately started throwing punches at prominent gay activists who he says, just don’t get it.

During a segment on Newsmax TV, Hoft called out gay leaders who blasted Donald Trump, saying he’s the only candidate speaking about radical Islamic terrorism, which calls for the death of gay individuals. Read more »

LGBT March in Sweden going ahead without left Wing support

Stockholm Pride Festival

Stockholm Pride Festival

I have never understood Left Wing and Liberal support of Islam. They tend to be strongly against religion particularly Christians yet have this incomprehensible soft spot for Islam.

Left Wingers have an important part in our society. They have historically stood up for minority groups, women’s rights and human rights. They believe not only in equality but sometimes go so far as to attempt to give one group more rights than others in an attempt to address what they see as an imbalance. So called positive discrimination is one of their buzz words for example.

I am right wing but I appreciate the need for balance in a society.

In Sweden as has been written about before the Left Wing are now at a cross roads. They have been forced to choose between the LGBT  community and the Islamic community. They have chosen Islam. This is shocking. It is a total betrayal of all that they stand for. The very people that historically they have protected they are now throwing to the wolves.

This is a historic moment. The wilful blindness to all that Islam stands for is incomprehensible. Once Sweden becomes an Islamic caliphate all the groups that the Left wing have traditionally represented will be thrown under the bus. They will have helped Islam achieve the Nanny State that they have always dreamed of but it will be a Nanny State under Sharia law.

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Face of the day


Courtney Hoffman (Facebook)

Todays face of the day Courtney Hoffman reacted in an unexpected way when a business that was happy to serve Gay people in its restaurant refused to cater a Gay wedding. By reacting the way she did she made a much more powerful statement about Gay love than any of the haters who threatened and harassed the business owners.

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It isn’t the end of the world

Noah Berlatsky

Many people who oppose marriage equality like to suggest that it is the end of the institution of marriage. That isn’t true:

Marriage has, in the past, been about one man/one woman, just as Gallagher says; it’s been an assertion that gender and gender roles are as important as, or even more important than, what you feel in your heart.

Gay marriage is a final, absolute refutation of that logic. If two men can get married, or two women, then marriage must really be not about power, but about love. Gay marriage, then, is radical in the best sense, in that it offers equality and hope not just to gay people, but to children, women, and men of every orientation—even to Gallagher, resist it as she will. Gay marriage is not just about straight people accepting gays into our institutions. It’s about gay people teaching us what those institutions mean. The gay community has given straight people a lot over the years, but surely gay marriage is one of the greatest gift it has offered us.