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Twenty one Questions for Muslims and Lefties

Whaleoil transcript of Paul Joseph Watson Video

1. If banning people from countries because of their religion is bad then why do 16 Muslim countries ban Israelis because of their religion?


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They are asking the wrong question


As usual, media ?in their article have missed the point. The question that they highlight is, does the Republican Party want gay members? The question that they and gay people should be asking is, which party will allow us to protect ourselves? Which party will allow us to arm ourselves? Which party will take decisive action to stand up for us against people who believe whom we love should be against the law or a death sentence?

Being a gay Republican: ‘Is this a party that even wants me?’

Gay, lesbian and transgender Republicans are grappling with their party’s many contradictions on gay rights, all of which have been on open display this week at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

Some days it’s hard for Christian Berle to reconcile being both a gay man and a Republican.

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Face of the day

Read what today’s face of the day, Milo Yiannopoulos,?has to say about the Muslim terrorist massacre in Florida. Gays were targeted for death by the Muslim terrorist and Milo (himself a gay man) has some serious words for us all.

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Brave Gay people in China pledge to not enter into sham marriages with straight people

When you live in a conservative country like China it must take real bravery to come out of the closet. The gay people who have taken part in a social media campaign #I’m gay and won’t marry a straight person# have taken this bravery one step further. It is their hope that it will ?gain them support for marriage equality. It is a powerful way of making a very good point. If you won’t accept gay people and expect them to stay in the closet, you are responsible for dooming not only them but other innocent straight men and women to miserable sham marriages.

…Since last week, a number of users on popular microblogging network Sina Weibo have been posting selfies of themselves with the hashtag #I’m gay and won’t marry a straight person#.

Several parents of LGBT people have also posted pictures of themselves with signs declaring they would not pressure their children into marriage.

Picture of Chinese parent holding up a sign declaring they would not pressure their children into marriage.

This Chinese parent is holding up one such sign, which also states her support for gay marriage

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San Francisco is a bastion of free speech ? provided you have the right opinions

The only man who can defeat ISIS.- Milo facebook

The only man who can defeat ISIS. Milo Yiannopoulos -Facebook


Milo Yiannopoulos was my face of the day a while ago. Like most people I admire, he has strong opinions and is capable of holding his own during a debate. He is also funny. He plays fair and does not talk over others, allowing them their turn to speak even though, consistently, he is not given the same respect. He is, not surprisingly, a strong advocate for free speech, while those who disagree with him want to silence him. Milo is a gay man and while on his Dangerous Faggot tour he arranged to speak at an event in San Francisco, a city known as the ” queerest city ?in America”. To his great surprise he was prevented from attending. It seems that, like Bruce Caitlyn Jenner, his special minority status ?is not enough to cancel out his conservatism.

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Islamic Intolerance in Indonesia causes fear in LGBT community

Indonesia’s last mass conversion to Islam occurred during the fall of the Communist Party in 1965. In the late 1960s there were many brutal murders of Communist Party members. The propaganda was that communists were atheists and atheists were communists. In order to keep themselves safe many Indonesians (especially the Javanese who adhered to local ?religions) declared themselves Muslim so they wouldn’t be mistaken for communists. ?This mass conversion expanded Indonesia’s Muslim population to 86%. Now, 50 years later, the?percentages are even more in Islam’s favour and intolerance is escalating.

Indonesia is constitutionally a secular state…with Islam being the dominant religion in the country. Indonesia also has a larger Muslim population than any other country in the world, with approximately 202.9 million identifying themselves as Muslim (87.2% of Indonesia’s total population in 2011).[1].


A few short weeks in Indonesia has seen a former communications minister make a call for the public to kill any gay people they find … BBC Indonesian’s Rebecca Henschke and Ging Ginanjar went to find out about the insecurity of life on the receiving end of such threats and hostility.

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Europe’s gay men are leading the charge against Islamification

Those opposed to the Islamification of the West tend to be those most negatively affected by it. There are many, many brave women risking their lives to speak out about Islam. Amongst their ranks are women who used to be Muslim as well as women, like Pamela Geller, who have seen up close and personal what happens to a country when Islam takes control. ?Gay men are another group most at risk under Islam but for a very long time the voices speaking out against Islam have been almost exclusively heterosexual.

A major transformation of Europe is now in motion. The majority of men speaking out against Islam in Europe are now homosexual. Thanks to mass immigration they too are being targeted for violence and hate and as a result ‘Alpha Homos’ have emerged and are ?fighting for their rights. Understandably it is hard to hold on to liberal, tolerant values when you are being physically attacked by the very culture you were told to be tolerant of. It is proof ?that there is truth in the saying, “A conservative is a liberal who has been mugged.”

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How dare those Israelis support gay rights

The poor Israelis can’t do anything right. The ?”progressive left” criticise everything they do, even when it totally agrees with progressive-left values. They have demonised the Israelis so much that they appear incapable of acknowledging anything good that they do.

At a gay rights conference Friday dedicated to advancing and supporting ?allied movements for justice and equality,? hundreds of demonstrators showed up to obstruct a Jewish reception hosted by an organization that builds connections between LGBTQ communities in North America and Israel.

…protestors filled the hallway holding signs that read ?Cant Pinkwash away your guilt? and ?Pinkwashing isn?t pretty.?
The term ?pinkwashing? is used to suggest that Israel promotes its tolerance of and protections for LGBTQ individuals as a way to downplay or obscure its treatment of Palestinians.

They choose to ignore the fact that many gay Palestinians have fled Palestine for the safety and acceptance of Israel. I challenge the same activists to call Palestine out for its abuse of gay Palestinian men and women. ?It seems that all gay activists are equal but some are more equal than others.


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A universal truth is well… universal

I don’t understand. When the Left talk about human rights, women’s rights, gay rights and children’s rights we are on the same page. I am a conservative, right wing, libertarian but some ideas are universal. You don’t have to vote one way or the other to agree about basic human rights and what is right and what is wrong. What I don’t understand, and I mean this sincerely, is why some on the Left support these things when left-wing activists promote them but condemn them when right-wing activists promote them. It is as if they think that they, exclusively, own those views and if we say we share them then we must have a hidden agenda.

We have common ground here people. If we work together so much more can be achieved. I can only wonder if this is really about fear and that all to often it is the right-hand side of the political spectrum that has the courage to be ‘provocative’ to risk harm and to speak up in the face of death threats. When I believe something it is not skin deep it goes all the way to my core. I do not change my stance because it is no longer easy or safe to hold that view. I hold a view because I believe it.

A while back I wrote about an upcoming Gay march through a mainly Muslim area of Sweden. The media have been strangely silent about it so I went looking to find out what actually happened when it went ahead. Remember that these kind of marches are very common in Sweden as they have been happening for a long time and are part of their culture.

Sweden is widely known for its progressive political stance regarding the LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual and Queer) community, with the highlight being decriminalising homosexual relationships in 1944.

The only difference this time was that it was organised by the right not the left.

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What do Brian Tamaki and Muhammad have in common?

The New Zealand media is shocked at the ignorance and prejudice of Brian Tamaki towards Gay people but as usual ignore the much worse reality of Islam, a ‘ religion ‘ that even in today’s modern day and age actually murders and executes people for being gay. I would love to see a New Zealand reporter actually go and ask the hard questions about homosexuals of a New Zealand Islamic leader or a Principal of a New Zealand Islamic school. No one wants to ask the questions because they know that they won’t like the answers.

Brian Tamaki might be intolerant ( that wonderful politically correct word ) but he is not advocating that gay people be executed or murdered. When Gay, liberal men defend Islam or talk about it being a religion of peace I want to scream.

Open your eyes gentlemen, Islam is no friend of yours.

Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki has launched an astonishing attack on the gay community.

He’s blasted what he calls “gay power”, and says it’s the biggest problem facing the world. Mr Tamaki warned his followers of an entire generation of children being bisexual, saying the perversion of homosexuality is leading the charge.

Mr Tamaki said he’s shocked in particular at the decision to endorse gay marriage in Ireland.

And he’s warned of an entire generation of children who’ll be bisexual, saying the perversion of homosexuality is leading the charge.

Green MP Jan Logie said it’s an astonishing attack.

“I speak for myself when I say I find it offensive that my identity as a person and who I am is being described as something that is open to influence by political whim.”

Jan Logie said it’s a warped view if the love between two people is being described as the biggest problem facing the world.

“He seems to be reverting to messages of hate as a way of trying to gain support for his own mission.”


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