A Gay perspective on Islam


I have given this article the title? ‘A Gay perspective on Islam’, but after re? reading both the blog post quotes and the advertisement I realised that both have failed to link Sharia Law ( Which is Islam ) to the way homosexuals are treated in Palestine, Syria and Iran. It is this liberal failure to gloss over the root cause and to instead pretend it is a terrorist/autocratic thing that deeply concerns me. Why this fear to say what is so obvious? Saudi Arabia is held up as an almost perfect example of Islam and we all know how they treat women and gays.

The rights of LGBT people in Saudi Arabia are unrecognized. Homosexuality is frequently a taboo subject in Saudi Arabian society and is punished with imprisonment, fines, corporal punishment, capital punishment, whipping/flogging, and chemical castrations.


I think people are confused because they see Islam as a religion and separate from politics/government. It is the fact that religion and politics are the exact same thing in Islam that is the problem. The Islamic activists are very honest about this. They say Islam is Sharia and Sharia is Islam. Historically and now there is no shortage of hard evidence that this is the case, so why are the victims so afraid to name their oppressor? I think that the below advertisement is great but it is like the victim of child abuse speaking out against the social worker who placed them with the pedophile rather than speaking out against the pedophile who abused them.

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I await howls of outrage over Tony Abbott’s latest comments + Sledge of the Day

Tony Abbott is not one to mince words…and he has got stuck into the Greens over their attack on toys?and who should or shouldn’t pay with them…yes…they are attacking toys.

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has weighed in on a debate about gender-specific toys in the lead-up to Christmas, saying boys should be boys and girls should be girls

Greens senator Larissa Waters has backed a “No Gender December” campaign, aimed at breaking down stereotypes around buying dolls for girls and trucks for boys.

But Abbott, a conservative who has three grown-up daughters, said parents should be allowed to do what was in the best interests of their children.

“I certainly don’t believe in that kind of political correctness,” Abbott told Channel Nine television.

“Let boys be boys, let girls be girls – that’s always been my philosophy – and above all else, let parents do what they think is in the best interests of their children.”

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Cruising down the middle of the feminist highway

Recent news items have highlighted a feminist agenda in New Zealand. It is not a middle of the road agenda but an extreme one, that some would refer to as Militant or Feminazi.

We have a women’s group applauding Cunliffe apologising for being a man because some men in New Zealand abuse women. We have a young activist being used as a political pawn in order to attack National but also to add gravitas to a proposed law change to shift the burden of proof in rape cases. A law change that turns our entire system on its head as the assumption of innocence until proven guilty would be taken away.

So why is all this ok? It seems that if it is good for women then we dare not question or criticize it. Well I am criticizing it and let me tell you why.

I used to drive my poor Dad nuts with the feminist stuff I used to say in my teens. I had a poster on my door especially to upset him that said…..


I thought it was really funny at the time. My other poster had a quote from Charlotte Whitton on it which said……

“Whatever women do they must do twice as well as men to be thought half as good. Luckily, this is not difficult.”

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Women who look like men

This year they held in Paris, France a Global Summit of Women also known as Sommet Mondial Des Femmes.

Well I had a little peek at the speakers on stage and I must admit that they are not making women the way they used to. Perhaps it is Feminism gone mad? Have women gone too far? In their battle to achieve equality have they aped the Men to the point of losing their femininity?

I think that it is possible that they have. I realise that the summit was not a beauty competition and that intelligence is much more important that dress sense, make up or ones hair. I hate to put down my fellow women but I have to acknowledge the elephant in the room. The women at the summit have gone too far.

Have a look at the photo and judge for yourself.

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Want to wake up with a Big One?

At University I had it out with a number of lecturers who insisted that there was such a thing as positive discrimination. They argued that quotas for Women or for Maori would address imbalance in certain professions and therefore magically became acceptable.

I argued that discrimination is wrong when it is against Women and Maori and it is equally wrong against European Men.There is nothing Positive about it.

The best person for the job should get it. As a woman it is insulting to me to think that I might be selected for my sex rather than because I was the best person for the job. I would not accept an employer not selecting me solely because I was a woman, anymore than I would accept being given a job solely because I was a woman.

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Gender wage gap is a myth

The Labour party likes to push what they call “pay equity”…and the need to close the gender wage gap.

Here is Sue Moroney harping on about it.

Today the Business and Professional Women of NZ are commemorating Equal Pay Day to mark the number of days extra each year that women have to work to earn the same as men.

Sadly, Equal Pay Day this year is three days later than it was last year because the gender pay gap has grown again according to the Statistics NZ Quarterly Employment Survey.

It shows the average hourly wage for men is $29.09, while women earn $25.25 per hour ? a gap of almost 12%.

This comes on the back of the Minister for Women?s Affairs telling a select committee that the correlation between gender and low occupational status is ?debatable.?

Which is all well and good but a new study in the US proves that these sorts of claims are hogwash and a gender wage gap does not actually exist…it is a myth.

It?s the bogus statistic that won?t die?and president deployed it during the State of the Union?but women do not make 77 cents to every dollar a man earns.

President Obama repeated the spurious gender wage gap statistic in his State of the Union address. ?Today,? he said, ?women make up about half our workforce. But they still make 77 cents for every dollar a man earns. That is wrong, and in 2014, it?s an embarrassment.?

What is wrong and embarrassing is the President of the United States reciting a massively discredited factoid. The 23-cent gender pay gap is simply the difference between the average earnings of all men and women working full-time. It does not account for differences in occupations, positions, education, job tenure, or hours worked per week. When all these relevant factors are taken into consideration, the wage gap narrows to about five cents. And no one knows if the five cents is a result of discrimination or some other subtle, hard-to-measure difference between male and female workers. In its fact-checking?column?on the State of the Union, the?Washington Post?included the president?s mention of the wage gap in its list of dubious claims. ?There is clearly a wage gap, but differences in the life choices of men and women? make it difficult to make simple comparisons.? ? Read more »

So where do genderless people play sport?

Alecia Simmonds from Stuff reports

Today, the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages in Australia will challenge the right that it gave to Norrie May-Welby and other transgender people in 2010 to legally identify as gender neutral.

The story goes like this: Norrie May-Welby is a fearsomely talented activist and artist who at the age of 28 underwent female gender reassignment surgery. But like many of us, Norrie found the choice between two discrete boxes of male or female slightly limiting. It just didn’t fit with lived experience: the Adam’s apple that told people Norrie was male, yet the lilting voice seemed ever so feminine.

On asking for her birth certificate in 2010 Norrie requested that there be a third box to tick: “gender not specified”.

The registrar of the Department of Births Deaths and Marriages behaved like any progressive entity should and said yes. Norrie was presented with a delightful piece of paper that legally recognised Norrie’s identity as neither male nor female.

The first legal “it”.

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The best place in the world to be a woman?

Apparently it is Iceland…so Foreign Policy and the World Economic Forum says:

Women of the world: pack your warmest sweaters, and head immediately to Iceland. According to a newly-released report from the World Economic Forum[pdf], Iceland is the #1 country in the world for gender equality, for the fifth year in a row. And that equality is helping propel Iceland and its fellow Nordic nations to new economic heights. Turns out, the smaller the gender gap, the more economically competitive the nation. Even when that nation is totally freezing.

The notion that gender equality drives development (rather than the other way round) has been so widely celebrated in recent years that it begins to seem trite. But as the newly released 2013 Global Gender Gap Index — which measures gender parity in 136 countries — reminds us, gender equity isn’t simply a matter of equal rights. It’s a matter of efficiency. Many countries have closed the gender gap in education, for example, but gender-based barriers to employment minimize their returns on that investment; Their highly educated women aren’t working. The highest ranking countries in the index have figured out how to maximize returns on their investment in women, and are consequently more economically competitive, have higher incomes, and higher rates of development. ? Read more »

Why women will never beat men in sports

Vice has a great article about why women will never beat men in sports.

As an argument, men being better than women at playing sports seems to make sense. It can be seen through anecdotal evidence such as the above-described experience of managing a coed softball team. Plenty of times I’ve heard women express reservations to me about playing because they ?aren’t good enough.? It can also be seen simply in how the bodies of men and women differ. Generally speaking?and?please?note that ?generally speaking? once more, as there are certainly plenty of women who could beat me up or destroy me in a game of pickup basketball?men are taller and stronger than women. This is due to all sorts of testosterone, gland secretions, muscles in their upper body rather than fat deposits, and other variables awarded in the jackpot of life. Someone sees that, and it’s easy for them to come to the conclusion that boys are better at sports than girls. They see it as an inherent trait linked to genetics. To them, it’s the same as men being unable to get pregnant and women never knowing the pain that comes with getting kicked in the balls. ? Read more »


Pink toys suck, unless they are camo

This video reminds me of a friend’s daughter who told Santa that she wanted a pink?camouflage?Nerf Gun.

I suggested one of these…the silence on the phone was deafening…anyway watch the video as Riley sums up gender specific marketing.