General Debate

Steven Joyce is sorry for not being able to find an original apology

Thursday General Debate

A bit late this morning, Pete is having PC problems, which sounds like explaining to me…we all know what explaining means don’t we?

Anyway here is the general debate thread, discuss whatever you want.

We even let the world’s great sysop comment here yesterday…and put a link to his little read blog.

For a starter topic how is this:

Labour’s great lurch to the left, cuddling unions and spending money the country doesn’t have on the indigent, the foolish and the stupid is a real vote winner don’t you think?

Saturday General Debate

So how about that new IPCC report then?

Check out this article at The Telegraph that provides the Sceptics Guide to Climate Change.

Then there is our traffic from yesterday giving the blog its second highest day of traffic, the busiest record still rests with Aaron Gilmore.


Sunday General Debate

Real Easte Agent Martyn Bradbury stands by while Billy Big Steps eats 2 orange ice creams at the same time

Real Estate Agent Martyn Bradbury stands by while Billy Big Steps eats 2 orange ice creams at the same time

Is anyone really convinced that a couple of thousand leftists and marxists marching across the country is actually a sea of outrage against the government and the GCSB Bill? ? Read more »

Budget Day General Debate

Go on. ?If you have to.

Bill English’s press release outlines the Budget at a Glance:

Progress in the Government?s programme while on track to surplus

  • Provides a suite of measures to build faster economic growth, support more jobs and deliver a more innovative and productive economy.
  • Forecasts economic growth to average between 2 and 3 per cent a year over the next four years.
  • Includes a $100 million-a-year internationally-focused growth and innovation package to boost investment in science, research and development, and tourism.
  • Confirms an additional $1.5 billion of investments from the Future Investment Fund to spend proceeds from the Government?s share offer programme.
  • Allows for ACC levy cuts on households and businesses of around $300?million in 2014/15, increasing to around $1 billion in 2015/16.
  • Provides significant extra money to help low-income families through a number of targeted initiatives.
  • $5.1 billion of new operating spending in the current year and over the next four years for initiatives across areas such as health, education, welfare, and housing.
  • Confirms an additional $2.1 billion to help rebuild Christchurch, taking the Government?s total share of the rebuild to around $15 billion.

Read more »

Easter Monday General Debate

via Imgur

via Imgur

From the Holiday Act point of view, Easter has “always” been Mondayised. ?Because I don’t think,?biblically?speaking, the Monday after Easter has any specific meaning

Formerly, the post-Easter festivities involved a week of?secular?celebration, but in many places this was reduced to one day in the 19th century. Events include?egg rolling?competitions and, in predominantly?Roman Catholic?countries, dousing other people with water which traditionally had been blessed with?holy water?the day before at Easter Sunday Mass and carried home to?bless?the house and food. ?(Easter Monday – Wikipedia)

Anyway, that random factoid out of the way, your General Debate awaits:

Good Friday General Debate

Petal is still in hospital. And may be there for sometime. All I know is he is in severe pain related to his gall bladder and that he reports that pethidine, morphine and ketamine seems a good mix of drugs. No gall stones though so it is all a bit perplexing.? Read more »

General Debate – Ex Benedict Special


If you’re late to the party, this may still be funny to you: ?Ex Benedict.

With the Pope chucking ?his toys for the first time since they were still burning witches and heretics at the stake, I suspect you need a place to let your feelings out today, so here it is.

Impertinent question: ?If the Pope is God’s?embodiment?on earth and completely infallible by definition, who do we blame for him chucking the job in early because he doesn’t feel well?

Perhaps now the Catholic Church can get serious about addressing the major issue of child abuse that the now ex-Pope refused to confront, indeed he was even part of covering it up.

Saturday General Debate

Welcome to the Saturday general debate. Not alot interesting happened this week, but featuring on the blog alot this week was boy buggering, cry babies, the gun control debate, whining teachers, and of course….the 7th best Mayor in the world. Open topic – go for your lives. Read more »

Sunday General Debate

Welcome to the Sunday General Debate.



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