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See where banning and outrage gets you


Could this get any better…

A Pride event in Scotland has banned drag queens because they might offend trans-gender people. Organisers of the show, established to celebrate diversity and tolerance, say the presence of drag queens could make the trans-gendered feel ?uncomfortable.?

Drag performances have historically been a feature of almost all Pride events, however Free Pride Scotland, which was set up as an ?anti-commercialist? rival of Glasgow?s main Pride event, appears to be the first to take the decision to exclude?them.

The organization claims to create ?a safe space for all people within the LGBTQIA+ community,? and not to ?discriminate.? However, they?say, ?the needs of the most marginalised groups within our community come first. After much discussion, the trans and non-binary caucus decided not to have drag acts perform at the event,? wrote Free Pride Scotland on their blog. They continued: ?? Read more »

Granted, the Eurovision Song Contest is gay


From gay-themed traffic lights to singing sewers, Vienna is getting spruced up as it prepares to host one of the world’s most popular music competitions, the 60th Eurovision Song Contest.

Australia is competing for the first time after being granted a one-off wildcard due to the competition’s popularity Down Under. Read more »

A Gay perspective on Islam


I have given this article the title? ‘A Gay perspective on Islam’, but after re? reading both the blog post quotes and the advertisement I realised that both have failed to link Sharia Law ( Which is Islam ) to the way homosexuals are treated in Palestine, Syria and Iran. It is this liberal failure to gloss over the root cause and to instead pretend it is a terrorist/autocratic thing that deeply concerns me. Why this fear to say what is so obvious? Saudi Arabia is held up as an almost perfect example of Islam and we all know how they treat women and gays.

The rights of LGBT people in Saudi Arabia are unrecognized. Homosexuality is frequently a taboo subject in Saudi Arabian society and is punished with imprisonment, fines, corporal punishment, capital punishment, whipping/flogging, and chemical castrations.


I think people are confused because they see Islam as a religion and separate from politics/government. It is the fact that religion and politics are the exact same thing in Islam that is the problem. The Islamic activists are very honest about this. They say Islam is Sharia and Sharia is Islam. Historically and now there is no shortage of hard evidence that this is the case, so why are the victims so afraid to name their oppressor? I think that the below advertisement is great but it is like the victim of child abuse speaking out against the social worker who placed them with the pedophile rather than speaking out against the pedophile who abused them.

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Soldiers marching with Pride

NZ Defence Force staff will march in the Auckland Gay pride parade :

Members of the Defence Force will march in uniform in the Auckland Pride Parade next month.

The Defence Force’s Overwatch group – a peer support network for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender members – has signed up for the parade.

Event organiser Jonathan Smith said: “I’m sure they’re going to be the crowd favourite.”

Smith said participation from the Overwatch group is a milestone for acceptance of sexual orientation.? Read more »

How about "A Big Gay Waste of Money"

Nikki Kaye is struggling to find relevance. She is trying to come up with a name for a big waste of public money.

Nikki Kaye searching fro relevance

How about “A Big Gay Waste of Money”?

or “LGBTs should pay for their own festival”?

or No Public Funding for Pride?

Or “Rebuild Christchurch, don?t spend money on Pride”?

Or “More operations in public hospitals, Less public money spent on Pride”?

As readers know I preach tolerance as indicated by the election policy on gay marriage in the 2010 local body elections. Regular readers will also know that it has a hatred of wasting public money on stupid things that should be self funded. ?Nikki Kaye?s pandering to the LBGT community is a pragmatic electoral move, so good on her for that, just don?t expect the rest of us to pay for it.

Reminder: ??????The tipline should stop getting messages that Nikki Kaye is a lesbian because she is not.


How does Nikki Kaye justify her campaign for gay pride?

One of the most read bloggers in the world, Andrew Sullivan, is also gay. He is also one of my favourite bloggers.?He writes about gay pride:

I haven’t been to a Pride event in years, maybe a decade. My view is that they can be great therapy and empowerment for those just coming to terms with being out, but can end up enforcing some ghastly, single “gay identity” memes I don’t really believe in. My hope has always been that as civil rights are extended and formal equality achieved, we can move past gay and straight to human, and within that broader category have far more niches, sub-sub-cultures, individuals and experiments in living as possible. The gay pride thing is so … well,?gay. It was once a gateway; now it feels more like a holding pen.

Does Auckland really need a gay pride event when a writer like Andrew Sullivan is saying they are …?well, gay.?